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  1. Try doing a hard link on the terminal see if it works, I think if you do a shortcut from the desktop, it will only create a symbolic link, which sometimes do not work.
  2. I installed all the development tools available here to modify cdlcs for my own personal changes, including the use of Rocksmith Toolkit GUI when I need to modify persistent ID's, basically change the Hex value at the end, so far I have not encountered any issues.
  3. I always run into this problem everytime Windows Defender get an update. CustomsForgeSongManager.exe is always being flagged as a trojan and automatically quarantined. I had to go to the threat history and unquarantine the file. Since I needed to update CFSM, I uninstalled and downloaded the latest build. I had to do the following extra steps before unpacking the .rar file: 1) Right click on the installer archive and choose properties. 2) If your file is suspected as a virus, it will have a security option in the General settings, put a check mark on the unblock option. Click apply exit. 3) Unpack and run the installer. If you don't want Windows Defender removing the executable everytime there is a Windows Defender update, do the step below, but may be risky: 4) To insure Windows Defender won't remove the executable, go to the Virus & threat protection settings. Add the executable CustomsForgeSongManager.exe in the exclusion option so it does not get flagged as a virus. Now, Windows Defender will not flag and quarantine the file any longer. The only problem here is if in the future that if it is actually infected, then my machine will be hit by a trojan.
  4. While browsing the forum and cdlc page, I got a warning on a separate page (I'm using Google Chrome). I took a screenshot of the page, will try and see if I can post it here. ------------------------------------------------- Security system has detected the threatening attempt to gain access to your bank logins and related data, but this dangerous connection was blocked with Firewall and further data leak was prevented. We strongly recommend you to perform temporary block of all of your accounts, and take some necessary security measures. Despite the timely blocking of the connection, there is still a serious threat of private data stealth. Please, don't wait to respond, every minute is important! There is possibility that virus already hurt your disks or destroyed and stole its data. It is reason for checking current system security and verifying its stability. Do not spend your time and immediately call us or contact our service center support team. -------------------------------------------------- Contact Microsoft Support: +1 (877) 632-9831 (TOLL-FREE) -------------------------------------------------- We are waiting for your rapid responce to help you. Please contact our administration to solve this issue. Call Help Desk +1 (877) 632-9831
  5. I can't get the "ukulele bass tunings" nailed down, but I can certainly get the rhythm guitar capo trick and then just use the 4 high strings only using my ukulele. Using a rhythm six string guitar bonus track: 1) I can hit all the notes using g3-C4-E4-A4 tuning with 4 strings. 2) I can play along with the ukulele tuned to G4-C4-E4-A4, but will not hit all the notes. 3) I can use my 8 string ukulele with the same setup and hit all the notes as well. Pros: It works! I can play along somebody else with a ukulele Cons: Put up with switching instruments when I initially tune, and of course, the capo on the 5th fret and fret numbering might be confusing to some using the ukulele. Using the Bass track: 1) Until I figure out what's wrong, I can only play in disconnected mode, but the layout looks like it was made for a ukulele, not bass. ----------------- Here is a quick video clip proof of concept that it is possible to play along with rocksmith. For some reason, the audio got destroyed during the conversion. The clip shows what the tracks look like in Bass mode and guitar mode. ------------------ So, I will call that a win, at least now I can start charting some ukulele accompanied rhythm tunes. Hopefully this will get the attention of some expert charter who is also a ukulele player and start charting some Jake Shimabukuro tunes. ************************ Update October 8, 2017: Something hinky about how the frequencies are detected. I cleaned up my bass track ukulele a little bit this morning with EOF and repacked my cdlc with RSToolkit, in this round of changes, my ukulele tuning is recognized on the bass track, really weird ... Additional insight/observation, I don't know how the notes are detected, but both tunings used in EOF and RSToolkit are randomly recognized: Standard 4 string Bass tuning E1 A1 D2 G2 0 0 0 0 Ukulele tuning on bass track G C E A 3 -9 -10 -10 = G1 C0 E1 A1 G C E A 3 3 -10 -10 = G1 C1 E1 A1
  6. I can't seem to figure out how to embed a simple screenshot. Anyway, today I was finally able to generate a simple ukulele rhythm into a song and crerate a cdlc. Now, I can't get past the tuning. I can go on disconnected mode and play through the cdlc, but my ukulele is not recognized. I don't know what is going on yet why yesterday, my experiments worked flawlessly, and today, my instrument can't get past tuning. I opened up EOF just to check things out. Went to Edit guitar tuning. I expected to see the following offsets: 3 G - 9 C -10 E -10 A Instead, I get the following offsets on the menu: 3 G -9 C -1 C# -1 F# I went to the song.ini file and manually edited the contents so they would stick. Now went back and generated new cdlcs, the tuning is now: EOF G C E A 3 -9 -10 -10 RSToolkit G C E A B E 3 -9 -10 -10 0 0 Tuning Pitch @3520 in Rocksmith my tuning turned out to be: G4-C5-E5-A5 For references, this is the 18th fret of the standard guitar, one octave higher from the 5th fret if you are using your guitar as a guitalele. Any ideas?
