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    Canton, MI
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    Jackson JS32 Dinky w/ Slinky Cobalt
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    Rush, Yes, Steely Dan

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  1. Happy Birthday jurrellabelcher!

  2. Happy Birthday jurrellabelcher!

  3. Dream Theater: The Dance of Eternity.. But, every time there's a time signature change it gets faster. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ly7_sQSR4c
  4. SEALS & CROFTS Hummingbird https://youtu.be/3WT2Tz6SV68 download Summer Breeze https://youtu.be/ywL6tMQdG4c download Yellow Dirt https://youtu.be/Q1nMDCvxePw download Wisdom https://youtu.be/CP7K6B6cE8o download Ledges https://youtu.be/5y88R7iTy0A download Thunderfoot https://youtu.be/p5jHDCChU0c download ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bert Jansch Avocet https://youtu.be/laROagHBwbs download Kingfisher http://youtu.be/__Bdkzy1f5I download Osprey https://youtu.be/npB8RylB2zQ download
  5. Artist: James Taylor Album: James Taylor Song: Brighten Your Night With My Day Instrument: Lead, Bass & Vocals Audio: Artist: Carole King & James Taylor Album: Live At The Troubadour Song: Machine Gun Kelly (Live) Instrument: Lead, Bass & Vocals Audio: Artist: James Taylor Album: One Man Dog Song: Someone Instrument: Lead, Bass & Vocals Audio: Artist: James Taylor Album: In the Pocket Song: Shower the People Instrument: Lead, Bass & Vocals Audio: Artist: James Taylor Album: Never Die Young Song: Never Die Young Instrument: Lead, Bass & Vocals Audio:
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