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MAGFest Artists CDLCs Project


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As you can see in this post  CustomsForge will get its own stand in Magfest next week, so we can show what we make around here and some of our best CDLCs.


Let's go one step further and bring songs of the artists that are going to perform at the festival. 


These are the featured bands and charters already working on their songs:


The Protomen

Will of One (UKLooney)


Marshall Art

My Monkey Drives a Maserati (JazzD)


Professor ShyGuy



Gotta Catch'em all 


Tetris (pollo_28)


Power Wisdom Courage (WIP JazzD)

Mario Minor (JazzD)

Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man (pollo_28)

Mute City (JazzD)


Bit Brigade




Rare Candy


Triforce Quartet 


Lonely Rollingstars


The Megas

Promise Of Redemption (JazzD)




Random aka MegaRan


On Being Human


Super Guitar Bros


Machinae Supremacy


Beyond Good and Evil (AntonZap)

Nova Prospekt (AntonZap)

Sidology 3 Apex Ultima (Xstatic)

Player One (Dudeman)

The Second One (AntonZap)

Force Feedback  (AntonZap)

The Greatest Show On Earth (Dudeman)

Rogue World Asylum (WIP Dudeman)
The Villain of This Story (WIP Dudeman)
I Know The Reaper (WIP Dudeman)


Let's try to bring as many great CDLCs as possible to the festival!

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Done first pass at 'The Will of One' by 'The Protomen' (PC Version). The tabs seemed pretty good.


Could peeps give it a try and tell me where I went wrong with the tones...   :unsure:


Pretty fun lead arrangement. A bit tricky, esp. for a bassist.

Rhythm is easy to play (mostly).


Nice job charting it, since the timing seems perfect (or close to) to me. See if you like these tones for the lead:

1-http://www.dropbox.com/s/gznfjl7lhhsviy5/Filter.tone2014.xml?dl=0 (For the part with the muted strings

2-http://www.dropbox.com/s/dnfnfw2vboydjdl/Solo.tone2014.xml?dl=0 (For the solo and the ending bit)

Of course, adjust the volume of them if needed.

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I'm almost ready to release the beta version of Mario Minor and Mute City, I think I won't add bass yet since there's no tab and I dont think  5 strings basses will be used in the stand anyway.


Another thing, please say here what are you guys working on so we dont pick the same song twice =)

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Didn't know anyone else was working on Beyond Good and Evil... cool ;). I got a couple other Machinae Supremacy songs WIP that I'm working on: mostly tested just the first 2


Player One

The Greatest Show on Earth

Rogue World Asylum

The Villain of This Story

I Know the Reaper

Beyond Good and Evil




wish i could go to MAGFest

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Yeah, that's pretty much the purpose of this thread, to avoid making the same song twice.


By the way, made a small update to my Beyond Good and Evil, now with a proper 8-Bit tone (If anyone's interested I could share it), and now I'm working on Indiscriminate Murder is Counter Productive, also by Machinae. After that, I could check the other artists/bands work, to have some variety.


Edit: Scratch that, the tabs are a REAL mess, and I rather do another (Nova Prospekt), than spending 2-3 days fixing a tab in 6:4.

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@@JazzD I'm on it :), you guys are really fast i've been working on player one for a really long time lol, it's done except...the tab has some incorrect parts in it, there's only the intro to the solo that I still have to fix, I'm thinking about submitting this one so long as a beta.

here's the part if anyone can help,sounds like something is weird in it, i would be immensely grateful for any help solo1


The Greatest Show on Earth will done done by MAGFest I'm sure.


@@AntonZap Nova Prospekt is a awesome song, can't wait to play it tonight


If you doing more Machinae Supremacy, some i'd love to play: Through The Looking Glass/Ghost/Dark City/Truth Of Tomorrow/Overworld/Return to snake mountain B) there's so many good ones

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I just uploaded these two, tell me your opinions:




(I still have a phrase left to be done on rhythm on this one)





I'm not good with tones, so if you can recommend me anything better i'll change them

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My chiptune/prog rock band Marshall Art is playing the MAGFest chiptune showcase, if anyone is interested in doing anything with any of our songs (perhaps our Donkey Kong Country 3 arrangement would be a good choice?), I can provide any necessary stems, as well as the tracker files (or a text export) for the chiptune parts.  We may have some guitar pro files for certain guitar parts as well, but I can't say for certain.  

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Well, I'm making Force feedback by Machinae, wanted to do some from the other artists/bands (Like that awesome Goldeneye medley by On Being Human) but failed to find any proper tabs (Or in most cases any tabs at all -.-). Has anyone had luck finding tabs for the rest that have nothing yet?.

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@@jmr Guitar pro Files would be the ideal since it would be the faster way for us to finish, also I know you can import MIDI files to guitar pro (Never tried it, so don't take my word for it) so that could work. But anything you share here would bee used, I mean, even if we don't make it to the deadline (By the way, when's the deadline? xD), we could chart them sometime in the future (And let me tell you, that Hot Pursuit/DKC3 song is awesome, I'd really like to chart it so I can play it too sometime).


@@JazzD Thanks a lot for the link, I'll see what I can salvage from that thread and make it to a project sometime.


And Lastly, Force FeedBack Is Ready http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/force-feedback-r11143

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