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Latest EOF releases (9-26-2020)

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I'll work on expanding the scope of the "Click to change dialog focus". The other functions you mention automatically set the cursor focus in the input fields.


The only reason I mentioned them was because they didn't (I didn't check Bend, maybe that one does) but when I did both types of slides, neither one would let me type until I clicked into the box, and I had just updated to the newest version of EOF, because I didn't wanna be an idiot and asking for something you had already done, due to me using an outdated version.

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"When in doubt, steal a tone from Kansas' Carry On Wayward Son"


- Billkwando


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Hi, folks. I'll be using this thread to maintain the latest versions of EOF in one place. To start, download and extract EOF 1.8RC12: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ih70h6p67iy77ka/eof1.8RC12.zip You

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1378) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Improved GP import to process bend status for grace notes, it will apply a bend strength to the grace note correspo

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1363) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Added a warning during save if any lyrics have extended ASCII or Unicode characters, as these aren't compatible wit

The focus for those dialogs does default to the input field, but if you had accidentally moved the mouse over any of the other controls, it would have moved the focus. I verified this happens in the 9-28-2018 hotfix with default settings, please let me know if you find otherwise (ie. select the note, set the mouse aside and don't move it, then use keyboard controls to bring up the functions, such as CTRL+Up, CTRL+U, CTRL+B ).

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Yes, I see now that if I judiciously avoid the buttons, it seems to work. I didn't even realize that mousing over other functions was what was causing it to happen. Again, it has bugged me in the past even when I was using 2 hands. I wonder if it's an issue for anyone using one of those trackballs instead of a mouse.


It still doesn't make any sense to me why it's made that way, unless it's unintentional or just easier for you (which I can't argue with, it's a free program)... Setting aside the fact that I have a really hard time keeping my mouse in a dead still position, which is obviously my problem and mine alone, I just think it should require you to actually click on something to change the focus, which I believe is standard windows behavior (unless it's the Click to change focus option just not working right?). It just seems counter intuitive, otherwise I would've figured it out on my own. ;)


Anyway, thanks for explaining why it was happening. At least now I know how to try to avoid it.

Words of wisdom for CDLC charters:


"When in doubt, steal a tone from Kansas' Carry On Wayward Son"


- Billkwando


Download my L'Arc~en~Ciel Ken "Love Driver Cat" custom Inlays here

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As I mentioned, I am going to improve that preference that requires a click to change cursor focus in dialogs. The original Allegro menu logic was to move focus to wherever the mouse was, so when I added that preference, I designed it with one dialog item in mind (text input fields that only accept certain characters, such as the number fields). I need to write some logic for each dialog object type (ie. radio buttons, checkboxes).

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Hey, I'm not able to get the newest version of EOF working on my Mac. I'm currently on MacOS 10.14. Here is the error it displays when I try to open the eof executable: 

2018-10-22 19:14:47.392 eof[41078:2471806] WARNING: NSWindow drag regions should only be invalidated on the Main Thread! This will throw an exception in the future. Called from (

0   AppKit                              0x9155482d -[NSWindow(NSWindow_Theme) _postWindowNeedsToResetDragMarginsUnlessPostingDisabled] + 355

1   AppKit                              0x915e5e4f -[NSWindow _enablePosting] + 124

2   AppKit                              0x91552017 -[NSWindow _initContent:styleMask:backing:defer:contentView:] + 1684

3   AppKit                              0x9155197b -[NSWindow initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:] + 46

4   eof                                 0x00078e8f osx_qz_window_init + 367

5   eof                                 0x0002495f _set_gfx_mode + 879

6   eof                                 0x00024442 set_gfx_mode + 290

7   eof                                 0x006ca501 eof_set_display_mode + 1681


2018-10-22 19:14:47.393 eof[41078:2471806] Warning once: This application, or a library it uses, is using NSQuickDrawView, which has been deprecated. Apps should cease use of QuickDraw and move to Quartz.

fish: '/Applications/EOF\ \(9-28-2018\…' terminated by signal SIGBUS (Misaligned address error)

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EOF can't run on versions of OS X newer than Sierra.


