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  1. Hi everyone, very first topic in here ! Got an issue with some really, REALLY low bass tuning that are not being detected even with the "fix low tuning" trick (the one where you use the A220 trick to make the game detect it) Basically, when a song has a tuning that goes lower than A (Recently a song form Architects that was requested from me on stream, can't remember wich one ), the game goes nuts and I can't tune properly. Is there any way to fix that ? I've heard about the "emulated bass" trick but couldn't try it yet (will do tonight) where you use the emulated bass option while playing with an actual bass but I think it would require me to tune 1 octave higher and my strings won't handle it … Maybe tweaking the tuner even more and using an A110 for the tuning ? Another question : I'm used to reload my cdlc in real time after adding one by going in the Shop menu (which reloads your songs). Problem is : when you do this after modifying a song, like when you use the low bass fix on a song, you can't use this to reload the song and you're forced to reload the whole game instead. Is there any workaround for this or am I forced to reload the whole game each time ? Thank you all for your time ! Edit : The song is doomsday by Architects, here : http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/doomsday-r32320
  2. Bass Tuning Always stuck on E Standard since updating... trying to finish v2 of Gojira - Oroborus like many of Gojira's Tracks... everything should be in D Standard... i did the usual in the tookit... the Guitars seems to work fine... but the bass is always E Standard in-game when i check.... even tried to see if it was just off by 2 steps... and tried C Standard setting for bass in the toolkit in hopes of bypassing the problem but it still came out E instead of D... :( and i've never had this issue until updating the toolkit today...
  3. Has anyone ever thought about or made a mod to allow things like 5 and 6 string basses to work with all string? Would this be possible? I am just really curious as I want to learn songs on my 6 string
  4. Hi everyone, OK so this is my first CDLC ever, and (hopefully) the first in a series of Motown Classics (see my other thread about that here : http://customsforge.com/topic/9534-motown-classics/) Right now I would really appreciate your feedback about it : is the sync ok? Does DD work correctly? Do you feel the tone could be better? (If you do, then please let me know where I can find a tutorial about it, like I said this is the first song I've charted so there are plenty of things I'm not familiar with yet). Enough talking, here are the links : For PC users : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6m_wq3Xxyzrd1FQYjhISG1QZWs/edit?usp=sharing For Xbox users : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6m_wq3XxyzrVjV3akxybVdKeWs/edit?usp=sharing (I still have to figure out how to create files for Mac and PS3 users) Oh and one last thing : I must give huge thanks to @@Chlipouni for his excellent tutorial and careful assistance. I could never have done this without him! His website is http://guitargames.wordpress.com/ and it's a true goldmine!! Thanks !!!
  5. Hi everyone ! I've been lurking here and enjoying custom DLCs for what should be now a month. I really appreciate all the work you guys do here, and I thought I'd contibute to this awesome community ! :D Here's my first try at CDLC : "Epitome Of Torture" by Sodom http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/90582573/Epitome+Of+Torture+folder.jpg Artist : Sodom Album : Epitome Of Torture Title : Epitome Of Torture Genre : Thrash Metal Version : 1.1 Instrument(s) : Bass Tuning : D Standard Custom Tone : Yes DD : Yes Package ID : Cherub Rock Platform(s) : PC Download Link http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/30754719/file.html Video Link http://vbox7.com/play:452cb5e494 (I could't find it on YouTube, sorry guys) I tested it a few times, and don't think there is any issue on my side, so I'd like some of you to test it to see if it's properly working on someone else's computer :P I would also like some feedback on the custom tone I used, if you think it bodes well with the song or if I should change it. Thank you and have fun with this ! :)
  6. Franz Ferdinand - 40 Feet CKY - Rio Bravo Korn - MTV Unplugged Acoustic songs... System Of A Down - Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover) Gojira - In The Wilderness FRANCOphone :P http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/james-franco-general-hospital-return-3.jpg
  7. OUT OF SERVICE :{ I focus on Progressive genres and I like getting bass charts as accurate as possible. Completed Works: (5-string bass) (6-string bass) Rush Haken Fates Warning Porcupine Tree Circumstances Premonition Monument Halo Freewill Shapeshifter I Am Malignant Narcissism Portals La Villa Strangiato Turn the Page Jethro Tull Scale the Summit Vital Signs Aqualung Redwoods Lessons Whales The Trees Alpenglow The Levitated (w/ guitar) The Olive Tree NEW! Black Hills Download Archive Works in Progress: :!: Discography Project :!: Works in Consideration: * = will be doing Update: (last June 8th, 6:27 PM) When making suggestions, I want people to keep in mind that my time is limited. When making choices I will always gravitate towards a song with a fun/busy bass line, thanks. This list probably looks like shite unless you're using Google Chrome.
