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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to learn the bassline to Remind Me by Patrice Rushen so I went ahead and learned how to make CDLC. I've uploaded v2 to the database here. I got the tab from DarthMart (YouTube link). While I'm not done yet, much of the work was done for me, so props to him for the awesome work. So far, I still need to do the lyrics but after looking at a tutorial for how to do them, I haven't had the time and I'm not 100% familiar with the song yet. I'll get to it but if anyone's up for the challenge, I'll send the song file over. The bass tone is currently September by Earth, Wind, and Fire and it sounds decent but doesn't quite match the original. The bassline in the original is actually a synthesizer and not a bass guitar so I'm not sure how close it can get but this is my first CDLC so if anyone has suggestions for a better tone from a different song please leave a reply or if you want to make a tone let me know and I can send you whatever files are needed. Thanks for checking out my CDLC. If you notice any sections that are out of sync or have incorrect notation please leave a reply and I'll do my best to fix the issue. Complements and constructive criticism encouraged just please be gentle, this is my first attempt lol.
  2. Hello guys! here is the thing. I'm working on the version 2.0 for the Legions Of The Dead cdlc and I only need this little assistence for the final part. For the Solo part in the song the bass and guitars have more notes than just the palm muted 0's. You can see it at minute 2:23 in the live video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO3wa-vEGqo And this is my tab in Guitar Pro. Can you tell if it's like the first 2 compasses or the other 2?
  3. SEALS & CROFTS Hummingbird https://youtu.be/3WT2Tz6SV68 download Summer Breeze https://youtu.be/ywL6tMQdG4c download Yellow Dirt https://youtu.be/Q1nMDCvxePw download Wisdom https://youtu.be/CP7K6B6cE8o download Ledges https://youtu.be/5y88R7iTy0A download Thunderfoot https://youtu.be/p5jHDCChU0c download ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bert Jansch Avocet https://youtu.be/laROagHBwbs download Kingfisher http://youtu.be/__Bdkzy1f5I download Osprey https://youtu.be/npB8RylB2zQ download
  4. Hi everyone! I'm making CDLC for bass part. In .gtp file this part is made for 5-string bass, so for Rocksmith bass I have to make custom tuning C-A-D-G. When I import .xml file in Rocksmith Custom Toolkit I get this: And what I don't understand at all: Ingame when I start the song it checks the tuning as I supposed C-A-D-G, but afterwards not starting the 'highway' the game crashes. How can I correct all this?
  5. Hello and good day. I have a question, I have downloaded around 20 Dream theater songs where alot of them have a custom tuning which forces my bass to tune to a REALLY low tune where the strings just bounce and stuff. I searched in what the Song was tuned in the database and tuned my bass that way, but it didnt help. I have simply no idea whatsoever to do at this moment
  6. Hey, First, just want to say this site, in combination with Rocksmith itself, has been a wonderful thing for me. I had wanted to learn to play the bass since high school, and now 20 or so years later I'm actually learning. It's been the perfect way to unwind after 9 hours of looking at spreadsheets at work! The main point of this thread is I'm looking for recommendations for "slow" songs, preferably ones that have bass tracks. Ones currently in my collection that fit the bill include Patsy Cline's Crazy, George Michael's Kissing a Fool, and Nora Jones' Don't Know Why. Things like NIN's Hurt also works, as does Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. Apologies in advance if there's a thread for this already. I searched and couldn't find one. Thanks, NotStanley
  7. Lately, I've been unable to both play and test songs in RS2014 on bass, because out of nowhere a few days ago, my bass strings started acting up. Basically, when I strum a string (fingered or picked), it will make a muted, twang-y sound that quickly fades away, though it still makes normal, solid and lasting notes when I strum while holding down on a fret. Unfortunately, this makes traditional tuning pretty much impossible. I posted about this on another forum and was told that this likely has to do with how the strings are arranged in the nuts on the headstock, and I've spent a while attempting to properly restring that part, despite having no idea how to go about the proper way since I'm still generally a novice, and I've already broken 2 or 3 strings in the process and am out of spares. Does anyone have any advice for this? I've included a picture of the headstock and nuts if that helps. http://i.imgur.com/A6gvU05.jpg
  8. Ok so im looking into getting a new bass guitar Ive been playing about 2 years but only really got serious about learning about a few months back i have a $200 ibanez right now which isnt bad but i figure its about time for a upgrade. my price range is about $500-$700. ive seen a few basses that have peeked my interest like the fender P basses but im just not 100% sure So i thought id ask for some advice and or recommendations anything is really appreciated . Thank.
