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  1. I'm really looking forward to Ain't My Bitch and Mama Said :) Good work Snake 3169 - glad you've not given up!
  2. That's a real shame, because I really enjoyed your customs :( I could be your chief tester, if you needed your Metallica customs tested? ;) I hope you change your mind. There are a lot of appreciative people on this forum who like what you do and it's a pity to give it up for just one or two mindless people who take a mile when offered an inch....
  3. viper - you are leaving a trail of fire behind you!! I like the updated Death Magnetic songs and can't wait for more. Greedy? Yes maybe....appreciative? Definitely! Excellent work! Can't wait for the rest :)
  4. That's a shame :/ but I can see why....lack of communication, it seems. I'm going to use the tutorial on this site and learn the process...maybe then I can give you a hand. How long do you need on average for one song? I do a bit of mixing and mastering of audio, so I wonder if that will help?!! Keep up the good work - I know a lot of people appreciate it (especially the inclusion of the dynamic difficulty). :)
  5. Nino83, Really enjoy your customs :) Would you consider adding DD to the Metallica songs at some point? It's because the game considers your customs as being at the easiest level, and therefore when you 'only get' 70 or 80% on a Metallica song, it thinks you can't play and ends up lowering the difficulty immensely for the songs that do have DD. I would have a go myself, but for some reason the Toolkit is crashing when I open up the DDC tab. Thanks :)
  6. Wow, you're working really fast on these! Looking forward to some of the Load songs....
  7. Hi! PM'd you - would be great to have these customs! Thanks :)
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