  8. So, Iron Maiden The Trooper, no idea why but I seem to have atleast 90% on it. But I still feel as though I am not fast enough for the triplets. I use a 3 finger technique to do it but what would you guys suggest to improve my skills? Is there a kind of CDLC or something I can download that will just focus on practicing triplets?
  9. So got me some DDT bass strings and as wondering what tuning people play them in and what would their limits before snapping be.
  10. Hi ! I was trying to make my first CDLC on the bass part for the song Reach on by George Duke and after the intro the tab is going completely out of sync but when i play it with Guitar pro it syncs with the song how can i manage to avoid that problem ? Otherwise is there a way to select multiple notes in EOF ? Thanks in advance for your responses ! :)
  11. Hi, first of all, this is my first post and I might have forgotten to present myself in the right section of the forum, please excuse me about that. For my first Rocksmith 2014 DLC, I wanted to try a special version of Master of Puppets by Metallica, arranged by a very talented bass player, Bruno Masquio (Which I know only from his youtube videos). llPWNYj5O6U I had a few problems with the grid snap, the triplets and the slides in the 6/8 bars, so forgive me if it is not perfect yet. I also tried to put a lead guitar track, for those who want to play the distorted part on guitar (I tried it and it seems to work but it shows under "Rhythm guitar path"). Comments and help are welcome. I especially need advice on which tones to use. Supported Instruments: Lead Guitar (Same as Bass Bonus), Bass (Clean), Bass Bonus (Distorted) Tuning: E standard DD: yes (auto generated) Download link: download Disclaimer: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976; Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended! Cheers Ours
  12. Hi everyone, I'm working on my first CDLC ever (You Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes) and I'm thinking about many more Motown old school classics for future posts. The thing is, I'm a bassist so I started with a bass tab only. And when I started trying to add a rhythm guitar track I had a really hard time and simply gave up. So I wanna know if any guitar player is willing to help me with this project of Motown Classics? Maybe a pack of 4-5 songs to start with. Cheers Fred
  13. I do have the Bass Hero Project started, but I am also planning to do other customs to change a bit! What I'm working on: John Lennon - Imagine: Bass is complete, Rhythm Guitar (piano) still needs DD and Lead Guitar (vocals) still needs to be finalized. Tones are yet to be found/created. Van Halen - Eruption: Bass is complete, Lead Guitar just needs DD (tech notes are included!) Yes - Roundabout: I just have started this one; please be patient! What I've already released: Nothing - yet If you think you can help me in any way, you are greatly welcomed!
