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CDLC missing cover art, then locks RS on a Mac



I've been using CDLC fine forever now until a recent and totally aggravating quirk.


Before I describe what's happening, I've done all the common fixes. Verified game integrity, removed every CDLC, even reinstalled from scratch. I start Steam, then run RSInjector.


Here's what happens:


When I have an active internet connection, most of the CDLC songs in my list are shown with no cover art. When I try playing those songs, RS crashes (it doesn't even get to the tuning).


When I turn off my internet connection (after Steam has loaded), there are no more songs with missing cover art - in fact, the songs that previously had no cover art aren't even in the list.


Here's what I know:


RS talks to Ubisoft servers for each CDLC song. For some reasons, some songs are "blessed" by Ubisoft, some are not. I haven't found the pattern yet.


I have logged packets, but it's all over UDP, and all the data is raw binary. It'd take some time to start breaking it down.


So before I start digging in, are any other Mac users seeing the same thing?

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As a Mac user, for me, missing cover art is usually a precursor to the game about to crash.  It happens to me when I have too many CDLCs in my folder.  I'm running an old version of OS X though.

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I'm on Mac and happens to me once in a while also, more often lately. It rarely happens directly when I start the game, but after I've been playing for a while between songs, and it's never the same song that triggers it. Same for me it works if I disable the network, but songs are missing.


I've been thinking it could be broken or conflicting CDLC songs, but I've not been able to find the cause, did you ever found out what caused your crashes?

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@@elbowdonkey it's sure for a fact that RS doesn't talk to Ubi server when enumerating songs so it's clearly not that kind of issue.


Album art missing on PC is a sign that there's a duplicated DLC ID (which is DIFFERENT to the APPID).

I'm not sure about what are the difference between MAC and PC there but i would try to see if it's specific song that have issue and try to notice a pattern somewhere before jumping to any conclusion of what might be causing it.

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This happens to me all the time. I know that as soon as I see any album art missing, it's going to lockup if I attempt to play any songs. It's random, I think, because I can remove all CDLC and it still occurs sometimes. Even if I'm only using CDLC that I know works properly, it still happens. I thought it might be a corrupt CDLC causing problems, and I've been meaning to test them all on a PC with the Song Manager (after renaming my _m.psarc to _p.psarc) but haven't had the chance to test that yet. You are not alone however, wish someone found the answer though.

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