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  1. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  2. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  3. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  4. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  5. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  6. @@raynebc I have no idea what I did, but now is working like a charm :)
  7. Recently noticed that eof is crashing when using the "playback rate" feature with "time stretch" enabled below 100% I'm using eof1.8RC11 with latest hotfix btw
  8. Hey guys some EOFs ago i'm getting pick slides without the slides on Rocksmith, i mean they look ok in eof (unpitched slide, string muted, ignore and tremolo marked) but in RS just appears the note without the tail, am i doing something wrong?
  9. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

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