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  1. Hmm, trick question, since they play kind of polyphonic harmony in that accending part. Live I play chords consisting of all three voices of that harmony. Btw, I forgot to write the lead I play with the Whammy. Will do a bit later (it's pretty simple tho).
  2. If you guys are down with making another song, here's my tab for "Nothing Can Be Fixed Here. God, Burn!"
  3. Yeah, I revised the video while working on the tab and firgured out that it was pretty much spot on :) Thanks for your work!
  4. Here's my tab for the DKC song, I arranged my guitar tracks into two parts: rhythm and leads. Should be right for Rocksmith
  5. This is pretty impressive! Thanks! Several notes: • a player doesn't need to play that many notes on the main riff. Most of the notes are generated by the delay synced to the tempo and set to play dotted 1/8s. • on the video some of the finger positions in the solo and main riff are different from what I play. Give me an hour and I'll get you gtp tab with my version. • the final heavy riff is in Drop-D, so there are different chord shapes too. Again, I'll write them down for you. Anyway, it looks soo cool!
  6. Woah, awesome! You are quick! :)) could you PM me the RS file and a link to instructions how add custom songs. I have rocksmith on y PC so I can try it out. Any videos would be great too, because we could post them on our social media pages, crediting you guys
  7. @@AntonZap Well it could be cool to have a song ready before MAGFest. Btw, if you interesting in converting Nothing Can Be Fixed for Rocksmith, I can get it to you pretty soon. I had most tabs for it writtten during the songwriting phase.
  8. Hey guys, I'm guitar player of Marshall Art. I'm gonna get you the DKC guitar pro tabs tomorrow. As for the Papercut You Into Little Pieces, it may need more time for me to write the tab because I have to transcribe my own solo (yay pentatonic wanking). I won't have time to do it before MAGFest. anyway, thanks for the interest in our music. Can't wait to play my own parts in Rocksmith :)
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