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  1. Hi there guys! I have a question and hopefully somebody knows the aswer to this one :) As all of you, I love playing songs in Rocksmith, but don't like retuning my guitar that much. To keep it short...for example, a bunch of songs can be played in E-standard tuning, but are listed as other tunings. For example: Queens of the Stone Age - Feel good hit of the summer...This song requeres a C-tuning, but easily can be played in E-standard, as the chords and notes are possible in E-standard. I guess more people stumble on the same "problem" Anyway...Is there a (hopefully easy) way to change the tuning in the psarc-file, so you can enter a song with the tuning you want, so you don't have to use the tuning first set for the song? Okay....I hope this makes sence :) Thanks!
  2. Sorry if the workaround was mentioned earlier. But I wasn't able to quickly find a solution here. The problem is that after a while (even after 1 song sometimes) the tones stop working at all. I mean that I could hear only clean guitar strings. I've seen in some topic that it somehow connected to using CDLC, thus I think in 'vanilla' Rocksmith there is no such problem. But is there any workaround? Because I'm tired of relaunching Rocksmith after a couple of songs. I play under Win10, and I could say that Rocksmith is quite unstable. It crashes often, stops in the menu, lotsa of that stuff I didn't see in Win7. Sadly, It's not possible to install on my PC Win7. But the main problem is with tones. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hey Guys, have a huge Problem i guess :( Today, i bought the Cherub Rock DLC for RS 2014 and now i want to go to "Search" for the CDLC`s ... but every time i hit the "Search"-Button under "CDLC IGNITION" , it says i have to sign in ..but if i done this already i get the same information and stay in the Sign-in Menu ..... !? + PLS HELP
  4. I need help to fix cdlc songs in rocklsmith 2014 iv'e tried all the tutorials but it hasn't worked if anyone could please help me i would appariecate it
  5. So yesterday I posted this song and I noticed that whenever I clicked on the record shown on Igniton nothing would show up. At first I thought the problem was related to my account, but now I have asked a friend of mine to try getting to the song page through Ignition and he had the same problem.
  6. Good morning, all! I am new to RS2014 and CDLCs but that has not stopped me from downloading quite a few songs. I think that CDLC is amazing and I'm really excited to join this community. I'm also a novice to intermediate guitar player at best, and I have a question about CDLCs with dynamic difficulty. I understand these are all user generated, and I expect anything that is basically a hack of the game to have some kind of issues, so I totally understand how these songs that have dynamic difficulty can sometimes not... curve out quite right. I have a few CDLCs that have a verse which, when turned down to 0 difficulty through the riff repeater, are easy enough to follow for a novice like myself, but then when it gets to the solo it defaults to almost the entire solo. Some songs, even when set to their lowest level, are still pretty close to the full song. I know the riff repeater can be used to slow these riffs down, but even this can be an awful lot to chew one and takes away the fun of playing through the songs in the progression mode one can do with official tracks. Is it possible to manually edit or change the difficulty scaling? There are quite a few songs that I would really love to learn, but when they are set to the most basic difficulty and I am struggling to keep up, there must be a way to tune them so that I can get more comfortable with the basics of the song. It becomes rather discouraging otherwise. Any assistance here is appreciated!
  7. Hello, I have created two packages. I wanted an audio track with and without lead guitar, so I found a backing track I wanted to use in the second package. I have generated all the files I need for Custom Song Creator and used 2 different *.wem files for each package. In the song creator I generate one package, replace wem file with the new one and change the song names and generate another package, so that the arrangements and other files are same in both packages. Now each package works fine when adding it into Rocksmith DLC folder separately but when having both in the DLC folder, only one package appears in the song list. Package A is listed only if package B is removed from the DLC folder, they are never there both. I thought that changing the DLC name or Song title in the song information will help but it does not work for it. These are the two packages which won't work together: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ryg52bo5j3kc8jc/Joe-Satriani_Always-with-Me-Always-with-You_p.psarc http://www.mediafire.com/download/ktcy7a0a7ag263f/Joe-Satriani_Always-with-Me-Always-with-You-backing_p.psarc Can someone check and advise, please?
  8. hi guys. I'm making a new CDLC, but I have something trouble. the problem is about tone slots. When I use CDLC Toolkit, I can use tone selector only 4 I should make 4 tones(a,b,c,d) and should arrange these tones like (a b c b c b d c). Can I make like this?
  9. Hey guys, I wonder if some of you may take the time to help me. I made a CDLC of the song Behind the Sun by Sylosis (Lead Guitar), but when it try it crashes the game, I've tried repacking twice (that's usually the fix in most cases), but it doesn't help. Everything seems fine with it, EOF didn't show any error/incompability message and RSToolKit generated it without any problem. Here's a zip with all the EoF files, .wav files, album cover and the generated .psarc files (no tone or gp file, but I can get you that if you want to): https://mega.nz/#!2U...-092T1DDzDkUt5U
  10. How do I make CDLC's on a mac?
  11. Hey all- I have been playing RS1/RS2014 for a few years now. It has helped to increase speed with scales, chord changes, and tempo. It has helped to replace a metronome while learning songs. I had reached a plateau on the game for a while, but then found cdlc. I am now armed with a nice collection of every song that ive ever wanted to play! (thanks charters!) I am having issues though. RS2014 is running on a Macbook pro (mid 2010). I have (tediously) examined every downloaded CDLC to make sure all tracks load properly. All tracks were grouped alphabetically and then loaded into the dlc/ folder by chunks. So i would test A-F, before testing the G-L group. Then I would proceed to M-O, etc. I have removed all tracks that would not show the guitar neck or note highway. I thought this process would fix the loading issues (post tuning), but it has not. When all songs are loaded into the dlc directory, rocksmith semi-freezes, with only the speaker cabinets animating when the guitar is used. Anytime the dlc directory is populated with over 300 songs at any given time, all tracks seem to freeze in this same way. Is it possible that two tracks are conflicting and causing ALL songs to load improperly? I have checked for duplicates, and only found the same titles (in different formats, _m/_p) from purchased dlcs (about 40 or so). I also have Cherub, purchased songs, and the rs1 compatibility files in the dlc/ directory. Is there a limit to how many tracks can be loaded into the dlc/ directory at the same time on a mac? In the past week, i have upgraded the Apple's memory to 8GB, replaced the HDD for a SSD, and have upgraded the OS to the current Yosemite beta. Looking into mem/top,etc, the system looks to be running as expected. Any help is appreciated. thanks,
  12. Does anyone know how to do a pick slide in EoF? Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s83d6JlnyY#t=33 Thanks!
  13. CDLC for RS2014. Any announces would be posted here later :) == WIP == AFI - Medicate (canceled, JazzD made one) Should be something but not much that i really like. Request some maybe you'll get lucky. ;)
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