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  1. I'll give it a shot. It's gonna take years given how long it takes RS to load and how many songs I have. Are there any tools that could help quickly determine which file or files are the bad apples? I can dual boot into Ubuntu or Windows 10 if needed.
  2. I'm losing my mind. A few days ago I ran the patch script and was able to play everything just fine. Today, I can't get a single song to play. If I'm online I get broken album art. If I try to play a song with broken album art it Rocksmith crashes completely. If I try to play a song without broken album art I get the empty stage freeze after tuning. If I turn off my network connection I no longer get broken album art, but I only see about 20% of my songs. If I try playing any songs, custom or original, Rocksmith crashes completely. I haven't added a single new song since applying the patch. I thought it was possible that Steam updated RS and reran the patcher without any success. To be certain, I had Steam re-download any changed files and ran the patch again. No luck. It's gotta be my songs, but why would it have worked a few days ago and not today? And why does going offline drastically reduce the number of songs that show? Prior to Remastered landing I did a ton of network packet sniffing and never saw anything conclusive. I saw the initial exchange of packets between ubisoft and my machine when logging in, but never saw anything after that. My best guess is that some sort of checksum or key is obtained on that first connection that is used for each of the CLDC. If something doesn't match (or it doesn't have that key) it doesn't load the file. I'm on OSX 10.11.5. And I'm stumped. (here's a pic of broken album art: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100876/broken_album_art.png)
  3. @@Wepeel - it'd be a good idea to prepend the patch with a shebang telling the script to use bash. Some people don't use bash by default, and the script, when run using other shells, breaks. The full script would look like so: #!/usr/bin/env bash RS_PATH="/Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/Rocksmith2014.app/Contents/MacOS" cd "`dirname "$0"`" cp ./libRSBypass.dylib "$RS_PATH/" ./insert_dylib --inplace "$RS_PATH/libRSBypass.dylib" "$RS_PATH/Rocksmith2014" I use fish shell and verified that as modified the script runs properly. I also tested that if bash is the default shell it still runs as intended.
  4. I've been using CDLC fine forever now until a recent and totally aggravating quirk. Before I describe what's happening, I've done all the common fixes. Verified game integrity, removed every CDLC, even reinstalled from scratch. I start Steam, then run RSInjector. Here's what happens: When I have an active internet connection, most of the CDLC songs in my list are shown with no cover art. When I try playing those songs, RS crashes (it doesn't even get to the tuning). When I turn off my internet connection (after Steam has loaded), there are no more songs with missing cover art - in fact, the songs that previously had no cover art aren't even in the list. Here's what I know: RS talks to Ubisoft servers for each CDLC song. For some reasons, some songs are "blessed" by Ubisoft, some are not. I haven't found the pattern yet. I have logged packets, but it's all over UDP, and all the data is raw binary. It'd take some time to start breaking it down. So before I start digging in, are any other Mac users seeing the same thing?
  5. I connect my guitar to an iRig stompbox's input. The realtone cable goes from its main output to the computer. The second output goes to an amp. I then adjust the mix in Rocksmith so that I don't hear my instrument played through Rocksmith. This allows me to avoid the lag you get when using a regular guitar to play the bass tracks. When I play lead or rhythm tracks I can either adjust Rocksmith's mix or just play the amp still (which means I don't hear the Rocksmith effects). I can also play through both, though it gets a bit weird since there's still a tiny hint of lag through the Realtone cable.
  6. Is there any way to get the original Rocksmith songs to work in Rocksmith 2014? I have the original disk, but I'd like to avoid installing it if there's a way to simply use the Custom Song Creator Toolkit to work on the files directly. Even simpler - I really just want to grab the Go with the Flow song by Queens of the Stone Age. Is there a better way to get just that?
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