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RS popup messages



Track / Rocksmith / Popup messages ->


Are these meant to export to display in-game? Or are they just an EoF note/message system??


I wanted to use them to tell the player to switch pickup configuration but do not see any of them in-game..

They work fine in EoF :-)


I only require one single lead tone for the song, however, the tone does change via the use of a typical 5-way PU selector switch, so I have Neck+Middle PU, Bridge+Middle PU, Neck PU, and Bridge PU used at different times..


Could I insert a Tone Switch event that would display in-game describing the PU combo to switch to without actually changing the tone designation for the track?

Or would I have to make multiple copies of the same original tone and just name them differently to inform the player via the in-game tone-switch message?

Any ideas??

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fabianosan doesn't think they're supported in RS2 either. I'm just waiting for confirmation from him before I remove the RS2 popup export logic from EOF.

They are supported, we just need to figure out how to call them from the sng file.Relevant calls:
ShowLaneMessage(<fret Id>, <message type>, <message text>)	- <fret Id>: The Fret to use to launch the message	- <message type>: The Type of message to dispatch	- <message text>: The Message itselfClearJumbotron()	- Clear everything in the videoScreenSetJumbotronMessage(<location>, <message>)	- Change the dynamic text on the videoScreenShowMessageBox(<location>, <message>)	- Display the message box dynamic text used. ClearAllMessageBoxes(<location>, <message>)	- Clears all message boxes shown by ShowMessageBox()
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@@Snakez, I wouldn't be so sure, that may be just leftover code from RS1, just like old SNG format support.

These are just functions defined in Lua so you can always just use lower levels functions if they don't work. ShowMessageBox is commented out but the jumbotron and lane message ones should work, there are also ways to write directly to the HUD if those don't provide desired results.The actual functions to use are minor though, trying to get it to work in a sng is what will determine whether or not it will work. I suspect there may be a way to define custom events similar to how lessons work, since they all use events rather than controls now.
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