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  1. was down for a few days, was working last night, now it's down again
  2. seems broken, or they're doing maintenance or something.
  3. Dead Tone - BLESSTHEFALL - Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad Uploaded by JesusOwnsAllKings Dead Link - Wiz Khalifa - See You Again
  4. It's possible that it's because i haven't and am unable to upgrade to remastered at the moment. Is there a certain date to look for for songs that were updated after the remaster update?
  5. The download link is a site that says the transfer is no longer available. Should be removed or reuploaded. While I'm at it, was anyone able to download it while it was up and is able to email it to me or something?
  6. Every other song I've put into the dlc folder works except for this one, and other versions of fade to black(multitrack) tried renaming the file so that the syntax/format matched other songs that have microtonal tunings but it didn't work.
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