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Latest EOF releases (9-26-2020)

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Hi, folks. I'll be using this thread to maintain the latest versions of EOF in one place. To start, download and extract EOF 1.8RC12: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ih70h6p67iy77ka/eof1.8RC12.zip You

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1363) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Added a warning during save if any lyrics have extended ASCII or Unicode characters, as these aren't compatible wit

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (2-28-2017) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Fixed a bug with the handling of chord definitions that would cause thumb usage to be omitted from definitions i

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Hi, folks.  The latest hotfix (4-27-2020) is in the first post.  Changes are as follows:
*Updated Queen Bee imports to warn that GH instrument notes can't be imported when a pro guitar or vocal track is active.
*Improved the vocal track rendering so that the piano keyboard on the left edge of the piano roll will better scale up in height when a custom EOF program window size is defined.
*Fixed some bugs in the spectrogram and waveform generation logic that could cause a crash/hang.
*Added logic to enforce a gap of at least 2ms between each lyric line, since timing conversions can cause enough precision loss to cause them to bleed into each other during MIDI export.
*Fixed a memory leak that could occur in leading silence (re-encode option) when the chart audio is too long for EOF to be able to allocate enough memory to store the decoded audio.
*Moved "Song>Create preview audio" to "File>Export>Preview audio".
*Moved "Song>Lock tempo map" to "Beat>Lock tempo map".
*Removed the GHWT sustain threshold prompt during GH import, since it was determined that was not really in effect for official charts.
*Fixed a bug with the recent undo/redo state error detection where the handling of key signature changes during MIDI import could cause a false error that an undo state wasn't made.
*Added a "RS import loads all handshapes" import preference that will force all handshape phrases to import instead of only those in a few specific customs-related circumstances.
*Changed GH imports so that sustained drum notes only have to exceed the same sustain threshold optionally used for guitar/bass in order to be marked as a drum roll.
*Fixed a bug with the chord snapping logic ran at the end of MIDI import where only notes in PART GUITAR would get resnapped/highlighted appropriately.
*Updated GH imports to display a notice if sustained bass drum notes are imported and to highlight said notes, as these may require some alteration in order to behave well in Clone Hero or Strikeline.
*Changed GH imports to allow drum rolls to import from any difficulty.
*Updated the Clone Hero notes panel to reflect the game's new drum support and undefined track difficulty levels.
*Changed MIDI import of GH charts so that the "TRIGGERS" drum animation track imports into the normal drum track and the "BAND DRUMS" drum animation track imports into the PS drum track, instead of both importing into the same track and potentially resulting in unexpected conditions.
*Added a prompt during the import of a Power Gig MIDI to offer to mark all non forced HOPO notes as forced strums.
*Added "Note>Drum>Accent>Clear>All" and "Note>Drum>Ghost>Clear>All" functions.
*Improved the reliability of using CTRL+click to deselect notes/lyrics.
*Fixed a bug where "Beat>Add" could still be invoked with CTRL+Ins even when there are no anchors after the selected beat, and would cause a crash.
*Fixed a bug where clicking and dragging the first beat while moving the mouse in and out of the piano roll area would corrupt the tempo map.
*Fixed a bug with the CTRL+click and drag beat logic where the first beat would be allowed to be moved past the second beat and corrupt the tempo map.
*Changed editor logic so that CTRL+Z only performs undo once the Z key is released, ensuring multiple undos can only be performed by intentionally pressing the Z key multiple times.
*Added a "Don't redraw on exit prompt" preference to prevent the program window from being removed and recreated when EOF prompts to exit.
*Improved "Edit>Paste from>Catalog" to start the paste from the seek position instead of applying the original position within its beat that each note in the catalog entry had.
*Changed GP import to process transition effects for on the beat grace notes instead of just ignoring them.
*Added a tuning definition for Open D.
*Improved the vocal editor to allow CTRL+SHIFT+scroll or CTRL+SHIFT+[] to adjust selected lyrics' lengths by 1ms if grid snap is disabled.
*Added a "Track>Chord snap" function to allow a threshold to be provided to manually resnap gems that are separated by up to a specified number of delta ticks (only immediately after an import) or milliseconds into chords.

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Hello. I recently tried to save a song after adding section names, and I got the message "Could not save project (error 8)." After looking around I couldn't find anything that helped. Along with this, I have been getting undo state and clipboard errors. Is there any way to fix this?

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You can check EOF's log file after the error is given (or provide it to me as it exists immediately after the error without restarting EOF) but there may be some kind of permissions issue (ie. you may have put EOF or your project in a restricted portion of the file system like within one of the "Program Files" folders) or interference from antivirus or cloud syncing programs.  If the log file isn't updating at all that EOF has no write permission to wherever it's installed.

