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  1. Hey thanks cozy1 This is exactly what I was looking for. Numbered instructions and links work very well with this old coder. Is it worth reposting the updated CDLC (with appropriate comments)? I find a lot of the CDLC I've DL'ed is very well done (bass wise). I'm amazed songs that I have learned on my own have a lot more depth than I've learned on my own. Thanks again for the quick response and merry xmas ....
  2. I've checked the forum and can't seem to find how to do this. Sorry if it's been posted/answered. I play bass mostly and I find CDLC and RS likes open strings in bass. In certain instances I would prefer fretting rather than open string (ie A play 5th fret on E, especially in Psycho Killer) or sometimes tightening up some fretting to minimize hand movement. Is it easy to change the displayed note positions? I have GP6 and love that you can just select a note and hit alt-up/down arrow to change the string on which the note is played. It will automatically set the fret. I realize that t
  3. You posted some great song! Thanks!
  4. Damn, I've been on here less than a week and besides the great CDCL I've gotten, and all the wonderful bass love, I just found out I might be able to use my 5 string bass. I have a 4 and 5 string Ibanez basses. They look almost identical except the 4 has only 1 pickup (and the string difference). They're both black. I prefer the 5, since I don't have to re-tune for drop-D. Also songs in F are sometimes easier to play in 5 position using the low B. You guys (and gals) rock!
  5. I fairly new to RS and I've been playing mostly bass. My 5 string bass is getting a little pissed because it's not getting any attention. I like the fretboard (flatter, strings closer together) of the 5 string but the 4 string seems like digging in there and more stretching and works great on RS. I find I'm spending a lot of effort getting a nice tone rather than just hitting the notes. Newbie question though, I use Guitar Pro a lot (5.2 for just reading tabs and version 6 for doing my own tabs). Is there a way to change the string a note is played on. IE I prefer Psycho Killer opening playe
  6. Great list of suggestions. I'm new to this forum and have only 20 hours or so on RS 2014 (steam). I'd like to add Air's All I Need and Sade's Smooth Operator. Also Tom Wait's Step Right Up. One riff, but it's great. Kudos to whoever uploaded All I Need. I've been struggling with this great song for a while. I have the opening riff mastered, but I've been too lazy to tab the middle part. Now I have no excuse. I'm having a blast playing mostly bass. Great site here!
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