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Discussion about extra class "Advanced"


Additional class  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Add 4th extra class "Advanced" ?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Change one week challenge, to two week challenge?

    • Yes
    • No

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You will always find people that are unhappy with the way it is, but looking at this 50/50 result, i just feel like changing would just make it worse those who did vote fore the 2 week challenge did play all those time with 1 week, yet those who don't want those 2 weeks will probably be bored or just loose interest in the championship and i don't think that situation is in the interest of everyone.


I still want to point something out, we're not here to LEARN a song, we're here to play for a limited amount of time a song to get the best score we can and that's entirely different. at least that's the way i see it and i'm pretty sure that many that voted agains the 2 week think the same way. The competition will thrive some of us to actually get better but that's not the primary goal of the championship.


And lastly, some compromise have been stated but not always perfectly clearly and that confuse me, at this point on this thread i just don't know what have been proposed and who are okay with those compromise. it would be easier to start somewhere else where we try to gather idea and all to keep the actual 1 week way of doing things and maybe allowing a kinda 2 week things.

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After a few weeks of playing now i am convinced that duration of contest should be 1 week with prolongation in few selected cases which can be discussed in the running weeks threat - i have changed my vote regarding that.



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Been away too long and just saw this thread... In my opinion you guys are taking on way to much work. This competition was supposed to be for people to join in and just compete against other people in their same classes for FUN. If you guys want a way to "learn" the songs I suggest something completely different. Setup another challenge and just do MM for that challenge. This will help in actually learning the songs. You can make this weekly bi-weekly or monthly the choice would be up to everyone. You guys are making this competition a little too extreme and confusing for everyone. I love what you guys are trying to do but in making it too complicated with more rules and more unnecessary changes you are alienating the competitors. I live my life by this acronym K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). Too much thinking about something that should be simple will drive you guys nuts.  Personally I still don't understand how the class leveling is done but I love the concept however it is extremely difficult to enforce and keep up to date and requires a lot of time and energy (which i compliment you guys on for taking the time to do it).


You need to remember no matter how much you put into this and try to make it work there is always going to be someone who is unhappy with something. Focus on having fun with the competition and not making it so confusing and people will be happy. I personally like the idea of having another class option as sometimes there are intermediate songs that are more MC quality and some that are more Beginner quality so its tough to just keep 3 classes but at the same time there are also MC songs that are a lot easier than some Intermediate song choices so finding the balance is key. Try not to overwork yourselves here as this is mainly supposed to be a friendly and FUN competition, adding to many rules and other things will make it too complicated and take away the fun. Lets all have fun with this competition and stop trying to make it what its not supposed to be. One week is fine for competing against each other, for learning songs the right way thats a whole different story which should not be a part of the competition at all. Everyone who wants to really learn a song will play it outside of the competition or continue playing the song way after the week is up.


This is just my opinion but you guys should really take a step back and a breather and really think about how much time and energy you guys want to invest on this. You will never make everyone happy so you should just do what makes the Majority happy.  

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Hehe, I knew I should lock this tread :D


4 classes feels just right. More would be too much for all.


2 weeks, or anything related to that is not an option right now. I agree with that being against what RC was meant to be.


So that's it for now.

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