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CLDC not showing up ?





I got an illegal copy of rocksmith and a spare ubisoft cable to try this game.I was convinced and i bought it on steam, and bought my own cable separatly.


But i have an issue : in my old rocksmith i put a large amount of CDLC in the dlc folder and when i restarted the game, they were immediately showing up and i could play them.


Now in my new rocksmith, the folder is located in the steam folder, i copied all the cdlc i had, but when i restart the game they are not showing up in the list, i have like 25-30 songs but i guess it's the basic setlist of the game.


Anyone know how to fix this ?


Also, when i start the game from the steam button "play" it launches it in my own language, but when i start it from the folder, it's in english, and i had to create a profile for each, can someone explain this sorcery to me ? i'm pretty much knew to steam too.



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@@Koufix, make sure you've got that dll in your rs2014 folder, plus you need to own at least one DLC to play CDLC, we use Cherub Rock as it came along with RS2014 for those who pre-order it, but you can use any DLC ID you bought to make it working for you :)

Please validate this and
if you decide to use non Cherub Rock DLC ID I can tell you how to use appID updater.

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for cdlc to work they are given the same ID as Cherub dlc which is , if im right, is the cheapest dlc to buy. This is a bypass so that rocksmith will see the cdlc as Cherub dlc. if you own another dlc you can find out the id, get a rocksmith convertor and convert it to whatever dlc you own, although buying Cherub would make things easier as 90 percent of cdlc is made to that ID

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@@AxLShiv not the cheapest just the standard bundle one with RS pre-order which most people own. and it's 100% of CDLC that use cherub ID so yeah, get it, it's 3$ and way less trouble.

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