  14. You can find my published DLC here: http://search.customsforge.com/?q=altamont They are also hosted on my blog, although I don't update it as frequently: http://Paperstreetbass.net I decided to make a post here to use as a work log since it is getting harder and harder to keep everything organized on my desktop. Newest DLC: Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back - Link Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - Fuck Wit Dre Day - Link Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Notorious Thugs - Link Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit - Link Wiz Khalifa - Medicated - Link Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) - Link Kid Rock Feat. Sheryl Crow - Picture - Link Grandmaster Flash - The Message - Link Ice Cube - Check Yo Self - Link Complete and Published Bass Charts: 2Pac - All About U - Link 2Pac - Ambitionz Az A Ridah - Link 2Pac - California Love - Link 2Pac -Hit Em' Up - Link 2Pac -How Do U Want It - Link 2Pac - I Ain't Mad At Cha - Link 2Pac - Life Goes On - Link 2Pac - Me Against the World - Link Against Me! - Up The Cuts - Link Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) - Link Cursive - The Recluse - Link Cypress Hill - Break 'em Off Some - Link Cypress Hill - Insane in The brain - Link Daft Punk - Around The World - Link DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya - Link Donkey Kong Country - Island Swing (Main Theme) - Link Dr. Dre feat. Eminem - Forgot About Dre - Link Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - Fuck Wit Dre Day - Link Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang - Link Dr. Dre - The Watcher - Link Dr. Dre - Xplosive - Link Dropkick Murphys - Fields of Athenry - Link Eazy-E - Real Muthafuckin' G's - Link Eminem - Sing For The Moment - Link FatBoy Slim - Weapon Of Choice - Link Final Fantasy 7 - J-e-n-o-v-a - Link Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor - Link Flogging Molly - Float - Link Gogol Bordello - Dogs were Barking - Link Grandmaster Flash - The Message - Link Hank 3 - 3 Shades Of Black - Link Ice Cube - Check Yo Self - Link Ice Cube - It Was a Good Day - Link Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name(Live) - Link Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit - Link Katy Perry - Roar - Link Kid Rock Feat. Sheryl Crow - Picture - Link KISS - Love Gun - Link Less Than Jake - The Rest of My Life - Link M.I.A - Paper Planes - Link Massive Attack - Spying Glass - Link Michael Jackson - Beat it - Link Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - Link Persona 4 Golden - Corner Of Memories - Link Persona 4 Golden - I'll Face Myself - Link Persona 4 Golden - Reach Out To The Truth - Link Puff Daddy Feat. Faith Evans - I'll Be Missing You - Link Queen - Under Pressure - Link Rancid - Maxwell Murder - Link Rebecca Black - Friday - Link Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Notorious Thugs - Link Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back - Link Super Mario Brothers 2 - Main Theme - Link The Heavy - Short Change Hero - Link The Legend of Zelda - Lost Woods Theme - Link The Notorious B.I.G - Big Poppa - Link The Notorious B.I.G - Hynotize - Link The Notorious B.I.G - Juicy - Link The Notorious B.I.G - Mo' Money Mo' Problems - Link The Notorious B.I.G Feat. Faith Evans - One More Chance / Stay With Me - Link War - Lowrider - Link Whitesnake - Love Ain't No Stranger - Link Wiz Khalifa - Medicated - Link Wu Tang Clan - Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' ta Fuck wit - Link Published WIP's: Eminem - Without Me - Link - SCORE ATTACK ONLY, compile bug Rihanna - Diamonds - Link - SCORE ATTACK ONLY, compile bug, only root notes. Forecast (Very Tenative and likely to change): Daft Punk - One More Time Rihanna - Where Have you Been Sub Focus - Out of The Blue Alexisonfire - Accidents Alexisonfire - It was fear of myself that made me odd Alexisonfire - Sharks and Danger Rick Ross - The Usual Suspects Rick Ross - Mafia Music Four Tops - Reach Out (I'll Be There) Joy Divison - Love Will Tear Us Apart Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels Anti Flag - The Press Corpse Outkast - Ms. Jackson The Notorious B.I.G - Everyday Struggles Pretty Lights - Yellow Bird Pretty sure that is everything for now, Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy :)
