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Are Rocksmith events used for anything in RS2014?



In Rocksmith 1 customs, there were 4 known events (B0, B1, E1 and E3) that could be used to sound the in-game metronome or alter the crowd's level of enthusiasm, but that was pretty much it.


Are there any events that are used in Rocksmith 2014 (aside from perhaps the metronome)?

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I could only say I tried using the crowd level event in EoF and it didn't have any effect of in-game. Apart from this, I don't know the answer to your question.

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Just opened up the heartshapedbox file (on disk) and here are some events:


<events count="17">
    <event time="10" code="e1" />
    <event time="10" code="B0" />
    <event time="10.651" code="B1" />
    <event time="11.303" code="B1" />
    <event time="11.954" code="B1" />
    <event time="12.606" code="dna_riff" />
    <event time="13.58" code="E3" />
    <event time="16.156" code="E13" />
    <event time="58.695" code="tone_b" />
    <event time="99.516" code="tone_a" />
    <event time="135.609" code="tone_b" />
    <event time="176.369" code="dna_solo" />
    <event time="190.455" code="tone_a" />
    <event time="195.422" code="dna_riff" />
    <event time="230.832" code="tone_b" />
    <event time="280.889" code="D3" />
    <event time="284.335" code="E13" />

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Metronome event are used, if i remember correctly the other two event does work in RS2014 but i've never tried it myself (i was just told it did change the crowd behavior)

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