  7. I got some free time today, so went ahead and did two successful experiments, both giving me positive results: Using the following tools: RSToolkit v2.8.4.0-420e01fc and Editor On fire 1.8 RC12.hotfix. 1) 4- string ukulele test. Imported a few notes and chords into a bass track with G1-C1-E1-A1 tuning and 3520 Hz tuning pitch. This time it worked! Rocksmith was able to recognize my ukulele. This time though I used my stock off-the-shelf ukulele, a Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor. It also worked on my other custom ukulele. The difference was I was using an older version of the RSToolkit. 2) 8-string ukulele test. With this one I figured with a standard tuned guitar and then putting a capo on the 5th fret, my 8 string will have the necessary frequencies similar to the guitar so I don't need to do any special tuning. My 8 string uke standard tuning is G4g3-C4c3-E4E4-A4A4. Standard guitar tuning with a capo on the 5th fret gives me A2-D3-G3-C4-E4-A4. I created a 6 string rhythm test track that only uses the 4 high strings of a guitar and capo on the 5th fret. The "hocus pocus" trick for me is that I had to tune the standard 6 string guitar, put on the capo, tune to the first two guitar strings, and THEN swap my 8 string uke, tune to the rest of strings. I was able to hit all the notes on my test track. 3) I was also able to test my 4 string ukulele similar to my second experiment. I created a bonus six string standard guitar with capo on the 5th fret. My test track only used the high strings, and my ukulele is tuned to g3-C4-E4-A4. All I have to do next is to start learning how to really create decent charts for the ukulele so I can add new instruments to play along with RockSmith.
  8. Yes, exactly, thanks @@firekorn, think of it as an effect, post gain fader for the instrument that I play, everybody is still playing loud while I step on my pedal and slowly disappear, and at the same time, I'm still hitting the notes on the highway in front of me. I guess there is not an option for this type of effect. What I can probably do for now is to create different tones successively and fade the gain in stepped increments. Not sure if this will create clicking when the tones are switched in succession.
  9. Not sure if this has been asked or implemented yet, not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question as well: When making custom dlcs, is there a way to automate your instrument to fade out at the end of a song? I've made personal custom dlcs, but not good enough to release them. If I want to make an instrument (guitar or bass) quiet, I just add a an effect on that section, and then take it out when I don't need it anymore. At the end of the song, I want to be able to create something where I can fade my instrument slowly, is this possible? Thanks,
  10. Thank you for posting this info. I was able to generate some 4 string ukulele on the bass track. Definitely a plus. Am a total cdlc creator newbie, can't seem to get past the tuning. At 3.52 khz, it is able to detect my low g, but fail to the next string, c. At least I could play along in disconnected mode, and excited about that. I can play along and teach my 10 year old niece. She was already excited when I set session mode and play the uke through it. I play a custom made 4 string tenor with a Cordoba pickup. The song I charted is created using guitar pro 6 (.gp5 file) with standard g4-c4-e4-a4 tuning. Much appreciated if there are additional advice to get past the tuning part. Will put this aside for now. Maybe on my next free time, I will try to chart my 6 string uke with the guitar track, maybe I might get better results with that.
  11. I upddated my windows defender definition, unintstalled an older revision of CFSM and attempted to download the latest Beta from http://ignition.customsforge.com/cfsm Windows defender is now blocking the download, detecting malware usin their standard method: Trojan:Win32/Peals.A!cl Is this an issue, or a false positive?
  12. Okay thanks for the heads up. I noticed one thing with CFSM, maybe somebody can comment on it, I'm still a newbie in the rocksmith custom dlc scene. All of my official dlcs show up when I run RockSmith. However, I have noticed some of my dlcs are missing in the Song Manager grid. Is there some setup I'm missing? Specific example, David Bowie's Space oddity shows up on RockSmith, but it is not enumerated in the Song Manger grid.
  13. It happens randomly, but once it get into the state, the bug will manifest all the time. Clicking on the CustomForge Song Manger icon starts the installer and the app.
  14. @@cozy1 sent you a pm with files, bug notes and how to reproduce my possible fix.
  15. Not a very scientific solution, but I was able to fix all of my cdlc copies that got reported as corrupt by using RocksmithToolkitGUI. Solution 1: In the CDDLC Creator tab, click on the import package and choose the psarc you need to fix. If it imports correctly, then you can update the version and then Generate a new psarc file. Solution 2: If your file won't import, go to Packer/Unpaker tab, Unpack your psarc file, and then repack it. Once you got the files, drop them back to your dlc folder and run the CFSM repair tool. Hope this helps
  16. It has something to do with missing custom tones, at least on my cdlc copies, this was the case, all my corrupted dlcs have missing custom tones. I was able to fix some of them by generating my own custom dlcs. The other ones I just notified the corresponding authors.
  17. Thank you. I just finished downloading v1.2.7.2, and its cranking through my cdlc copies. will let you know if I run into issues.
  18. If this issue I am having has already been reported, my apologies, can't seem to find a thread about it. I uninstalled the latest release version of CFSM and installed the Beta version. I am having a problem with the "Bulk Repairs" tab, for me it does not work at all. My current dlc folder contains 249 unrepaired cdlc files. Radio Button choices: Repair 100% Mastery Bug Preserve Existing Song Stats Add DD (if not already present) Log output: [21/11/2016 16:52:17]: Cleaning 'dlc' folder and subfolders ...[21/11/2016 16:52:17]: The 'dlc' folder and subfolders didn't need cleaning ...[21/11/2016 16:52:17]: Applying selected repairs to CDLC ...[21/11/2016 16:52:17]: Finished repairing mastery ... took 00:00:00.1341724 Thanks for tips on how to get the CFSM working.
  19. I use a Zoom G5 pedal for practice and recording, and when playing around with RockSmith. I have a stereo output, left channel goes to the RS cable and into the computer, second channel goes to my amp or recording rig. I use a StereoDly patch on my pedal to compensate for the RS latency, and adjust the delay as appropriate. I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but so far so good. I keep my output level on my pedal to a minimum and adjust levels on my speakers and amp appropriately.
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