  15. I still have pretty much no idea what to do with tones (especially for guitar, since I don't have one). If anyone could advise on the most common types of adjustments (EQ, pedals, whatever) that would be a great help! I recently (as of Feb. 2016) started adding the notes.eof files to my download folders. For some of the older ones I think the .ini files were different which can cause the sync to get screwed up, so I'll try to update the older ones (I'll probably be wanting to do serious updates to lots of my older CDLC anyway). So far, my Blotted Science, Between the Buried and Me, Coroner, HeXeN, Nevermore, Skeletonwitch, Streetlight Manifesto, Testament, Vektor, and Warbringer customs have the notes.eof file in the download folder. See here for the basics of how to set things up so you can use the notes.eof files. Finished CDLC (organized roughly by genre): I haven't done every custom by every band listed here, which should hopefully be obvious. Just that I've done at least one by each band (I'll try to add the exact number I've done in parentheses). If I feel a band belongs in multiple categories, I'll put them in multiple times. Rock (classic/progressive/heavy blues etc.): Blood Ceremony (1 song) Clutch (20 songs) Corrosion of Conformity (1 song) Graveyard (3 songs) King Crimson (1 song) Riverside (7 songs) The Rolling Stones (3 songs) Rush (3 songs) Steven Wilson (1 song) Tricot (2 songs) Yes (1 song) Miscellaneous bass focused stuff: Bob Marley and the Wailers (9 songs) Bruno Mars (1 song) Jamiroquai (1 song) Michael Jackson (1 song) Ozric Tentacles (2 songs) Sade (2 songs) Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1 song) Streetlight Manifesto (5 songs) The Four Tops (1 song) The Maytals (1 song) The Spinners (4 songs) The Supremes (1 song) Vulfpeck (12 songs) "Classic" style metal: Enforcer (1 song) Iron Maiden (14 songs) Judas Priest (17 songs) Miscellaneous metal I'm too lazy to create categories for: High on Fire (1 song, stoner metal) Lamb of God (18 songs, groove metal) Moonsorrow (5 songs, epic blackened folk/whatever) The Dillinger Escape Plan (2 songs, progressive mathcore) The Sword (5 songs, doom/stoner metal) Progressive Metal (clean vocals/Instrumental): Andromeda (2 songs) Conquering Dystopia (1 song) Dream Theater (8 songs) Galneryus (7 songs) Haken (13 songs) Intervals (8 songs, mostly instrumental) Liquid Tension Experiment (2 songs, instrumental) Mandroid Echostar (1 song) Myrath (2 songs) Pomegranate Tiger (3 songs) Scale the Summit (23 songs, instrumental) Symphony X (26 songs) Progressive Metal (mixed/harsh vocals): Atheist (1 song) Between the Buried and Me (32 songs, mixed vocals) Disillusion (2 songs, mixed vocals) Gorod (8 songs) Leprous (1 song, mixed vocals) Native Construct (6 songs, mixed vocals) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs, mixed vocals) Opeth (17 songs, mixed vocals) Orphaned Land (4 songs, mixed vocals) Sigh (1 song) The Ocean (2 songs, mixed vocals) Power Metal: Galneryus (6 songs) Helloween (29 songs) Gamma Ray (1 song) Iced Earth (15 songs) Savatage (1 song) Death Metal: Amorphis (5 songs) Atheist (1 song) Beyond Creation (3 songs) Blotted Science (6 songs) Cannibal Corpse (13 songs) Dark Tranquillity (4 songs) Death (3 songs) Disillusion (2 