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I requested several Metallica songs, the tabs are there, if it helps

Dyers Eve
The memory remains
Die, die die my darling (cover)
not done yet :-| . I Like them

Also, there are several Metallica songs lost from Smithy, if someone finds them please reply here,i lost several songs, because of a problem i had yesterday. I searched some songs listed on the first page of this project and they are lost... but were done for Rocksmith 2014.

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No, Nino uploaded all his Metallica stuff. Just do a search for Metallica with the CDLC Search,

There are some songs back! Sorry I havent searched in CDLC for some time.



There are some Songs lost from Smithy.


Which ones? I think Snake has the whole discography, pretty much.


I Searched every album, and there are some songs that aren't appearing on the CDLC search.

Maybe they arent appearing because it's not correct the name of the album, i will search every single one after, because I need to put them back on rocksmith, since I lost everything.



Edit: Double check now, found almost every song from Kill to Black, and Magnetic. But Some songs you need to search by the song name not by Album. Thats okay.

Sorry guys, false alarm.


Just a thought here, if someone do The memory remains, please do S&M, on the Reload i think its too graceless, S&M its coolest.

And a question, will somebody in future do S&M Album?

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Mind if I get in on some of the action, fellas? I'd love to do the Memory Remains, as well as One. Save these two for me. (Rest assured, I guarantee high quality customs. Or I'll eat my shoe.) 

Check out my Projects List. Yay!


If you need assistance creating lyrics to a song or want to make a collab with me on any Rock, Metal, JRock or JPop song, feel free to ask me!

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Sure Izzy, I just about got  to live is to die done, One has been done once but I think it was lead only, no one has done Memory remains yet, so knock yourself out ^^

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