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  1. Happy Birthday davelancel!

  2. Happy Birthday davelancel!

  3. Happy Birthday davelancel!

  4. Thanks, this work perfectly! How did you do it, what did you change?
  5. sure, here is the log, ddc xml and normal xml https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1EWMPHxKoM9MGpYbGphV3I5X1E&usp=drive_web#list
  6. Thanks for the link, but this didn't help. I followed the tutorial completly but the last sections only get 1 difficulty level from DDC The last sections are indeed a sequence of the same notes. Using the settings did't help. The last sections say the same. screenshot: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1EWMPHxKoM9ckt2RU43U1dJX3M/edit
  7. Hey I'm busy making a new CDLC, I generated a DDC to test it. Made a DDC with 5 levels. But in the last part of the song the DDC only give me 2 levels instead of 5. I also tried to add more levels but its always the same part of the song that only gives 2 levels (it a very low purple bar in RS. I tried to repack it, reimport in EOF, double and half the BPM but it just stays the same. Anyone also has this problem?
  8. Oh yes, indeed. I know it was a mistake I made. Never said it was a bug or something. But now I see, for some reason all my notes except the 31 notes ate the and where set as Ghost Mute. I'll change them to normal notes and try again. Thanks for you help!
  9. Well, I guess something is wrong. That's why I as for help. I used the Part Real Bass track in EOF. Changed to 4 string bass because it was showing 6 strings. Changed to standard tuning. Imported the notes, synced and saved. When I add the arrangement in Toolkit, it accept it as a bass track without problem. Generated without a error. Plays in Rocksmith but without notes. Maybe I forget some checkbox or change something in EOF?
  10. yes, it has notes and in the toolkit the Bass is checked in the Gameplay path menu
  11. I have uploaded already a couple of CDLC's with only lead track. I now wanted to test it on bass, but when I start the song in RS2014 there are no notes. Its just empty. I tried real part bass and real part bass 22 track in EOF but none of them work. I really don't know what i'm dong wrong. Anyone suggestions? Thanks
  12. Hey, When I uploaded my first song, my user same in the search.customsforge.com site is my display name but still my original user name. Any solution to change this? Thanks
  13. I'm working on a couple of custom song's. Here is the list: Completed songs: Jack White - High Ball Stepper Jack white - Freedom at 21 The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die The White Stripes - Hardest Button to Button (Now Official DLC) Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog The White Stripes - Jolene The Black Box Revelation - Do I Know You Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver The Prodigy - Breathe Interpol - Evil Red Fang - Hank is Dead Foo Fighters - Baker Street Fleetwood Mac - Albatross The Dead Weather - Blue Blood Blues Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way (beta release) Queens of the Stone Age - Regular John Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love Daft Punk - Around the World (bass only) Triggerfinger - All This Dancin' Around Red Fang - Throw Up The Black Keys - Hard Row The Black Keys - Elevator Interpol - Narc Interpol - Mammoth The Black Keys - Strange Desire Witchcraft - Lady Winter Kicking Harold - Gasoline Red Fang - Dirt Wizard Rage Against the Machine - Born of a Broken Man Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms Red Fang - Good to Die The White Stripes - Conquest Rage Against the Machine - Maria John Williams - The Imperial March 3 Doors Down - Duck and Run The White Stripes - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground Air Traffic - Charlotte Danzig - Am I Demon Rod Stewart - Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy The Ventures - Apache Chris Isaak - Wicked Game Deep Purple - Fireball Metallica - Some Kind of Monster Rod Stewart - Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy
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