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    Guitar, PC Gaming, Hockey, Cycling, and stuff...........
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    Fender USA Nitro Satin Stratocaster, Schecter C-1 Diamond Series Platinum Guitar, Fender Modern Player HSH
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    I would like to own a bass someday....
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  1. Happy Birthday TheManInUrPC!

  2. Happy Birthday TheManInUrPC!

  3. Happy Birthday TheManInUrPC!

  4. I always try to encourage feedback on all my CDLC. I mean, the best way to ensure good quality DLC is simply by giving feedback to the charter. I'm personally guilty of having 1 or 2 CDLC that aren't of very good quality (mainly due to the fact that I transcribed everything from scratch for those songs). While I will go back and revise them when I get the chance, it would be great if people could leave comments just making pointers on where I could improve the CDLC significantly. Also, I wouldn't mind a system like Songsterr where I can submit revisions to a post in order to improve the CDLC. (Obviously, Magna Charters should be the only ones besides moderators to utilize such a system, which will protect CDLC from trolls making malicious revisions and such.) This could easily fix the issues where there is a lack of participation from the original charter.
  5. I am honestly happy with what we have right now. Support for 7-8 string guitars and 5 string basses would be nice though. :D I mean, the only thing I'd want out of the next Rocksmith is the support for more instruments....and yep...that's about it!
  6. Oh god, that Miku pedal is the weirdest thing. xD I also got a few guitar pedals this Christmas, but none of them are as epic as the pedal you have there! :D
  7. I happened to get into some Metal...so I bought a Schecter. :D

    1. TheManInUrPC


      Don't worry...I still like to play Pink Floyd on my Strat. lol

  8. Working on Backstreets by Bruce Springsteen. Wait Time: Long

    1. mneilan


      aw i thought or wish it was born in the usa dancing in the dark or my hometown

    2. TheManInUrPC


      Ehh, I want to stick with the Born To Run album right now since it is my favorite of the bunch. Don't worry, I'll get to those tracks later on!

    3. mneilan


      ok thanks :) i am happy that someone is doing bruce springsteen :)

  9. So I've gotten a couple requests for more Bruce Springsteen. I've decided to go ahead and grab another favorite to work on. This time I'll do "Backstreets". :)
  10. Don't feel bad. I had trouble trying to fill up my gas tank today.....Forgot that you have to flip a switch on the pump in order for gas to actually begin flowing to the nozzle. *facepalm* There was a giant sticker on the pump telling me to do so also....
  11. Done with Thunder Road. Taking another break from making CDLC.

  12. Going to work on a favorite here: Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

  13. Working on another CDLC Project. This one is by BTO. I expect to have it finished today. Edit: Done with BTO for now. Time to move on to the next project. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen
  14. Working on customs again. Trying to figure out what project I want to finish

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