  9. Similar to Ultimate Guitar's thread http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1547433
  10. Hi guys, I'm back into my annual summer Rocksmith binge, having got my hands on an alienware laptop instead of my mac. I hadn't realised how easy CDLC installation on PC was compared to mac... anyway, I was getting frustrated with the tuner taking ages and complaining about low volume on my bass (D especially), and so I hooked up an overdrive pedal and incrementally upped the volume until Rocksmith seemed to work better. As you might imagine it sounds much nicer and the boosted volume (drive settings at a minimum) has eradicated the tuner issues... however I'm aware that we're told that we're *NOT* supposed to do this and I'm thinking why. Do you think it's to preserve the integrity of the system for troubleshooting and optimal system experience, or could it knacker my new laptop. If I'm careful it'll be ok right? The USB interface will have a peak signal limiter right? What harm can be done right... right? Has anyone with better technical understanding than me (everyone) have any suggestions why I shouldn't do what I've done? Cheers,
  11. With the 100% bug, I have been trying to avoid using "Learn a Song" with guitar as I don't want to fill my profile with false 100% achievements. So I have been using Score Attack instead for guitar. However after reading some posts about Bass not being affected as much with the 100% bug as most songs don't use chords with Bass, I tried 'Emulated Bass' mode for the first time. This is after having RockSmith for two years with hundreds of hours on guitar. In all that time, I never even thought to try the bass path. I loaded up a few songs and was really getting into those Bass grooves. On a lot of songs, it is much easier to score higher on the bass than guitar. Of course, then I tried a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Not so easy, as expected -- bow down to Flea! Maybe time to buy a bass guitar? Hmmmm....
  12. Looking for a workout, what are your longest songs? So far the longest I've been able to find is Karn Evil - Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
  13. So often when I make a cdlc there are no bass tabs available, but for *most* songs the bass tab looks alot like the rythm guitar tab, so what I do is select all, copy and paste in bass. Then select all, deselect single notes, clear orange, deselect single notes, clear blue, deselect single notes, clear yellow. now all the chords are reduced to their bass note. Also PM are almost not used in bass, in some guitar genres alot (the ones I'm making anyway) So now I still have to delete (make normal notes) out the PM, what can be alot of selecting work, following complex chug patterns. Also later on checking out the total bass tab offcourse. But now what I suggest is a 'Bassify' function in EoF that does this in one step. 1) reducing chords to their bass note 2) making all the PM notes to normal notes Or maybe 2 seperate buttons for this. I don't know if its possible to implement, but it would help out alot I think, maybe also encourage people to include bass more. Let me know what you think of it :)
  14. I was enamored of Dunlop nylon .72's and .88's but recently discovered Moshay. I don't think I will ever go back. The Moshay picks are, so far, the best I've tried. I am using the the medium and the thick. Small size. Try them out if you can find them. Very comfortable, sits nice in the hand. Great contact point. And no, I do not work for, or represent them. What's your favorite pick?
  15. Hey Guys, I am trying to create a 5 string bass cdlc but each method I try crashes the game after tuning, it just doesn't load the chart. I've tried different tunings and methods but not completely sure what I am doing, it's more try and fail. Am I missing something in EOF as well as in the toolkit? I have been searching over an hour and can't find any up to date clear instructions on how to get this working. I downloaded a 5 string CDLC from here and imported into toolkit and used the same settings but still breaks. Does 5 string need to be in rhythm? Are there any tutorials for this? Thanks.
