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  1. 2 requests Bullying the Jukebox - Bouncing Souls and Watching The Detectives - Elvis Costello Both for guitar lead & rhythm or if only 1 lead please.
  2. My wife curses you for posting La'en ciel. She loves them and I mutilate the songs. Thank you for your CDLCs
  3. Zombie thread but Ill reply on the off chance OP sees. I broke my left extreme metacarpal years ago and for over 20 years have lived with a metal plate in my left hand. I know your pinky pain. I initially would practice a bit and stop wjen my pinky hurt, after discovering RS last year I began playing longer and longer, barres hurt for me as well as anything requiring pinky dexterity. After a few weeks of playing till it hurt I noticed 3 things, the first being I could play longer before my pinky began to hurt, second dexterity in my pinky had improved, third was that overall movement in my pinky read everyday use and flexibility in my pinky have been improving more than the physical therapy they had me doing.
  4. Are you kidding? Have you seen the finger positions for Casey Jones? JK, wouldn't mind seeing more myself.
  5. Run Steam as Admin validate files start Rocksmith exit out of Rocksmith and then Steam, run as normal user. See if that fixes the issue. With each new Windows release more and more user isolation occurs even if your account is admin typically it's not full admin.
  6. Been using customs over a year on Steam with zero issues. I dont think valve scans single player games for hacks.
  7. I run on Win 10 laptop no issues, have you tried different usb ports?
  8. @@shaun, its not named that, I renamed mine that to allow me to play it prior to remastered patch.
  9. There are some La'arc en ciel, not Korean per se but in the same vein.
  10. Run steam as admin one time. Even if your account has admin privies, right click run as admin. Start rs2014 then exit rs, should work under normal acct perms after.
  11. More a rework than an update, its easy to do with the toolkit. Literally drag and drop.
  12. Make sure you have the latest dll, large red banner top of this page, make sure its in the proper folder and is named correctly and there is no other dll by the same name in there. If there is delete it, start rs, go into learn a song, then back out of rs, place the dll in the folder you should be good to go.
  13. That sort of ended up being Slaters issue as well. He had the proper dll but for whatever reason it was like it was using a cached version.
  14. Got SlaterTot8 sorted even gave him a quick rundown of using the beta toolkit cli to convert so he avoids the 100% bug. @@NatureBoyBrad delete that dll and the ones in your downloads folder and redownload from the red banner up top.
  15. Ok I got the link from the remastered bug fixed page. I'm sorry for being so difficult but i downloaded it again its calledD3DX9_42 (3).dll I would screen shot but I have no clue how. I go to my PC/program filesx86/steam/steamapps/common/rocksmith and place it in rocksmith. If on pc upper right of keyboard PrtScn (Print Screen) depress, open paint (ctrl+r type paint) ctrl+v to paste image into paint save then upload. Steamapps/common/rocksmith. <-- original rocksmith Or steamapps/common/rocksmith2014. <-- rocksmith2014 and remastered D3DX9_42.dll Size is roughly 126kb Should be placed in Steamapps/common/rocksmith2014/ PM me if youd like to attempt a remote I'll be home around 2 pm est until 4:30pm then home again 7pm est. If you want PM and I'll message you my cell and you can call and text me screens shots if youd feel better going that route. Helped redcrowbleeding sort an issue via phone call. Well he figured it out I was mainly a soundboard either way he resolved his issue, Im willing to help you too.
  16. In my case, apparently only breaks the view of Windows, I thought had frozen the computer but noticed that the HD was still active, so simply force a Windows logoff - "CTRL + R" and "shutdown /l/f" , it is annoying to have to log in again, but it is much faster to make a reboot.Sounds like it could be permissions write error at exit, try running as Admin to see if it shuts down clean if yes it should run fine as normal user.
  17. Run Steam as Administrator, start rs play 1 song exit rs. If no crash it should run fine as regular user account.
  18. Your AV doesn't like toolkit. 1) Log in as admin 2) Add toolkit (RocksmithToolkitGUI.exe and RocksmithToolkitUpdater.exe) to your AV's whitelist (approved apps) 3) Completely uninstall toolkit 4) Download the latest version of toolkit. 5) Unzip toolkit to the default folder (rstoolkit- and leave it there 6) Run it and enjoy. If you still have problem then make sure you have this exact version of .Net installed If this doesn't work, disable driver signing.
  19. Wanted to update my reported issue with a song going out of sync is not due to the toolkit, its a poorly made cdlc. Verified by loading ogg and xml into eof and it does in fact go ever so slightly out of sync mid way through. Verified with unmodified original.
  20. Have you tried using the toolkit to rework them?
  21. Large red banner at the top of the page, theres a new dll that addresses remastered.
  22. @@cozy1, I'll verify that it is or isnt happening in my case.
  23. Let it update, start steam go offline mode then rename your Rocksmith2014 (remastered) to Rocksmith2014-remastered and your original rs folder to Rocksmith2014 start uplay in offline mode as well. By swapping folder names you shouldnt have to keep allowing steam to update rs as itll think it is, just make sure youre in offline mode in uplay steam can be online.
  24. Have an issue with beta toolkit when importing to fix a cdlc for 100% bug part of the song goes out of whack. Its happened on more than one cdlc. One is Big Jet Plane Brian Jen Johnson. On a cell atm so cant upload what was converted.
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