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  1. Released Released Anime/J-Rock WIP (Work In Progress/Un-Released) Gold (Released Section) = Favorites Light Blue (WIP Section) = Finished. Awaiting Testing/Tone Change
  2. I figured it was time to get started on this page, so here goes. I can't say I really have the intention of doing every song listed here (particularly as many of them have no resources available), but I do hope to finish a majority of their stuff. Out of Myself (2003) http://i.imgur.com/qINgBKC.jpg 1. The Same River (In progress. Bass mostly done, guitar text tab available) 2. Out of Myself (somewhat flawed GP available) 3. I Believe (GP available, not certain of quality) 4. Reality Dream (LB) 5. Loose Heart (LBV) 6. Reality Dream II (guitar mostly done, bass cover available) 7. In Two Minds
  3. I'm currently in the progress of creating a Ramblin' Man CDLC. I was very surprised to see that no-one had done this before, as it is a vital song to the Allman Brothers collection, and a rock classic. The Lead 1 Guitar is for the most part done, as well as the Vocals. Researched what gear Dickey used, and I've come somewhat close to the amp for the 1st and the 2nd solo. The Vocals match up great, but I've had to make adjustments, and some notes are cut very short as i only use 2 hours on it. As this is my first project, and I have little to none experience with EoF, creating this will be a
  4. http://theriffrepeater.com/song-speculation-dream-theater-makes-rocksmith-debut-metropolis-petrucci-myung/ :D
  5. I've noticed a lack of psychedelic rock songs/bands. Like The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, Grateful Dead, Temples, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, etc. If anyone wants to collab on some songs or artists I'd love to see some more groovy/trippy tunes in the games and I'd do my best to help. Thanks.
  6. I'd probably place myself a bit above a beginner, maybe the beginning of intermediate in terms of lead guitar skill. I don't mind playing songs that are harder as long as it is actually playable (NOT Devil Went Down to Georiga). I was just wondering what some people's favorite DLC's are here? Personal preferences: - Breaking Benjamin - Killswitch Engage - Bullet for my Valentine - Metallica - Five Finger Death Punch - Avenged Sevenfold (although can get very hard very quick) - TOOL <3 (I have most of these, can play most 85% or better.)
  7. This is a huge genre, so I'll be sure to miss some bands. To start with, I'm just going to post some of the bands that have highly rated albums on progarchives and rateyourmusic. If there are any that you feel deserve to be here, let me know and I'll update the list. If you have any suggestions on how to group things, they'd be appreciated. Also, if you update any progressive rock CDLC, it might make sense to link to this post so users can more easily find other prog rock that isn't on the front page. Notable charters @@Liquidlizard, @@dreddfoxx, @@Aludog, @@bernixix, @@solservo, @@RufusD
  8. Any CDLC that is In-Progress or being planned will be listed here. Released: Fearless - Pink Floyd Ween - Ocean Man Ween - Captain Fantasy (Live) David Glen Eisley - Sweet Victory Jefferson Airplane - Good Shepherd Ween - The Mollusk - Many thanks to gubitza for this! Traffic - John Barleycorn Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain Mott The Hoople - Darkness Darkness - Still a WiP, but is playable. Led Zeppelin - All My Love Elton John - Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding George Harrison - Isn't It A Pity George Harrison - What Is Life - Adopted / Original Charter: Unknown - RS2012
  9. Hey guys, I'm reteaching my old man how to play guitar again so we can play Rocksmith together and instead of him being confused and struggling with the new stuff like AX7 and other bands I might like, I want some of the best CDLCs or DLCs for Rocksmith that are be easyier and classic rock songs. Like from the 50's to the 80's type of stuff. Ex. Johnny B. Goode Best Suggestions?
