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  1. This would have been my dream! I was sad when I missed out on seeing Abbath & Skeletonwitch... luckily I did get to see Behemoth & Gojira!
  2. Any update for Mac users? Or is the Mac version still working like normal?
  3. Have you ever heard of Witchery? I looked to see if there were any tracks here on The Forge, but sadly found zero. Then I remembered my good pal albatross213 and his amazing Skeletonwitch & Vektor tracks! Anyhow I've been really digging the latest album by Witchery, "In His Infernal Majesty's Service". Check it out if you haven't and if you feel the urge to make any tracks, I wouldn't mind one bit. ;)
  4. I have the opposite problem on my friends iMac, only the mouse works and I can't use the keyboard for anything... which is super annoying when trying to find songs in "Learn A Song" because you can't press "T" for instance to go to the artists that start with "T", you have to scroll all the way down! Keyboard functions fine on my MacBook Air.
  5. If it works one day and not the next, it's probably been updated and needs to be re-patched. Sometimes you might need to run the patch twice for it to work. They've been pushing updates more frequently now.
  6. Anyone downloaded the latest update and try patching it yet?
  7. Finally got around to updating my Rocksmith 2014 to Remastered last night... on 10.7.5 (not 10.6 like I thought after all) and thanks to @firekorn & @missis sumner, I was able to patch my game and it's all working even better than the old version with RSInjector! Couldn't be happier. Now I wish I didn't sit around in fear of the update for the past month. ;) Thanks to all that fixed this.
  8. I have a feeling it won't work for me either... on 10.6 (I believe...) but I'm under the impression that the "RSBypass.dylib" needs to be compiled for your version of OSX, which it probably isn't and why it won't work for you. Or maybe this is something to do with the paths or permissions. My Steam & Rocksmith are both on External Drives and not the default paths so that's another hurdle I'll have to hopefully overcome. RSInjector.app was able to just point to my "symlink" Rocksmith2014.app.
  9. I recall seeing someone in the original thread mention Master Mode problems, if I remember correctly, setting all Rocksmith Options back to "Default" fixed this. Though you'll have to obviously change any other settings back to how you want them afterwards. Hope this helps. I would never have noticed this "error" as I don't like Master Mode and would be glad if it never showed up. :)
  10. Man, forced updates suck. If I paid for a game, and it works 100% fine on my computer, I shouldn't be forced to update, especially if the update might not work on my computer. -Mad Mac Rocksmither
  11. Even before the update, this happened. It means you have broken/corrupt CDLC in your folder... unless you can figure out which one is the culprit, you need to remove your CDLC and add them in a little by little. Think of this as an opportunity to clean up your CDLC folder and remove the songs you don't play/like very much. :)
  12. Personally I prefer to download all songs with DD, though not for me, as I crank up the song to 100% as soon as I start it. However when I play multiplayer, it's nice to have the option for my friends to be able to play it however they prefer. Some people don't like missing the notes and not being able to keep up, so no DD would be frustrating for them. Some people don't mind if they miss some notes but hate not being able to see all the notes that are actually being played, so playing with DD is a pain, but at least you can crank the DD to 100%. Can't do the opposite. So... in short... I always download DD when available, even if it's a pain for me to have to manually adjust them to 100% on my first playthru.
  13. I don't know if it's against the rules... but I accept both Cash & Check. Thank you.
  14. This happens to me all the time. I know that as soon as I see any album art missing, it's going to lockup if I attempt to play any songs. It's random, I think, because I can remove all CDLC and it still occurs sometimes. Even if I'm only using CDLC that I know works properly, it still happens. I thought it might be a corrupt CDLC causing problems, and I've been meaning to test them all on a PC with the Song Manager (after renaming my _m.psarc to _p.psarc) but haven't had the chance to test that yet. You are not alone however, wish someone found the answer though.
  15. This thread is a bit old, but I had a question regarding 5th frets and Open strings and I can't find anything by using the search so this seems like a good place to ask. If most of my song (Bass) happens on the A/D strings around the 2nd/4th frets, is there any reason to suddenly play what could be 4th/2nd/Open on the A string as 9th/7th/5th on the E string? Seems like some needless movement down the neck to me? Check out Search & Destroy (RHCP) for instance... I understand going up to the 5th fret on the E if you've got a couple Open E's after the A (that way you don't need to mute the Open A afterwords as playing the Open E takes care of that when you fret the 5th on the same string), but otherwise, is there any REAL reason not to play on the A string the whole time? Is this strictly a personal preference, or is there any other reasoning? Thanks! P.S. I'd love for you to post your repacks (with proper credit to original poster and explanation of what was changed) as I too always felt Psycho Killer for instance would be better with the 5th fret E instead of Open A.
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