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CDLC wont work...please help



Ok. So i am ready to throw my computer through a window. I have downloaded and placed the correct .dll file to the RS2014 root file (tried both versions)...didnt work. Then i tried the .exe patch. Using the patch.exe file to start the game it starts a version with a new profile. I have also downloaded and installed Cherub Rock. I've used the custom gui to convert the ID and still the downloaded songs do not show up in the learn a song database.

I've read the primer, watched the video (multiple times) and scoured the forums.

One of two  things are happening  here. Either I'm a complete moron and have missed a simple step, or the universe hates me and im not destined to learn songs that are not in the official dlc. Or both

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Rename dlc folder to dlc-bak create new dlc folder empty. Start RS2014 once fully in GOTO Learn A Song, close out RS, delete empty dlc folder rename dlc-bak to dlc and start RS2014.


See firekorn post here about DLL placement. http://customsforge.com/topic/25877-cdlc-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=201445 includes screenshot of where dll should be.


Also ensure DLL name is "D3DX9_42.dll" exactly wihtout quotes mind case of letters as well.


If this gets you nowhere, please post back and we can look at file association extensions.


Please post a screen cap of your root RS folder.

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Did you buy Cherub rock?   Downloaded and installed sound like you pirated it.  If you buy it, it downloads and installs itself.


You don't need to covert the ID to cherub rock.  Almost all cDLC already have that id.


Take a screenshot of your Root folder and upload the picture here and maybe we can see whats wrong.

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Finally working. Had to uninstall and reinstall the game. I was able to save my profile and am back up and running. Now i have to figure out how to use CDLC songs and have dynamic difficulty work. I assume that i'll have to use riff repeater to dumb down the song enough for me to start learning instead of having all the notes fly at me down the highway. Much thanks for the help.  :plus1:  :plus1:  :plus1:  :plus1:  :plus1:

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My CLDC's quit working, too. I reset my computer and reinstalled RS14, now they don't work.

Tried the D3DX9_42.dll in the root folder and the dlc folder.
Tried the patcher in both the root folder and dlc folder.
Tried renaming dlc to "dlc-bak", creating empty 'dlc",booting, deleting empty "dlc" / renaming, re-booting... no luck.
Connection to Steam and booting RS is fine...my profile loads in the game but no CLDC's show up on "learn a song"

What am I missing ?  Thanks

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