  16. Hello fellow music gamers, I just wanted to see if anyone else finds that they suffer from hand fatigue really quickly while playing. I notice it a lot when I am playing songs at full speed and especially down tuned songs. Sometimes, it might happen during my first song, other days I can go for a good 2 hours. This doesn't happen when I'm practising scales or doing slower tab playthroughs. I do try to relax my hand, and use less pressure. I've even lowered the action on my bass so that a gentle touch is all that's needed, but sometimes that just doesn't work for me. Any tips from long-time players
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering what songs or bands would you recommend to try an electro acoustic bass in rocksmith
  18. I just got heavy gauge strings for my bass recently and I've been working out the strings a bit so I could play Drop B CDLC. As soon as I get to the tuner, that's when I have a problem. As soon as the tuner on the B string hits +20, then it goes all the way back to +999 like it wouldn't register any more than that. Can someone tell me what I need to do to fix this? Thanks.
  19. Wich band inspired you to play guitar or bass or other instrument? To me,mostly it was Green Day when i was about 12-13 years old.I listend Jesus of Suburbia so many times,and then i thought how awsome could be to play guitar like them, and even make a rock band but it was just a dream to me,just to learn to play the guitar and didn't even know Rocksmith.So yeah,to me Green Day inspired me also Billy Talent with their cool songs like Viking Death March,Fallen Leaves,Saint Veronika etc,but wich band or even music inspired you to play?
  20. Hi there, I'm a bass player that makes playthorugh videos, the thing is that I think that the way to promote your videos here is not good enough, the only way that your video can be viewed is if a user that creates CDLC, post your video as a playthrough in their pages, also you can't post any playthorugh of an official DLC here, so what is the best way to promote the videos?, do you agree with me? Please let me know
  21. I've made 2 Daft Punk CDLC and i need help from anyone who is interested. Instant crush : For this one, i've made a guitar and bass chart. I think the guitar is good, maybe some errors in the solo. But if some bassists can take a look at the chorus. The verse is very boring but I have some doubts about the chorus. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B62BWSeIaqcmN0E2MXk4cl81MFU&usp=sharing Giorgio by Moroder : This one has more problems. I've made a guitar and bass chart. The guitar has a funky part in the beginning and two solos, i put some keyboards part because there are a lot of long parts without guitar. The song is 9 minutes long. The guitar is good i think but the bass has some flaws. So the bass is okay for the first three minutes, then i have some doubts from 3 to 6 minutes. Then it goes grazy for the last part, with a guitar pro that is far from perfect and 16 measures missing. I post it here because i'm not gonna work on it anymore. I don't have the capability to chart the bass. If anyone wants to take a look, correct some, adopt the project or just play it, it's ok for me. I can make all the EOF file available. I would have abandonned the project, but that's a 9 minutes song and the first half is good. So if anyone is happy with that, that's good. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B62BWSeIaqcmRGVqVVZEcmY0MlE&usp=sharing The two songs have tones, sections and are non-DD. Have Fun !
  22. Hi everyone! I've made a CDLC for bass part from Guitar Pro file, but I didn't notice that there was 5-string part. What can I do now to make this track fit the real bass part notes (3rd string in-game should be the 4th)? I understand that some notes could be lost. But those like 14th fret of the 5th string could be played on the 4th for sure. Does EOF implement some kind of feature in this case or similar?
  23. hi everyone the problem i'm getting since yesterday is that my rocksmith realtone cable is making an enormous buzz, i know its the cable because it does it even if the bass isn't plugged i tried to play like this but its really annoying(and loud) what weirdens me out is that it wasn't something progressive, the day prior i played for hours and i had no trouble or any buzzing at all, i tried by cleaning it, setting it in other usb port but nothing changed, i dont know what to do? buying the replacement is not an option as they are overpriced as hell where i live(my friend wanted one and the cheapest one was like 90 dollars)
  24. I have uploaded already a couple of CDLC's with only lead track. I now wanted to test it on bass, but when I start the song in RS2014 there are no notes. Its just empty. I tried real part bass and real part bass 22 track in EOF but none of them work. I really don't know what i'm dong wrong. Anyone suggestions? Thanks
  25. someone uploaded their version .. I will not be publishing mine. If someone wants the bassline I have created just message me for a link. If you want to complete it let me know and I'll send you the sources. I find it playable as-is and wil definitely get you going on the song.
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