As a test, I wonder if you could check whether either of these happen to work in Mojave:


The super old 1.71 build:



Or the old 1.8RC10 build:



Yep, the 1.8RC10 worked. I was at least hoping for something at the minimum that would work with creating Rocksmith CDLC. Thanks.

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@@raynebc I can confirm 1.8RC10 does work on High Sierra! I guess its time to see if the hotfixes will be able to run?


EDIT: I just tried copying the Contents folder of the latest hotfix into the 1.8RC10 build, and yes it does crash. 

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Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (11-1-2018) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:

*Changed the border color for selected lyrics' note rectangles to blue instead of red so the highlighting is visible for notes that are out of the piano roll's focus.

*Fixed a Feedback Import bug that prevented extended sustains from importing correctly.

*Fixed a bug where adding a gem to an existing note while "Classic", "Piano Roll" or "Hold" input modes are in use could cause the wrong note to become selected.

*Fixed a MIDI export bug where if two consecutive forced hopo on/off notes were authored one or two ms apart, the HOPO marker could be changed to 0 deltas long and the MIDI events for it could be written out of correct order to result in a MIDI violation where a note off occurs before the corresponding note on event.

*Fixed a bug with the recent Feedback import logic (to process toggle HOPO and slider markers at the end of each track difficulty's import) that could cause GHL notes after a W3 to not import with the correct HOPO status.

*Fixed a bug with Feedback import's automated resnapping that could cause toggle HOPO markers to not be handled correctly in some cases.

*Added a Song>Seek>Note>Index function that will seek to the specified note number in the active track difficulty, if it exists. Notes are numbered starting from 0, so note index 1 is the second note in the active track difficulty.

*Added error checking during warn if some of the project content fails to be written during save, such as if disk space runs out on the drive EOF is running from. File>Load was updated to be able to handle projects that have this problem.

*Added a Clone Hero panel (File>Display>Notes panel>Clone Hero) that displays messages about missing features (like solos, star power, loading phrase, preview start time), warns about compatibility problems like using a chart offset and gives various statistics and other information relevant to authoring Clone Hero charts.

*Added a "Track>Find optimal CH star power path" function to determine the optimum star power use for the active track difficulty based on Clone Hero scoring rules, reporting the maximum possible score, average multiplier and stars awarded. Also reported is the maximum percentage of notes that can be played during star power, to help the author decide if there are enough star power sections.


The new Mac build might work in versions of OS X newer than Sierra, let me know if you find otherwise.

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I'm looking into getting a cheap refurbished Macbook so I can actually test the Mac build for these kinds of bugs, but if you can keep a list of bugs you find it will be handy. If you browse into the EOF app folder, into Contents, into Resources, into eof, does an eof.cfg file get written at all after you exit EOF?

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I can not open EOF because one file ( allegg44.dll) is corrupted while I was trying to extract it. I also tried to apply hotfix but it changed nothing. Is there any solution to fix this issue?



Edit: Windows Defender caused the problem. It's working now.

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Wow, yes EoF runs on macOS Mojave!


Edit: I tried an old project first (that I've run with Wine) and seemed like editing worked. When trying to create new project the guitar.ogg gets created into "/Applications/<artist> - <title>" and EoF doesn't find it. I'll try to edit the created eof.cfg to get the paths right.


Edit 2: I tried to put the source wav to my eof/<artist> - <title> directory and choose option use existing folder but I got the same issue that guitar ogg is not found. I couldn't find a way to trick EOF to work for start from scratch.

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The /Applications folder may have permissions troubles. Try using "File>Song Folder" to define a place for new charts that are created in the song folder root. Alternatively, if you create a folder with your chart audio before-hand, you should be able to tell EOF to "Use source audio's folder" to create the project file in that folder.

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When using the "copy-paste" function of part of several notes, I realized that the technical notes are not pasted.

So, I have to copy and paste the technical notes too.


