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    Music, gaming, reading, writing, LEARNING something new every day, either something small I just learn to do like fix something, or a big emotional lesson on how to deal with 4 screaming children without screaming myself. I'm nerdy but I have many non-nerdy interests too... love to meet new people!
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  1. Happy Birthday SecretSelf!

  2. Happy Birthday SecretSelf!

  3. Happy Birthday SecretSelf!

  4. Rockband figured out how to do it, though (multiplayer). I'm still feeling tragic that they just abandoned the whole series of RB/GH games even though there was/is a huge player base. They made money off of every new song they put as DLC, I hope someday another version will come out, or someone else will pick up the ball. I didn't mind the plastic instruments. I'm a singer and a keys player, and I'm taking guitar lessons, and tried the drums. The best part was that you had the multiplayer - chatting with 3 other band members between songs in a setlist was amazingly fun and a great musical outlet! Now I have this and am really learning guitar, but if we're listing "would be nice"'s those are mine. :) Karen SecretSelf HiddenKaren
  5. Hi, I did as you said and the lessons reappeared! You are brilliant. So, I added back about 50 songs and it still worked. I'm going to add them back in batches and hopefully find the file that caused the problem. THANKS!!!!! Karen
  6. Hi! This is my first post. I searched and searched but couldn't find this exact situation I'm in. I am playing Rocksmith 2014 on my HP laptop, apart from a bit of guitar crackling it has been great. However - after I added dlc, I realized that the "Lessons" option just causes the game to freeze now. I somehow ended up with being able to select Lessons and see them listed, but none of them play - they just sit on the list and look back at me. I can't find any files that seem to be the lesson files. Can anyone help me? I think this is different than the "dlc won't play" problem, but no one else seems to be encountering it. Any suggestions are welcomed! I love this site, glad I joined. Thanks, Karen
  7. Hi everyone! I apologize if this question has been asked - I did do a search around here and Google but couldn't find it anywhere. I purchased Rocksmith 2014 for my Xbox 360 and later wanted to be able to play upstairs too (kids hog the TV) so got Rocksmith 2014 for the PC, which is where all my dlc lives. I'm registered on Steam, so Steam knows this - my question is: Is there any way to somehow link the two so I can access the content I've bought for PC on Xbox? I'm thinking it's unlikely because of different file formats, etc... but in case Steam or Rocksmith was smart enough to let me do this I thought I'd ask all of you experts. I don't want to purchase the same DLC twice, but am not sure if there can be any connection between the two? Thanks for any insight!! I love this site so much, I have gotten so much help and tips from really nice people. :D Thanks, Karen
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