songs) Gorod (8 songs) Kalmah (2 songs) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs) Obscura (8 songs) Omnium Gatherum (1 song) Opeth (17 songs) Possessed (2 songs) Quo Vadis (1 song) Spawn of Possession (1 song) The Absence (1 song) Year200X (3 songs) Thrash Metal: Anthrax (2 songs) Coroner (8 songs) Destroyer 666 (1 song) HeXeN (4 songs) Iced Earth (15 songs) Kreator (11 songs) Lamb of God (18 songs, more groove) Nevermore (15 songs) Possessed (2 songs) Skeletonwitch (8 songs) Slayer (1 song) Testament (17 songs) Vektor (12 songs) Warbringer (3 songs) Guitar virtuoso: Buckethead (1 song) Intervals (8 songs) Jeff Loomis (2 songs) John 5 (3 songs) John Petrucci (4 songs) Liquid Tension Experiment (2 songs) Rusty Cooley (1 song) 5-string bass (some of which has been rearranged for 4): Blotted Science (6 songs) Between the Buried and Me (32 songs) Cannibal Corpse (13 songs) Chris Letchford (3 songs) Exivious (1 song) Galneryus (7 songs) Iced Earth (15 songs, only more recent stuff on 5-string) Ihsahn (2 songs) Intronaut (1 song) Jeff Loomis (2 songs) John Petrucci (4 songs) Liquid Tension Experiment (2 songs) Mandroid Echostar (1 song) Myrath (2 songs) Native Construct (6 songs) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs) Nevermore (15 songs, only later songs on 5-string) Spawn of Possession (1 song) Streetlight Manifesto (5 songs) Year200X (3 songs) 6-string bass (some of which is playable on 5 or has been rearranged for 4): Andromeda (2 songs) Beyond Creation (3 songs) Control Denied (1 song) Dream Theater (8 songs) Haken (13 songs) Obscura (8 songs) Scale the Summit (23 songs) Seventh Wonder (7 songs) Collaborations: I did much of the bass chart and some testing on Mastodon - The Motherload by @@rummhamm87 I did a little bit of testing and suggestions for an update of Graveyard - Right is Wrong by @@bernixix
  16. Hello people, My girlfriend's got a (not Fender) P-bass pretty cheap, and it hadn't got any pickups. So I told her I could try and wire it for her, if she buys some pickups. Her dad then bought pickups without a brand or whatsoever, and after checking wiring diagrams I don't think they can be wired into the bass, but I'm not sure. I've got some pictures of the Pickups: http://i.imgur.com/Zfo33oJ.jpg As you see, the blue wire is the connection of the elements, then there's the yellow wire to connect to the volume control, but all pickups and wire diagrams I've seen have another wire also going to the volume control. My girlfriend's dad says it should work by cutting the wires between the two elements, and wire them via the cavity, but I really don't see how this works.. Can somebody explain how I should do this or why it isn't possible? My girlfriend is dying to start practicing bass. Here is the cavity of the bass: http://i.imgur.com/EzImLCT.jpg Thanks in advance! Helderdje
  17. Ok, I don't see this topic in either the Gear Garage or the Off-Topic list. I hope this is not a repeat. I have an opportunity to buy a new bass, and am looking for ideas. I know the types I have wanted over the years, but I want some ideas before I spend the $$$. I am looking for either a 5 or 6 string. So, what type and what model would you get if you could buy any bass?
  18. I imagine this question's been asked a few times but in the hope of progress.. Has anyone created custom songs for 5 String Bass? Gutted I can't use the low B in game. Songs from artists like Jamiroquai would benefit in a big way! Has anyone managed to trick the game into showing 5 strings on the note highway? I'm sure someone in this talented community has worked something out?!
  19. Yep, as the title says, i just want to correct or adjust some customs, but only the bass part whitout messed up whit the rest of the work of someone else. So, how i do that?. TNX in advance...
