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1200 hours of playing this game...

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And I barely learned you can skip fine tuning mode.


When you are forced to change tuning, press up/down to skip strings.  You only have to tune the last string.  Then you can do the quick tune and move on to the song.


This is helpful if you are switching between guitars and know they are in tune.

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I've got 1048 hours and I also happened to notice the same thing, that you could change the string you are tuning, a while ago. Didn't realize it could be used for that though.


Not too long ago before that, I noticed that pressing "delete" exits the riff repeater. I guess I should have paid more attention to the buttons at the bottom. It's handy when you want to skip a long part at the beginning of a song that has no guitar.


1. Press "space"

2. Press "0" (include the next section in the riff repeater)

3. Press "delete" (resume the song where the guitar part begins)

4. ????


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