  10. Hey guys! I'm curious what Hip-Hop or Rap songs are on CustomsForge for Rocksmith. Ones I have so far (that come to mind) are these. Let me know if you know of any others, I'd like to make a list for people. Flo Rida - Whistle Flo Rida - Right Round Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Jigga What/Faint Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You Linkin Park & Jay-Z - 99 Problems/Points Of Authority/Lying From You Jay-Z - 99 Problems Hollywood Undead - We Are Hollywood Undead - Hear Me Now Hollywood Undead - Outside Hollywood Undead - Young Hollywood Undead - Sell Your Soul Holl
  11. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be streaming Rocksmith 2014 for a couple hours to day in about 30 mins to half an hour at www.twitch.tv/mentalfuneral. I am streaming almost everyday at around 6pm EST and in the weekends I try to stream earlier and for a longer time. Come hangout and chat with me. I am usually playing old school Rock and Metal but I am taking requests if anyone has anything they want to hear. I hope you guys are gonna hop in and help my channel grow, thanks. www.twitch.tv/mentalfuneral
  12. This is a longshot, but if you find yourself in Toronto on Sunday March the 8th and want to see some great young bands play come by the Duke. The Duke is at 1225 Queen St. E (Queen and Leslie), easily accessible by street car. A very close friend of mine had a heart attack late last month and is still in hospital. Since he's not going to be able to work, I'm organizing a benefit concert for him. We have 2 bands playing - 9 Lives and Counting - great hard rock and Reverse Grip - a band that proudly wears the GNR influence. The show starts at 730. There's a $10 Cover charge, Pints and
  13. List of Customs to be made: Leevi and the Leavings: - Teuvo, maanteiden kuningas Diablo: - The Preacher Mokoma: - Kuu saa valtansa auringolta Suburban Tribe: - Frozen Ashes Ready CDLCs: Mokoma - Toista maata Bleed The Sky - Minion Thrice - For Miles Flyleaf - So I Thought Lenny Kravitz - Always On The Run
  14. Hello everybody! These are all the custom songs I have made, plan on making, and that I am currently working on. **DONE AND POSTED** People Are Strange - The Doors: http://customsforge.com/topic/963-people-are-strange/?do=findComment&comment=4108 Silly Love Songs - Paul McCartney & Wings : http://customsforge.com/topic/2389-paul-mccartney-wings-silly-love-songs/ Back In The U.S.S.R - The Beatles: http://customsforge.com/topic/2429-back-in-the-ussr/ Get Back - The Beatles: http://customsforge.com/topic/4489-get-back/ **DONE (NOT YET POSTED)** Power Cut - Paul McCartney & Wings
  15. Since there doesn't seem to be almost any AC, and I do own every album all the way back to DaDa. I'll start putting up tracks as I can.
  16. Hey guys, If you haven't figured it out by now, then let me tell you that I'm an avid music collector, always looking for great obscure records from earlier periods (especially the 60's and 70's) and also ones that are rather well known but escaped my keen senses for the longest time somehow. I love all that stuff because it lets me (re)discover the roots of my favorites genres and therefore broaden my musical horizon further and further. The reason for my post however is the fact, that I've long been keeping an extended playlist of all my favorites tracks from the 60's up to the 90's in my i
  17. The's - Woo Hoo The Black Keys - Have Love, Will Travel - Have Mercy On Me - Meet Me In The City Buddy Holly - Maybe Baby - Not Fade Away - Oh Boy! - Rave On - Slippin' and Slidin' - That'll Be The Day The Clash - Janie Jones The Decemberists - Raincoat Song Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser Eddie Cochran - Twenty Flight Rock Foxboro Hot Tubs - Mother Mary Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man The Misfits - Astro Zombies - Skulls The Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance? - SLUG Raspberries - Go All The Way Social Distortion - Prison Bound(Live) The Temptations - Ain't Too Proud To Beg Traditi
  18. This has been canceled due to high school ;-; I hope to pick it up one day. sorry guys :c Thank you all for the support!!!
  19. If deleting a topic is a thing, please do so. I am not an active community member any longer and the formatting of this page was completely wrecked on an update or something I suppose.
  20. This might be the wrong place to ask this... I play drums live and record guitar for a local band out of Jacksonville, Florida. And i was wondering if any of your guys would be willing to make a CLDC for my band's first single "Parents". It would mean the world to us and would be awesome to see our music in a game like this. I can link the download to the song (anyone can download for free from bandcamp) and could send you tabs if anyone would be willing to make this happen. I have no idea how to make a CDLC nor do I have the time to work on one. http://fifield.bandcamp.com/releases
  21. Almost complete track of Nausea from Therapy?'s Nurse album. I can't put my finger on it, but bass seems off somehow. Would love feedback. Link: Therapy? - Nausea PC App ID: Cherub Rock Credit for Bass tone goes to Jordan3d (Billion Dollar Babies CLDC). Source tab here: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/therapy-nausea-tab-s20016t0 Thanks in advance.
  22. Planning to finish this one soon... Hope there are Bauhaus FANs here..?
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