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CDLC automation question



Not sure if this has been asked or implemented yet,  not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question as well:


When making custom dlcs, is there a way to automate your instrument to fade out at the end of a song?


I've made personal custom dlcs, but not good enough to release them.  If I want to make an instrument (guitar or bass) quiet, I just add a an effect on that section, and then take it out when I don't need it anymore.


At the end of the song, I want to be able to create something where  I can fade my instrument slowly,  is this possible?



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You could use sox for that or audacity for crossfade effect, but that mostly used in previews


I have code for creating fade for wav files, if someone insist that it should be in I'll put some code together for this purpose

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Yes, exactly, thanks @@firekorn,  think of it as an effect, post gain fader for the instrument that I play, everybody is still playing loud while I step on my pedal and slowly disappear, and at the same time, I'm still hitting the notes on the highway in front of me.  I guess there is not an option for this type of effect.  What I can probably do for now is to create different tones successively and fade the gain in stepped increments.  Not sure if this will create clicking when the tones are switched in succession.

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