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Found 10 results

  1. http://guitargames.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/ddc-512.png {Original icon from Svengraph} Dynamic Difficulty Creator I am pleased to share with you the "Dynamic Difficulty Creator" which : - uses the XML files of each arrangement to produce a new version of these files (files like "PART REAL_GUITAR.xml") - generates all phrases automatically (if not already created in EOF) - generates all levels of dynamic difficulties from 0 to 19 if needed for each phrase DDC v3.7 supports various time signatures : - if a time signature is missing, you can now con
  2. I just recently started to using this function in EOF.The strage thing what I don't understand is when I click on the "show" button and look for that specific part (where I named the selected notes "eg:leadscale1).I see that one of the chord is not appering in the appropriate place (in this case in "leadscale3") (see the pic.below) I'm still very new for this part,so there could be something what I did wrong. http://www.kepfeltoltes.hu/160811/DD_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.gif
  3. Yesterday I've discovered that on some CDLC songs I don't see the difficulty bars, thus I get the 100% difficulty when I try to play a song. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741532232 As can be seen on the screen there are no bars at all. Quite odd. Never seen that before. What could be the reason? any fix?
  4. I'd like to suggest adding a Renamer field for if Riff Repeater is present or not. I read the suggestion on the Custom Tone, I'd like to mark my songs that do and don't have it for the same reason as well. The DD. I noticed adds an underscore. is there a way to add the option to remove that and add it in Parentheses? Maybe even add a NDD if it isn't there instead of just having nothing. This is how I'm manually naming all my songs: Aerosmith - Falling in Love is Hard On The Knees (E Standard) (LRBV) (RR) (NDD) (CT) (v1.1)_p You see Tuning, RR, NO DD, Custom Tone, and the Version. - The r
  5. Hey guys, i got an amplifier that cannot connect to rocksmith.. so lately i have been playing guitar just following the games but without caring about the score. But whenever I play a song with dynamic difficulty he level will obviously go down since it is not detecting any note. So i was wondering if there is a way to turn off dynamic difficulty for every songs, so i dont have to keep constantly adjusting it. Thanks for all the help in advance! Best Regards, Rodrigo
  6. Hey guys, for a while I've been struggling with DD levels on certain parts on my customs and now i'm noticing that the most difficult parts (solos and some bridges mostly) are getting kinda low levels, as shown in this pic: http://i.imgur.com/SiW809km.jpg My question is if there's any way to control DD levels on certain sections? Am I missing something?
  7. So, I've had a project going for a few months. Unfortunately, I've had two things prevent me from finishing it. One being work, the other is my lack of knowledge. I've got the song charted out, finger positions mapped for chords. I just don't know how to incorporate dynamic difficulty. Is there something in the toolkit, or is there something I have to do? Any light that can be shed would be fantastic, thank you all.
  8. i wanted to add sections in someones pscars because for some reason the dd sections arent rs sections (rr doesnt work) and even if they were they are placed in random spots. (also because he doesnt reply since its almost over a year old) so how do you delete the dd and sections because when i press delete dd it says warning there is one populated difficulty beyond the first 5 difficulties only the first 5 will export to midi, and when i press manage rs phases its not the list that i remember its just a difficulty list and if i press delete level then it will delete the notes that i want sooo
  9. Ho do you guys puck up new songs in rr model? There are 2 ways A) 100% DD since first time to play the song B gradually automatically improve DD the pros for A is you can know the hand shape of the song from the very beginning the cons is it will be super difficult for you to play it even at very slow speed the pros for B is easy to pick up but you may inevitably to change hand shape during progression of DD. as RS official song doesnt let you know the hand shape at lower DD level Right now i do both, please let me how do you pick up new song in RR and what do you think on these 2 ways
  10. Several separated releases are posted twice, one with Dynamic Difficulty and one without. I'd like to draw the attention to the possibility of "Bonus arrangements". This means two different tabs for one instrument in one release. I find it tedious to enter each time the Riffrepeator to put all section to 100% It's often easier to learn at 100% at slow speed then with the sometimes strange notes not aligned to the rhythm with DD DD has it's advantages, thats why I will put my DD version as a bonus arrangement, and the non-DD as the main one. This also makes it possible to add DD and n
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