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I was using Adblock, unconsciously


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@@shepardbr We do have small ads on the forum (top and bottom) which also helps pay stuff. I'm not sure about the amount it represent but deactivating adblock is like doing a small donation over time :)

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I've cancelled my TV Channel Provider some years ago, because of too much advertisements between programs,

I recently checked on a Streaming TV site, it has become worse.

Actually there are now some programs in between advertisements  :blink:


I'm not giving in to that mental mass manipulation: Watch TV, Obey, Submit, Consume, Buy, Sleep, no Thought.


If donations of 240.000 members can't make the greatest site survive, I don't know what can.

If 240.000 members can't find a way to donate, once in their lifetime, merely 10 bucks

to access 30.000 free songs ready to be played in the greatest guitar software,

they don't deserve it.  :angry:

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