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  1. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  2. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  3. Happy Birthday SA_JK!

  4. From the few parts that i've heard i guess that for rhythmic guitar parts you could use a generic distorted tone, on other parts i hear an overdriven tone with delay. Feel free to point me some exact parts on the songs as references :)
  5. @@raynebc I have no idea what I did, but now is working like a charm :)
  6. Recently noticed that eof is crashing when using the "playback rate" feature with "time stretch" enabled below 100% I'm using eof1.8RC11 with latest hotfix btw
  7. Hey guys some EOFs ago i'm getting pick slides without the slides on Rocksmith, i mean they look ok in eof (unpitched slide, string muted, ignore and tremolo marked) but in RS just appears the note without the tail, am i doing something wrong?
  8. @@firekorn Thanks, I was guessing that it had to do with the number of notes per beat. And now I remember that some sections with very few notes didn't have any level at all. Is it because the rest of phrase levels are too high?
  9. Hey guys, for a while I've been struggling with DD levels on certain parts on my customs and now i'm noticing that the most difficult parts (solos and some bridges mostly) are getting kinda low levels, as shown in this pic: http://i.imgur.com/SiW809km.jpg My question is if there's any way to control DD levels on certain sections? Am I missing something?
  10. SA_JK

    Skins in RS

    Well I forgot to post my progress on the custom skins here, but finally I made them work in game: http://i.imgur.com/qu39xx8m.jpg http://i.imgur.com/OOx9Erom.jpg And here's a bonus: http://i.imgur.com/oNWhookm.jpg
  11. I've achieved kinda the same result with after effects, but yours seems cleaner. It looks almost perfect, but the green notes gets also deleted?
  12. Thank you guys! I'll try to bring the cable to a guitar repairing store and see what happens. I don't dare to do the soldering work for myself :D Edit: Finally fixed it, thank you guys! Now it sounds better than before!
  13. As I've read around there it seems that this cable has really low quality plug and it tends to get easily borken. As for me, is really annoying that buzz that sounds sometimes, and here's my prob, should I replace the plug (pay someone who knows to do this? Could the cable get unusable?
  14. Find the four (or more) beats before the song starting in eof, select the first, press shift+e and select High Pitch Tick and with the other ones press shift+e and select Low Pitch Tick and that will do the work. (*) Can't remember exact name Edit: Corrected names :)
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