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  1. Link in initial post is dead. Whatever version I have from a while ago is still working on Catalina 10.15.7
  2. Thanks for the Catalina-pack update! Just installed it on my 16" rMBP running Catalina (10.15.5), and was able to 100%-bugfix a CDLC without issue!
  3. Steam/Rocksmith (with CDLC patch)/Winekit'ed RSToolkit/RSToolkit through mono all work on Sierra here. I'm Avoiding High Sierra though..
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/app/567980/Santa_Rockstar/ ?
  5. Server! https://github.com/JustinAiken/rsprogress_server Going to try and host it somewhere, so that everyone doesn't have to figure out how to run a RoR development environment to use it... If I do host it somewhere, will probably need a windows dev to look at the ruby client, and make a Windows app that does the same thing... maybe integrated into CFSM or something..
  6. - Client: https://github.com/JustinAiken/rsprogress_client - Server: Coming Mon-Tue - Ruby library used by both: https://github.com/JustinAiken/rsgt Server is of course more useful... but fun stuff to look at in the client code. If you're interested in using this in the future, create a git repo now, and run just the `rake progress:save` after each time you finish playing... can backfill the sessions to the server once it's running later.
  7. Sorry for the delay; was sick all last weekend. Opensource coming THIS weekend.
  8. BTW, I'll be open sourcing this Ruby on Rails webapp and a little Ruby client on Saturday.
  9. Unfortunately, that's a nogo for me - I'm on Mac, it's PC-only. Would -love- to see it ported over; for the live streak if nothing else - nothing is more annoying than thinking you have a 1000 note streak going only to find you didn't see a "miss" 500 notes back! It would be cool to combine this tool with a souped-up version of rocksniffer... I'd love to have data on every single note I've hit or missed save! Parsing the save data only tells you what your "best" (what I display) and "last" accuracy was for learn-a-song, and NOTHING about score attack besides the play count / score / pick.
  10. Definitely the latter; I'd have no idea how to poke in realtime data. Yeah, it's reads the decrypted save game, parses it's JSON, and cross references it with a database of parsed PSARC information (and against past progresses) Working on getting it user friendly! :D Have to clean up the code a bit more, but planning on open-sourcing it all sometime in the next couple of weeks. Not sure if I'm going to host it as a website or not; if I can get it to fit on a free heroku dyno I will, but right now it wouldn't be performant enough against a free SQL DB to host lots of users.
  11. Or looking at an individual play session:
  12. I've been working on something like that myself... but in Rails, not C#. Here's my progress in the Johhny Cash pack so far:
  13. Ooh, is that what that odd thing is in Goldfinger - 99 Red Balloons? Pick slide?
  14. ...and this is why we really need some kind of a quality filter. Browsing through songs that look interesting on Ignition, there's no way to tell if it's going to be a firekorn-quality-level, or a badly synced track lacking many parts. Maybe instead of allowing all users to vote on quality, a small panel of trusted top-quality charters could deem tracks that meets the highest levels of standard as "CDLC Platinum quality"? I'd love to go ignition, and check a big box to filter "only tracks that firekorn, Alex360, Dark Seph all agree are as good as Ubisoft output"...
  15. I've never tried any of yours... what would you say is the highest quality (most like ODLC quality) CDLC you've done? I'll give it a try!
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