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  1. It's working here for OSX 10.10.5. I had the same problem as @@frozen321 saying that the file was corrupted, so I just remove the game and got Steam to download it again. After that, I applied the patch and everything worked.
  2. Hi, I tried it during my luch time, but it didn't work out :( When I run it with mono it starts a new process on the docker, but nothing else happens (no popup, windows or even message on the console). I dind't have time to try a little harder or to install p7zip, but I'll do it tonight. By the way, It worked like a charm on the virtual machine, so I can already use it. Thanks
  3. Hey, thanks a lot for testing our app! I think that I will try to port it to Mac using Mono or I will simply replace all "_p." suffixes with "_m"..That would be an easier option, but I think that all Mac users don't have a VM, so I'll try to make "Mono-ed" version as soon as possible. :) Thanks again! Edit: Okay, VM version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d2gs6fpfytf98fo/RSRoadieMacVersion_1.0.0.rar I'm not sure how to use 7zip (or p7zip in that case) on Mac, because I don't own one, so if you could help me with that, I'd appriciate it. (Tell me if there's any version like that which doesn't have a GUI-> console/terminal version, etc.) Great, thanks! I'll test it when I get home today. Also, it looks like you can run the p7zip version on console (http://superuser.com/questions/548349/how-can-i-install-7zip-so-i-can-run-it-from-terminal-on-os-x), but sinc I'm not on my computer now I can't test it. When I get home I'll test it too. You only need to know if it can compress/uncompress files wityhout a GUI, correct? Cheers,
  4. Hi, I just tested it on a Virtual Machine, and it worked, but it didn't recognize the files with extension _m.psarc for the Mac version of Rocksmith. Althought I could rename it, organize my playlists, and then rename it back, it would be a very time consuming task. So, to help the ones in the same situation as I am, I have a suggestion: When the songs are loaded, you could consider all the file name endings (_p.psarc, _m.psarc, ...), and load them all. This could duplicate the song, for example, if there are both pc and mac files are in the folder (this situation happens for the official dlc, where both files are downloaded). I don't think it would be a big problem, cause I can just ignore the ones ending in _p.psarc, and for the Windows users it would still be the same. The better solution would be considering both files as one song only, and everything I do with it is applied to both files (enable, disable, add to playlist, ...), but maybe this would be trickier to implement. My first impression is that it's a great tool, very easy to use, and it would help me a lot. Congratulations guys!
  5. Thank you very much for this tool. It sounds very interesting. Problem is I play RS on a Mac. Is it possible to use it on a virtual machine to organize the playlist, and then play it on myMac? How does it work? Does it remove the files from the dlc folder and store it somewhere else? Can it recognize mac versions of the songs? Cheers,
  6. I don't have a monthly subscription, but I believe it's as simple as that: you'll have access to all their tabs as long as you keep paying. The difference from buying just one tab is that you will have access to it forever once you bought it.
  7. Yes, it's possible. Try to focus on a more relaxed posture, stretch before and after playing, and if you start to feel your arms or hands hurting maybe you should take a short break before playing more songs :)
  8. I agree with PC Plum, it would be very hard to play the entire album. Anyway, if anyone wants the original files from my customs just need to ask on PM.
  9. I used to ignore dynamic difficulty, and just open riff repeater and level the whole song to 100%. But this way I was having trouble learning sections with many notes, even when I slowed it down. I also noticed that this was making the game less fun to me, and I was getting frustrated. This week I decided to use a different approach. I configure riff repeater to don't accelerate, and left the difficulty untouched. Then I just repeat the section in a slower speed (depending on the section, but usually about 70%), paying attention to fingering position, until I manage to level up and reach 100% difficulty. Just after that I turn on acceleration and start increasing speed. It's working better for me so far.
  10. My goal (for a long time) is to learn how to play Sweet Child oh' Mine. I've become better on it, but I still can't play the fast part on the solo :(
  11. Hi everyone, A few days ago I started developing a tool to help myself on my guitar practice using Rocksmith, and I'd like to share it with you. It's called Rocksmith Progress Tracker. Basically it's a website where you can log your practice sessions, and then it will provide some charts on your progress. I believe that if you can see your progress through time you will be more motivated. At least it's what I feel about practicing. What do you think? Do you believe it would help you? So far it's possible to track guitarcade games and learn a song progress, but in the next days I'll release a new version where it will be possible to track score attack too. In the future I plan to implement some kind of achievements or goals to help motivate even more. Also, if people find it's useful, I'd love to hear some feedback about future features. But before I release it to public, I'd like to a have few users helping me test it. So, if you're interested in being a beta-tester, please send me a private message with your e-mail address (that will be used as your login) so I can send you the access information. I believe, if everything goes fine, I can release it to public access by the weekend. http://imageshack.com/a/img745/1463/KdD4Gu.png http://imageshack.com/a/img537/8117/ewj78X.png Cheers,
  12. The thing is, with the tab I can play this sections. Maybe I'm not that confortable with Rocksmith interface yet. But I'll try the pause trick to see if it helps me. Thanks
  13. Hi, I'd like to ask you how do you do to learn fast songs or sections. I'm really having trouble to learn some songs sections that have a lot a notes. Even if I enter Riff Repeater and slow down to the minimum speed it's also very hard. One thing I noticed is that, even if the speed is set to 1, the real speed isn't set to 1%. It barely changes from 1 to 40 for instance. Does anybody knows what's the relation between riff repeater speed and real speed? Other question: is there a way to choose how fast the speed will increase in Riff Repeater? Is it possible to increase speed 1 by 1 instead of 10 by 10? Because of that problems I'm spending more time practicing on GoPlayAlong istead of Rocksmith, but it's not as fun as Rocksmith. Cheers,
  14. HI everybody, There are some tabs that I think are impossible to find. I've looked everywhere for some songs that I'd like to play, like Mama's Song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but had no success on finding them. Does anybody know any site where I can pay for someone to tab a song for me? I'm not good enough yet to do it myself by ear. Thanks,
  15. Great tool, Thanks for doing it. I've been waiting for a tool like that for a long time. Will try when I get home and leave you some feedback.
  16. I agree with @@Soilman. Althought it's great when we have perfect customs, it's not mandatory for us to learn that song, and customs that doesn't have the perfect tone or notes design are still very useful for me to learn how to play them.
  17. Is it the same huge collection that you can find in torrent?
  18. Anyone knows where I can find a good tab for Mama Said? I'd like to begin working on that, but couldn't find a good quality guitar pro tab.
  19. Submitted Guns n' Roses - Patience Steel Dragon - We All Die Young Work In Progress Janis Joplin - Summertime
  20. Yes, the bar graph. I created the DD using DDC, but I did it to the package and not to the .xml. Could be it?
  21. Hi folks, I'm almost finishing one CDLC here, but the sections and phrases don`t show up on song preview, or during the song. If I enter Riff Repeater, I can select all the sections, and also the difficulty, but the just don`t show in the top. Any idea what's causing this? Thanks,
  22. I bought GoPlayAlong today, and besides it's a very useful tool for practicing, it makes it super easy for syncing tabs to create CDLCs, as long as you have a good guitar pro tab.
  23. Great project! Love Metallica!
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