  20. Heya all, just wonder if someone is avalible to work on the afore mentioned Quarterflash song, not a tricky one on bass but a good song still. Here is the tube link to a video in which a guy does a cover on bass and also includes a link to a bass tab notation:
  21. I have been reading up on what Guitars/Basses people own on here so i was curious does anybody else on here own an extended range instrument? (Bass with 5 or more strings) (Guitar with 7 or more strings). I'll get the ball rolling, this is my Ibanez RG8 modified with Dimarzio D Activator Pickups. http://i62.tinypic.com/anh93t.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/15ewhdx.jpg http://i60.tinypic.com/t0lo36.jpg
  22. Do any of you guys have a color scheme for your instrument you use? I personally have a black and orange scheme on my bass (http://imgur.com/a/gkNVG) just needing my custom orange knobs and it is done :D Show us if you also have a set color scheme :)
  23. The Riverside and Ozric Tentacles songs have been published, so all that's left for now is Atheist - Mother Man, a technical monster, on bass. I'll be working on getting that ready for guitar, as well as a few other songs, but I wouldn't expect much else to show up here for at least a few days (say, July 15th at the earliest). Peace! Atheist - Mother Man (technical death metal, LRB) Played through, so you can see what it's like without having to experience it yourself. Sync might still be a bit off in places, as this is by far the hardest song I've tried to sync. I'm not sure if any other songs uploaded thus far have two-handed chord tapping (and if they do, certainly not on bass!), so figuring out what to do with that was a little complicated. The bass part is definitely not quite right (missing a couple of measures at one point, and the real tapping section is more complicated than what's tabbed), but I think it's pretty close to release ready. Rush - The Anarchist (B only, not terribly difficult except for the pre-verse fills). There's also a GP tab if you want to do corrections (or add the guitar tab). Here's a video of me playing it. There will probably be changes to the tab so I haven't done touch-ups to sustains and slides and that kind of thing. That said, there are a few things that I definitely need help with. -It sounds like there's a little fill before some of the choruses, but I'm not sure exactly what it is. -There's also a section during the solo (specifically 5:22-5:30) where the bass tab said to repeat the stuff on the A string 4 times, but it doesn't fit into the measures and I'm also not sure it sounds right. -----Lastly, while I used the bass tone from Headlong Flight, it doesn't sound nearly meaty enough for this song from the same album. Does anyone have suggestions for tones? Opeth - Deliverance (LRB) .psarc and .GP used.I hadn't made all the changes in the .GP before making the .psarc (most notably in the "Walk with me / You'll never leave..." verses), but otherwise I think this one might be pretty close. Tones taken from @@bernixix's Bleak, which are good tones and on the previous album, so hopefully they work pretty well. Might want to tweak some sustains and such in the outro, but otherwise I think things look pretty good on bass. Graveyard songs - Not sure this really fits in here, but I'm working on a few songs of theirs, and while the guitar parts seem pretty good, the bass is... pretty terrible. I'm looking for someone with a better ear than me to help finish up the GP edits for the bass parts on them. Buying Truth (Tack and Forlat) - Once I fixed the rhythm of the verse riff (seriously), this one seemed pretty good. Main things that seemed wrong are various fills in measures 23-26 and 53-56 that I left blank for the moment. No Good, Mr. Holden - Measure 2 sounds like it has something extra near/in between the 8s. Fills in measure 6 and related measures (right after the "quarter note") are missing. I also think these measures have more repeated notes in the tab than are actually played. I can probably figure these out myself given time. The high parts in measures 17-18 and related measures are wrong. Some later parts have different "fills" there, and those seem better. Ain't Fit to Live Here - I wish I could say I was confident about any part of this tab. I've changed the verse to match the guitar parts, but I'm not entirely sure about it (it sounds a bit high, maybe? But probably not an octave). Started to change the choruses over, but wasn't really sure it fit. Not really sure about the part between the no-guitar bit and the last verse either. I guess I lied earlier - I am confident about the no-guitar bit. How do all of these tabs have 5 star ratings from numerous voters? Thanks for taking the time to check these out and giving me your feedback!
  24. As I've grown more accomplished, I've come to notice that some transcriptions make choices in note placement that aren't as simply as they could be. An example would be playing an A on the fifth fret of the E string... instead of simply using an open A where it would make an easier transition. Obviously, transcriptions originate with someone hearing or picking out the notes, but some bass lines seem to jump all over the place instead of staying closely packed together. When learning a new song, I regularly find myself altering the note choice to simplify things. Do any of you do the same thing?
  25. I downloaded the version where I can fix the tuning problem for songs that are CDLC. But, the new problem that I have now is, I am not able to play the song at all after fixing it. It is like my keyboard decided to stop working. Any help would be great. I am very new at this and I am just getting a little frustrated. Thanks
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