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Community Answers

  1. I fixed the URL for that build manually. Any new builds will be broken for now, I'll fix it properly tonight.
  2. We haven't updated the list in awhile since there hasn't been any demand for it. You can add individual DLCs yourself by editing the "RocksmithToolkitLib.SongAppId.xml" file in the toolkit folder. You can also get a copy of the XML that's always up to date from http://www.rscustom.net/builds/dlc.xml Just save that and put it in your toolkit folder.
  3. The SNG files are signed with a DSA signature. Since we don't have their private key, we write an invalid signature and bypass the check instead.
  4. They posted that in response to Amazon "leaking" the cable, which currently has a release date of Dec 31 2014 listed: http://www.amazon.ca/Ubisoft-Rocksmith-2014-Cable-iPhone/dp/B00GD8PNZA/
  5. You can't go directly from RS1 to 2014 using the toolkit. You would have to import the XML into EOF and export a RS2014 compatible one, convert the audio with Wwise etc.
  6. Glad you got it working.I've just done some testing to figure out which versions work & which don't. I've updated the launcher script on the build server so it should properly complain now if your version is too old, this will take effect in the next build.
  7. Now I'm confused I figured the SNG encryption process was done when generating a package, so it would be no different than "Update SNG". Previously the toolkit would use a random IV when encrypting the SNG, so re-encrypting the same file would yield a completely different result each time.The test versions now use the same starting value each time, so each time you encrypt the same SNG it theoretically should result in the exact same file.If you still need to update the SNG with the latest build, there's likely something other than the encryption that's causing issues.If it's still not working correctly, we need copies of packages that aren't working to investigate.
  8. It doesn't work like that. The game checks ownership of DLC and only shows DLC that you've actually purchased, to prevent piracy. CDLC needs to share the ID of DLC that you've purchased in order for it to show up. Either you need to buy Cherub Rock, or use the toolkit to change the ID of the CDLC to one that you do own. If the DLC you own is not listed in the toolkit, you can edit the RocksmithToolkitLib.SongAppId.xml in your toolkit folder to add it.
  9. These are just functions defined in Lua so you can always just use lower levels functions if they don't work. ShowMessageBox is commented out but the jumbotron and lane message ones should work, there are also ways to write directly to the HUD if those don't provide desired results.The actual functions to use are minor though, trying to get it to work in a sng is what will determine whether or not it will work. I suspect there may be a way to define custom events similar to how lessons work, since they all use events rather than controls now.
  10. They are supported, we just need to figure out how to call them from the sng file.Relevant calls:ShowLaneMessage(<fret Id>, <message type>, <message text>) - <fret Id>: The Fret to use to launch the message - <message type>: The Type of message to dispatch - <message text>: The Message itselfClearJumbotron() - Clear everything in the videoScreenSetJumbotronMessage(<location>, <message>) - Change the dynamic text on the videoScreenShowMessageBox(<location>, <message>) - Display the message box dynamic text used. ClearAllMessageBoxes(<location>, <message>) - Clears all message boxes shown by ShowMessageBox()
  11. This is the first I'm hearing about an "update option", but feel free to submit an enhancement request on Github if it's something you'd like to see added. The website does have versioning data available in JSON, but could be adapted to plain text or whatever works better for C#.
  12. http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html
  13. Try the latest version of Mono (3.something). I've only tested on the latest version.
  14. Thanks. I'm working on fixing it now, apparently the site got reverted to an older version somehow.Edit - I've restored from backup, it should be back and working now.
  15. If you're creating a custom, just make sure the Mac checkbox is ticked and it will create a compatible package. Or to convert an existing package to Mac, use the DLC Converter tab.
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