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  1. Hi there, I'm a bass player that makes playthorugh videos, the thing is that I think that the way to promote your videos here is not good enough, the only way that your video can be viewed is if a user that creates CDLC, post your video as a playthrough in their pages, also you can't post any playthorugh of an official DLC here, so what is the best way to promote the videos?, do you agree with me? Please let me know
  2. When i download rocksmith songs and put them in my dlc and all that they show up in the game but when i play them the notes dont show up or the guitar?
  3. hi, i think all Dream Theater's Fans should go to Rocksmith's facebook page,sign up to Uplay if they haven't yet and request DT official songs !!!!! :D go here: https://www.facebook.com/rocksmith.usa/app_418953888161748 Request these songs (because only these can be played on E Standard on all parts): Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt.1: The Miracle And The SleeperDream Theater - Pull Me UnderDream Theater - Peruvian SkiesDream Theater - The Ytse JamDream Theater - Strange Deja VuDream Theater - Octavarium maybe one day they will release official DT dlc pack if we all do this !
  4. hello ladies and gentleman i have a problem about add original id songs i found some songs in customsforge, especially metallica, i downloaded and i installed rscustom programme. i chose one song and rscustom programme said song id is successful then, i copied it song in C:// program filesx86/steam/steamapps/common/rocksmit2014/dlc i copied but i cannot see when i opened game. who will help me :) i know its easy but, i am human, i missing something :)
  5. Similar to Ultimate Guitar's thread http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1547433
  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be streaming Rocksmith 2014 for a couple hours to day in about 30 mins to half an hour at www.twitch.tv/mentalfuneral. I am streaming almost everyday at around 6pm EST and in the weekends I try to stream earlier and for a longer time. Come hangout and chat with me. I am usually playing old school Rock and Metal but I am taking requests if anyone has anything they want to hear. I hope you guys are gonna hop in and help my channel grow, thanks. www.twitch.tv/mentalfuneral
  7. Playing The Animals - House of the rising sun on Rocksmith 2014 and getting 100% score. I am MentalFuneral, I stream Rocksmith 2014 on BASS (and other games) on Twitch.tv, come watch my streams and hangout with me over there. http://www.twitch.tv/mentalfuneral
  8. hi, i saw/found that there is a way to make CDLC playlists by cozy1cgi: https://sites.google.com/site/cozy1cgi/tutorial-6 there are many steps to do it and it is a bit hard to me to understand everything by words... i wanted to ask,can some someone make and upload video on YouTube (tutorial) how to do it and also post it here please ? thanks.
  9. Hey guys! I've been trying to do some custom tones for my next CDLC projects (since thats what the previous CDLC's i released were missing) and after i crated it i cannot find it in any of the folders for import into Rocksmith Toolkit. Any idea in what folder they are saved?
  10. Hand Of Blood: 2005 1. 4 Words (Charted By xanekill) 2. Hand Of Blood (Official DLC) 3. Cries In Vain (Charted By xanekill) 4. Curses (Charted By xanekill) 5. No Control (Charted By xanekill) 6. Just Another Star (Charted By xanekill) 7. Turn To Despair (Bonus) (Charted By xanekill) The Poison: 2005 1. Intro (Charted By xanekill) 2. Her Voice Resides (Charted By xanekill) 3. 4 Words (Again...) (Charted By Vicious) 4. Tears Don't Fall (Official DLC) 5. Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do) (Charted By Vicious) 6. Hit the Floor (Charted By xanekill) 7. All These Things I Hate (
  11. I have enjoyed Rocksmith very much for a while, so much so that I bought a bass guitar last year to play the bass tracks (well worth the $200). Up until yesterday, I used my electric guitar for both the lead and rhythm tracks. I had thought about using my acoustic-electric (acoustic guitar with 1/4" jack output) to play the rhythm tracks but the posts from people here who tried Rocksmith with acoustics seemed to be only moderately successful and not worth the effort. Yesterday I plugged in my acoustic-electric (Taylor, with Expression System electronics) and gave Rocksmith a whirl. I did
  12. hey guys i have 3 issues: 1. i own rocksmith 2014, and lets say i want to purchase the song "queen Bohemian rhapsody" and go to the steam store , it says: "You dont own rocksmith, buy rocksmith and try it again". but i own rocksmith, whats the matter? And paypal is right installed. why cant i donwload songs anymore? 2. Theres a strange sound coming from the Rocksmith speakers all the time. Its like, da bum, da bum, da bum. Like a stuttering. and i cant turn it out, its annoying, what can i do? 3. I downloaded a song from customforge, all installed in the right order, where my dlcs are
  13. Ok so I've been wanting this question answered but can't find it anywhere and hoping you all can help. I first got Rocksmith for XBOX 360 and when I couldn't fix the lag with my current audio settings I gave up and waited for Rocksmith 2014 edition on PC. Since I got the game I have been using the Real tone cable that came with the original Rocksmith for XBOX 360. My question is, is there an issue in using the XBOX 360 cable and if so should I invest in buying a new cable on Amazon that was meant for the PC edition? Any help or thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. (:
  14. Hello to all, here's the situation. My brother bought a keyboard last year, but he never got around learning to play, so I decided to take the instrument for myself. Now, in the last year I've used Rocksmith my guitar skills have increased in a way that I can now easily play songs that I didn't imagine I'd be able to a couple of years ago, which leads me to my question. Wrapping it up, I know there are equivalents to Rocksmith for learning Keyboard, but I want to know if some of you happen to have tried some in the past, and if you can recommend any. Thanks for your time.