Is it possible to correct this so that the function "copy-paste" also take into account technical notes to reduce unnecessary actions.


Thank you.

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Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (12-5-2018) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:

*Corrected the placement of the "File>Display>Notes panel>Enable" checkmark.

*Updated the Clone Hero SP pathing logic to reflect that the game will discard all sustains shorter than 1/12 in a MIDI formatted chart.

*Fixed a bug with the Clone Hero SP pathing function that would incorrectly skip testing some solutions.

*Updated the Clone Hero SP pathing function to disregard solo bonuses when determining the best solution's number of stars, as per Clone Hero's rules.

*Added a checkbox to the Clone Hero SP pathing function to allow SP worker processes to perform their own logging, for troubleshooting purposes.

*Added checks requiring that the project is saved before using multiple processes (ie. you can't import a file and not save the project first) to find the optimal CH star power path.

*Added a "Track>Evaluate CH star power path" function to validate and score a user-defined star power path for the active track difficulty, where each note that has SP deploy status (Note>Clone hero>SP deploy>) indicates star power is to be deployed at that note.

*Fixed a bug with the optimal star power path logic that would cause a hang when used on a track difficulty with disjointed chords.

*Fixed a cosmetic bug where the gem outlines for unused lanes for the note being hovered over with the mouse were drawn as triangles even when the note being hovered over did not have cymbals in it.

*Fixed a bug with the handling of the note hit counter in the optimal star power path logic, which would cause the score multiplier to increase earlier than it should.

*Added logic to correct a condition where the optimal SP pathing function could get stuck with all worker processes in idle status and not complete.

*Added a caching optimization to the SP pathing logic that re-uses more of the calculations from the previous solution when sequential solutions are tested, greatly decreasing solving time.

*Improved the SP pathing logic to be able to accurately count the high number of solutions that may be tested, without the ~4.29 billion limit of 32 bit numbers.

*Fixed a bug with the Mac build where EOF wouldn't allow loading/importing a chart and not providing chart audio as is allowed in the Windows build.

*Changed the star power pathing scoring logic of partial points for note sustains to use ceiling instead of rounding, to match such changes implemented in Clone Hero.

*Added logic so that SP pathing worker processes will automatically end themselves if the pathing is cancelled.

*Added logic so that if SP pathing worker processes are cancelled, EOF will include their tested solution counts among those reported.

*Added a "Note>Clone Hero>SP deploy>" menu with functions to add a status specifying that selected notes will have star power deployed at their positions. Affected notes will have a star drawn beneath the piano roll. This SP deploy status is now used by the optimal SP path functions instead of using note highlighting.

*Changed the Windows version of the multi-process optimal SP path solving logic to start worker processes with below normal process priority so it's easier to continue using the computer for other tasks while you wait for EOF to finish.

*Added a "Song>Show CH SP durations" function that will display light blue markers below the piano roll to show the estimated length of each defined (either automatically with "Track>Find optimal CH star power path" or manually with "Note>Clone Hero>SP deploy") star power deployment in Clone Hero, if all notes are hit/whammied for maximum earned star power. If the defined star power path is invalid, yellow markers are drawn instead of blue markers. "Track>Evaluate CH star power path" and EOF's logging can explain why the marked star power path is considered invalid.

*Added a %TRACK_SLIDER_COUNT% macro to display the number of slider sections in the active track, and added it to the Clone Hero panel.

*Improved Feedback import of slider notes in charts with multiple difficulties, to avoid scenarios where slider sections can overlap.

*Improved the note resnapping that occurs during MIDI import to support any per-beat interval from 1/2 to 1/96 instead of just the built-in sizes, to ensure the resnapping doesn't radically change note positions if they use an unusual grid snapping in the MIDI file.

*Added several macros for reporting details about the currently defined star power path and the track difficulty's base score. These have been added to the Clone Hero panel.

*Updated normal save to suppress Rocksmith warnings regarding section names if none of the pro guitar tracks have any notes.


The clipboard format has changed, make sure to perform copy before performing paste again or the paste will malfunction.

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