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  1. @@JazzD No prob! https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1iffki3am2trfo/God%20Burn.ftm?dl=0
  2. @@JazzD Here's a package of stems for DKC3. I grouped some things together (would you believe there are 25+ mixer channels in the project for this song?), let me know if you'd like any element further broken down. http://www.chromelodeonarchive.com/marshallart/MM/MarshallArt_DKC3_Busses.zip @@AntonZap Check your messages! I just sent you the new version of Papercut, the tracker file, and some stems. By the way, which audio format is preferred by you all for importing into Rocksmith? WAV? MP3? OGG? I imagine you can convert to whatever you need, but if there's something that makes it easier on you guys I can do my best to provide it.
  3. @@AntonZap We're releasing an album with a new version of Papercut on it at MAGFest! The revised mix isn't available publicly yet, but I can PM you a private link to that later tonight if you're interested. We don't have any of the guitar parts transcribed for that, but I can hook you up with stems and the chiptune tracking file if you're interested in tabbing it out yourself. @@JazzD Glad the famitracker file is useful! With all the effects and parameters and all that there's a lot going on but I'm happy it's helping you out. Mikhail (the band's guitarist) is working on the tabs for that track, we should have them tomorrow. Thanks for all of the positive feedback, everyone! :D We just released a new single this afternoon: https://soundcloud.com/ubiktune/marshall-art-nothing-can-be-fixed-here-god-burn It's our darkest, most chaotic song. EDIT: I just want to take a second to express how effing cool it is that you guys are doing this. :D
  4. Here's what I have on hand at the moment: http://www.chromelodeonarchive.com/marshallart/MM/ The folder contains the Famitracker file (which contains all of the sequenced chiptune parts, drums, etc.). Not very useful on it's own as it's practically impossible to directly convert it to anything supported by other music software, but if you need to check an individual note or something it could be handy. The software to view and edit the file is available for free: http://famitracker.com/. It might not be very intuitive at first, but the useful information (the notes themselves) should be plain to see. I can probably answer any simple questions about what's happening if necessary. There's also a WAV and MP3 download of the song. The guitarist is working on preparing the tab files, once they're done I'll post them here. Tonight I'll do a split stem render. I'm guessing you guys only really need the main elements separated, right? Would doing grouped stems (in this case, 5 or so stereo files: Drums, chiptune parts, ambient guitars, rhythm guitars, lead guitars) be sufficient?
  5. Sweet, glad you all like the song! I'll gather what I have and post a link to everything today after work! For the guitar tab, would you prefer one continuous tab (as it would be played live) or broken into rhythm and lead parts?
  6. My chiptune/prog rock band Marshall Art is playing the MAGFest chiptune showcase, if anyone is interested in doing anything with any of our songs (perhaps our Donkey Kong Country 3 arrangement would be a good choice?), I can provide any necessary stems, as well as the tracker files (or a text export) for the chiptune parts. We may have some guitar pro files for certain guitar parts as well, but I can't say for certain.
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