  15. I move the D3DX9_42 to Rocksmith folder but the game crash, what can i do?
  16. Hi, I'm planning to buy a 3/4 scale electric guitar for my 5 years old kid. I've seen some options on the web, but I can only find a couple of models in local shops here (Madrid). After a few phone calls there are some Ibanez Mikro, Fender Squier Strat Mini, and some other low-quality options. On the web I've seen an ESP LTD EC-JR that I like but I've not seen any reviews yet. So, here is the point. Do you use any 3/4 scale guitar with RS 2014? Any recommendations? Thanks a lot / Fernando
  17. Alright Customsforge. You're a great community that always gave me help and a lot of DLC to practice. I want to give something in return. We all know that running CDLCs on PS 3 is a bit of a hazel and its easier to play them on PC. No videos out there explain it properly on how to do them. Yet I found out how to make them run on PS3 that works legit . (But you need a Jailbroken PS3!!!!) Just wanted to know out of curiosty how many would like me to make a Video on how to run CDLC on PS3 ? Greetz xXFROSTXx
  18. Hey all- I have been playing RS1/RS2014 for a few years now. It has helped to increase speed with scales, chord changes, and tempo. It has helped to replace a metronome while learning songs. I had reached a plateau on the game for a while, but then found cdlc. I am now armed with a nice collection of every song that ive ever wanted to play! (thanks charters!) I am having issues though. RS2014 is running on a Macbook pro (mid 2010). I have (tediously) examined every downloaded CDLC to make sure all tracks load properly. All tracks were grouped alphabetically and then loaded into the dlc/ fo
  19. Hey guys, (potentially) dumb question here. I got into Rocksmith custom songs not long after I got Rocksmith (Christmas 2012?). Anyway, I was getting my songs from Smithy's Anvil, but I noticed that site is basically frozen now. This site seems to be the new replacement, but it specifically says "Rocksmith 2014 CDLC Community". Do RS2014 CDLC files work on the original Rocksmith? I wanted to play "Gotta Get Away" by The Offspring, so I Googled "Gotta Get Away The Offspring Rocksmith" and I noticed a couple CDLC videos, 1 on RS2014, and the other on the original Rocksmith. Previously,
  20. Hey I'm busy making a new CDLC, I generated a DDC to test it. Made a DDC with 5 levels. But in the last part of the song the DDC only give me 2 levels instead of 5. I also tried to add more levels but its always the same part of the song that only gives 2 levels (it a very low purple bar in RS. I tried to repack it, reimport in EOF, double and half the BPM but it just stays the same. Anyone also has this problem?
  21. Hi everyone! I apologize if this question has been asked - I did do a search around here and Google but couldn't find it anywhere. I purchased Rocksmith 2014 for my Xbox 360 and later wanted to be able to play upstairs too (kids hog the TV) so got Rocksmith 2014 for the PC, which is where all my dlc lives. I'm registered on Steam, so Steam knows this - my question is: Is there any way to somehow link the two so I can access the content I've bought for PC on Xbox? I'm thinking it's unlikely because of different file formats, etc... but in case Steam or Rocksmith was smart enough to let
  22. Alright Customsforge. You're a great community that always gave me help and a lot of DLC to practice. I want to give something in return. We all know that running CDLCs on PS 3 is a bit of a hazel and its easier to play them on PC. No videos out there explain it properly on how to do them. Yet I found out how to make them run on PS3 that works legit . (But you need a Jailbroken PS3!!!!) Just wanted to know out of curiosty how many would like me to make a Video on how to run CDLC on PS3 ? Greetz xXFROSTXx
  23. Hi guys! i'm having a weird problem. I downloaded a few customs but when i select them suddenly the game freezes (i can still play my guitar and hear the preview) but i can't move, and when i press the buttons they do nothing. When i close Rocksmith it throws me an error that it stopped working Don't know how to solve it, so i expect you guys could help me
  24. While I was messing around in TexMod I discovered that all the textures within rocksmith are changeable!!! So I thought I could make a tutorial on changing random stuff! c: Step #1: Download texmod Step #2: Click on target application and choose your rocksmith2014.exe http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah254/connorgioia/Steptwojpg_zps9db0f037.jpg Step #3: Click on Logging mode, Check off: Draw control and texture info, Show texture on upper left corner, Replace Texture (with a green texture). Change output format to BMP. Log with F1(You can change this to whatever you want). Change y
  25. I have loads of CDLC, so i know i am doing it right. I have the .dll file and i tried the patcher, still nothing. They just dont show up on the list. I tried to delete some of the crap ones, hoping there was a limit, but that didnt work.
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