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I won't move it back to the song menu.  It pertains specifically to beat marker manipulations, as do the other contents of the beat menu.  The Song menu was kind of a generic destination for new menu functions and when it runs out of space I have to more carefully decide where to move functions.


Grace note transitions are already imported for before the beat grace notes, which is why I didn't have to fix that.  If you can demonstrate otherwise, please do so.

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It works the last time I tried it, that's why unless you can provide a GP5 or older format file that doesn't import with the technique I'm going to assume it's still working.  I will say that it was found that GP6 and newer versions of the program were unreliable in exporting some of these kinds of things to GP5 format so it could be that it's not in the file at all and that's why it doesn't end up in EOF.

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Sorry, but I don't have scores of hours of free time to implement a vastly different Guitar Pro format import.  GP6+ mostly works to export to GP5 format, and I always encourage people who own Guitar Pro to report export bugs to its developers so they can actually fix the problem.

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I have trouble with getting my Editor on Fire to work on my laptop...


I tried to uninstall it and reinstall a couple times, but it still freezes and I'm not able tot do anything. It may be related to updates or something like that, so it would be great if someone here could point me into the right direction what to do/try.


Thx a lot.

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Unfortunately there may never be Catalina support.  Experienced Mac developers haven't been able to build EOF as 64 bit so if they can't, I don't have a way to do so.


@@adrian142 What OS?  What specific versions of EOF have you tried?  Does accessing the menus via keyboard (ie. ALT+F to open the File menu) work?  Does accessing the menus via mouse work?  Does opening a file over command line (ie. drag and dropping a MIDI/XML/GP5 file on top of the eof.exe program) result in the file being imported?  When a chart/file is loaded/imported, does the Information panel reflect when you press keys on the keyboard?

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Is there any way to add a feature that could adjust the stereo balance all the way left/right. That would help for figuring out guitar parts that are only on one channel. I have been taking off one headphone, or using equalizer APO to do this. That isn't the ideal solution because I use amp modeling software and I can't hear my own guitar very well.


Just a suggestion.

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Hi, folks.  The latest hotfix (9-26-2020) is in the first post.  Changes are as follows:
*Updated array.txt import to support explicit HOPO markers instead of threshold based HOPO by making "HOPO" the first line of the array.txt file, and by putting the letter H in front of the relevant notes' gem lane encoding.
*Improved LRC import to ignore a defect commonly found in lyric files provided by Deezer where a past timestamp is repeated and accompanied with an empty line of lyrics.
*Fixed a bug with the audio preview function where existing start and end timing tags aren't correctly replaced when the timings are redefined.
*Improves "Queen Bee (multi)" import to look for any of 19 folder names (ie. "beatlines", "sections", "timesig", "bass_Expert", "lead_Expert", etc) at the same folder level as selected file's parent folder, offering a "GHOT import" automating the mass import of a chart's contents.
*Improved the File menu handling to disable the "Export guitar pro" function if none of the pro guitar/bass tracks have notes in them.
*Fixed a crash that would occur when changing to a pro guitar track difficulty with over 32,768 gems (would likely have to be a full album chart).
*Fixed a bug where using "Track>Erase track" or "Track>Clone" functions did not remove existing track-specific text events.
*Changed GH import so that star power and slider phrases aren't shortened if they end in the middle of a note.
*Fixed a bug with MIDI import where if solo phrases are converted to star power phrases (an old Frets on Fire behavior, if there are fewer than two star power phrases), there is some data corruption that could cause undefined behavior until the project was saved and reloaded.
*Improved the reliability of the "Import dialogs recall last path" import preference.
*Clarification to RS export warnings that the "COUNT" phrase should be defined in all uppercase letters and the "noguitar" phrase should be defined in all lowercase letters.
*Updated the warning during save about lyrics existing outside of defined lyric lines to offer to highlight the offending lyrics and cancel the save.


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It's not as convenient, but you can use the Song>Seek>Bookmark> menu.  There are keyboard accelerators for each of these so you could use ALT+S, S, B and press a number key to jump to that bookmark (5 keystrokes).

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18 hours ago, raynebc said:

It's not as convenient, but you can use the Song>Seek>Bookmark> menu.  There are keyboard accelerators for each of these so you could use ALT+S, S, B and press a number key to jump to that bookmark (5 keystrokes).


Thanks. I know this probably isn't one of those priority things.

In the meantime, I might need to look for ways to create macros that will do those steps and map it to FN+NumberKey or something.

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