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  1. @@coldrampage That may be just the thing I was looking for, thanks! I'll give it a go this weekend and see how it goes.
  2. Hi guys, long time no see. Lately I've been introducing some friends to RS so we can play together when we hang out. We were only two musicians at the begining but most of the crew started getting into it so now we take turns while the other drink and sing as if it were some karaoke. I was wondering if it were possible to sync two computers so we get to play four at a time. It would be nice to have some sort of mod that let you control both computers to start at the exact same time, and this could be extended to other games such as DTXMania or FoF to include the so long requested drums (or keyboards). In the meantime I think I'll get the second computer muted and divide the guitar signal to send it to an amp, but still I think is an idea worth sharing that could have potential, so what's your thoughts? Cheers
  3. Alternatively EOF > Track > Pro Guitar > Set Capo
  4. Hey guys, I just got this idea, how about suscribing to certain charters and get notifications when they upload new content or upgrade the old one? (I know that we an follow songs in Ignition, but still) Almost every charter goes for some kind of music styles or bands so it would be nice to be able to follow those that you like, so you get notifications instead of going through all the search page. I dont know about you, but I probably have missed some nice songs that I could like because they were between loads of C# and B standard metal stuff. What do you think?
  5. WTF? I'm serously the fourth biggest song shitposter!? Didnt expect that I'd also like to thank all the Donators, who are the ones who truly (literally) keep this site alive. And also to our staff and developers, who make all this possible! And to all my fellow charters, what matters is quality, not quantity, let's keep bringing good shit =)
  6. @@manolitooo Aquí tienes todo lo que llevo subido =) http://search.customsforge.com/?u=JazzD
  7. @@zerkz They are really cool, I'd love to tab them myself but I'm sorry I can't get it done fast enough. Their videos are awesome XD
  8. @@streifig I'll start working on it right away =D In the part with 4 guitar, which one do you guys prefer for the lead? @@jmr Could we get the ftm or something to get a bass line? @@Xstatic http://gamebreakingnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/20292-thumb.jpg
  9. @@streifig Cool, I'll update my chart right away Edit: Done, I uploaded it to the main post. I was'nt too far-fetched when tabbing the first version, but yours make much more sense.
  10. @@jmr @@streifig I just finished a beta version of the song. I'm uploading it to YT. Please tell me your opinions
  11. @@streifig If you have some gp files already done I can start working on those songs, it makes the job really easy so I could pull a lot of songs in a moment =) BTW, any of you two have RS in your computer? Should I post a gameplay of your songs in youtube so you can see them?
  12. Wow, this shit is complicated as fuck, what have I got myself into >_> JK, it's actually kinda intuitive. I can get a Bass and Rhythm guitar out of this by tomorrow night. I'll ask you if I need help =)
  13. @@Pepetazo Justo ahora me había bajado una tab de standby de extremoduro. Tengo pensado sacar un pack de rock español dentro de unas semanas con Marea, Sober, Extremoduro, Platero y Fito. Si estás interesado también te puedo enseñar a hacer CDLC, y me ahorras el trabajo XD
  14. @@jmr Whatever you have handy, we'll merge/split if needed =) It comes to a matter of preference, I usually merge rhythm and lead in one line, but that's my case. Waiting for your material, I'm currently working on nothing~
  15. @@Dudeman Most of us use pc, so it would be appreciated =) I just finished this one The Megas - Promise of Redemption
  16. @@AntonZap The magfest is next weekend, so whatever we have has to be doneand tested before thursday or so. We could also keep working during the festival, but I don't think zerkz will use last minute CDLCs on the stand
  17. Hi guys we are gonna need some testers in this thread: http://customsforge.com/topic/15498-magfest-artists-cdlcs-project/ I know there are a lot of songs and it might take some time, but any help is appreciated =)
  18. @@AntonZap The Megas have some tabs in this forum, they are not complete but it's a good startpoint http://www.themegas.com/megasarmy/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=756&start=30 @@jmr Whatever you can get us is more than we can ask. You can PM me and I'll start working on it right away =)
  19. I started working on The Megas's Promise of Redemption, since I'm getting really frustrated syncing power wisdom courage >_>
  20. I just uploaded these two, tell me your opinions: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/mute-city-r11122 (I still have a phrase left to be done on rhythm on this one) http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/mario-minor-r11119 I'm not good with tones, so if you can recommend me anything better i'll change them
  21. @@Dudeman Hope you can finish Prayer One and The Greatest Show on Earth for Magfest, even if we cannot go, our cdlc can so there's that XD
  22. I'm almost ready to release the beta version of Mario Minor and Mute City, I think I won't add bass yet since there's no tab and I dont think 5 strings basses will be used in the stand anyway. Another thing, please say here what are you guys working on so we dont pick the same song twice =)
  23. As you can see in this post CustomsForge will get its own stand in Magfest next week, so we can show what we make around here and some of our best CDLCs. Let's go one step further and bring songs of the artists that are going to perform at the festival. These are the featured bands and charters already working on their songs: The Protomen Will of One (UKLooney) Marshall Art My Monkey Drives a Maserati (JazzD) Professor ShyGuy Powerglove Gotta Catch'em all Tetris Tetris (pollo_28) Omnishred Power Wisdom Courage (WIP JazzD) Mario Minor (JazzD) Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man (pollo_28) Mute City (JazzD) Bit Brigade Urizen Rare Candy Triforce Quartet Lonely Rollingstars The Megas Promise Of Redemption (JazzD) Dethlehem Random aka MegaRan On Being Human Super Guitar Bros Machinae Supremacy Sidstyler Beyond Good and Evil (AntonZap) Nova Prospekt (AntonZap) Sidology 3 Apex Ultima (Xstatic) Player One (Dudeman) The Second One (AntonZap) Force Feedback (AntonZap) The Greatest Show On Earth (Dudeman) Rogue World Asylum (WIP Dudeman)The Villain of This Story (WIP Dudeman)I Know The Reaper (WIP Dudeman) Let's try to bring as many great CDLCs as possible to the festival!
  24. @@III_Demon Any material you could give us would be appreciated. I'll start with Powerglove, but I expect we'll have some cdlc of each band made by the end of the week. Hope we get more charters soon and start dividing work ....I'm actually getting excited about this project XD
  25. Now imagine a band getting to play their own songs on Rocksmith, I really want to be part of that XD
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