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  1. I'm Evan, hailing from St. Charles, Missouri, age 18. Probably one of the youngest persons that is subscribed to this site (Beaten by Luiza). Started playing guitar about December 14th, 2013 and have been playing guitar almost every-day since. When August 12th, 2014 comes around, you may never see me again for nearly a year or more. I will be long gone, somewhere far, far away as a 68W (Combat Medic) in the U.S. Army. I like a wide variety of music, sticking mostly to the Rock genre, I love cars, and of course; guns. I love bringing out cdlc for you guys and watching the numbers go up as people appreciate my works, as it gives me the motivation to bring more and more! The Les Paul is my favourite style of guitar. Feel free to add me on Steam, as I have a wide variety of games and open to conversate! Nice Meeting everyone! Evan
  2. Hope ya'll had/have fun with War Pigs ;)
  3. Don't do subgenres, just basic genres... but the one problem there is with the genres, is that we would have to assign all the current 5,500 or so submissions a genre... which would be an absolute pain.
  4. Thanks for all you've done too, Unleashed!
  5. Hey guys! I'm back and out of school, which means more cdlc to come! Going to release some April Wine and add some 90's hits!

  6. I've never had a problem with Mediafire... I like it alot better than many others. Never used any form of adblock. But due to people having problems, I have switched to posting my cdlcs on copy.com
  7. Mediafire is weird like that. It's always been different from the actual download number. Or people could still be downloading from where you originally posted.
  8. actually, iwas playing Hearth shape box when it broke on me, so yes i went kurt cobain That's incredibly ironic.
  9. Did you just play some Nirvana right before you broke your guitar? Guitar smashing is a symptom of that.
  10. I hope not. It'll just mean you have to buy the new game to play the dlc that is specific for that game then. Essentially a money-grabber. Big turn off to me.
  11. How about: 'Country', 'Rap', 'Pop', 'Rock', 'Metal', 'Hardcore', 'Classical', 'Jazz'.... etc. The basics. Nothing that simplified and in a 'dropbox' manner. You could even add 'Unknown' or 'None'This essentially already exists with the TAGS while creating the CDLC. I put the band name, then, southern metal, alternative metal, whatever, in there. Yes, but not everyone puts the genre in this and then only a fraction of those people will search for a genre in the 'Search'. It's a rather minor flaw... but it'd be nice nevertheless if there was a category in the search where it could group all of the songs together based on genre. But there is also a perhaps major flaw with that too, as the current 4,600 cdlcs would have to be assigned a genre manually.
  12. How about: 'Country', 'Rap', 'Pop', 'Rock', 'Metal', 'Hardcore', 'Classical', 'Jazz'.... etc. The basics. Nothing that simplified and in a 'dropbox' manner. You could even add 'Unknown' or 'None'
  13. Which would inevitably lead to fights about genre categorization... Can you clarify?
  14. I think maybe you have to go to the 'Shop' and look for it in the list and download it from there. That's what I had to do for ps3. I bought this pack and it wouldn't show up for me yesterday because Uplay was offline.
  15. On the list for this week: April Wine, Nirvana, Clapton, Great White.

  16. Going to try to bring you guys a fun weekend! Many fixes will be brought to some released cdlc. I apologize for the delay, but this weekend will be effective!

  17. Kinda off the Acoustic part, but for anything regarding learning finger placement, I would recommend Sympathy by Rare Bird in the cdlc library. Simple and nicely paced.
  18. @@RdBass4 I like your cdlc list ;)
  19. I've got a surprise for ya'll today :)

  20. Sammy Hagar coming soon! Also throwing in a classic French song!

  21. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9xag4jw7i29b54d/ps4LuvWGW
  22. Playing alot of Led Zeppelin lately. I've been getting good with the riffs. I also tend to play alot of the cdlcs that I create.
  23. I'm bringing something special to the library for Victoria Day. (Monday)

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