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Loverman: No
Tuesday's Gone: No
The More I see: No
Killing Time: No
Movie Sound Tracks:
Album Songs:
Kill  Em All:
Ride the Lightning:
Master of Puppets:
...And Justice for All:
Poor Twisted Me: No
S&M Originals:
St. Anger:
Some Kind of Monster: No
Death Magnetic
Suicide And Redemption: (2012) (2014)
Beyond Magnetic:
Hardwired ...To Self-Destruct:
Lords of Summer (Album):
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Wow, I was looking all over google for this! I want the following songs, thanks in advance!


Turn the Page: (2014)

I Disappear: (2014)

Creeping Death: (2014)

Master of Puppets: (2014)

One: (2014)

Harvester of Sorrow: (2014)

Enter Sandman: (2014)

Sad but True: (2014)
The Unforgiven: (2014)
Wherever I May Roam: (2014)
Ecstasy of gold: (2014)
King Nothing: (2014)
No Leaf Clover: (2014)
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Nice. I made Hit The Lights for 2012 (my first ever custom!), unfortunately when i formatted my HDD i forgot to back up all of my EoF files so i only have the .dat files left. 


PLEASE do 1 thing, all of the tabs for Hit The Lights have a mistake in one of the opening riffs, which i noticed when i tabbed it so i listened very carefully and transcribed the correct notes (see below).




At exactly 1:08 in the video (just when the drums kick in) the correct notes are 5th frets on the A and D strings x 2, then 3rd frets on the A and D strings.


I wish there was a way to load the .dat files into EoF and open up the notes. I want to convert my RS1 customs to RS2014 but like i said, i only have my .dat files left :(


A little off-topic, i took my profile picture at a Metallica concert a few years back and you can't see it clearly but James is looking DIRECTLY into my camera, it's such an amazing shot and i was SO close to the stage!





EDIT: SNAKE with the help of fellow member Deratio i realised i could open my charted files by unpacking the .dat file and reimporting everything back into EOF. * THIS MEAN I HAVE ALREADY CHARTED HIT THE LIGHTS! * I will add Rhythm / Lead / Bass / Lyrics to it but not DD. Do you want me to send you the EoF project for you to add the DD or should i just release it as it is?

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Until I hear back from a mod, I can't send people stuff from my collection apparently.. GEE SOMEONE complained.. I wonder who? SNERK. Nino, its good to see ya back. However Hit the Lights has already been done. I started to do it.. then Laik converted his.

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Sorry guys, but according to the admin. I am not allowed to share songs I didn't make.. for whatever reason. So you can go ask Glen for his songs on his alternate account on here ^-^ I am sure he has them

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Sorry Jesper, without permission from Nino, I can't give you the file, per forum rules. My apologies. If it was my decision. I would gladly give ya the song.

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That's a shame :/ but I can see why....lack of communication, it seems. I'm going to use the tutorial on this site and learn the process...maybe then I can give you a hand. How long do you need on average for one song? I do a bit of mixing and mastering of audio, so I wonder if that will help?!!


Keep up the good work - I know a lot of people appreciate it (especially the inclusion of the dynamic difficulty).



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Oh I am fine with doing the whole process, it just takes awhile to learn, I think I learn something new everytime I do it. It would be helpful if someone did write a how to from a to z. 

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