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  1. all ODLC for RS1 will works for RS2014. you cannot find "... called love" from darkness on steam, cause it's not sold alone. you must buy some sort of pack (Rocksmith Singles Song Pack, maybe?...) with 3 songs. if you wait for the sales, will comes cheaper. Imho, a good pack, the other 2 songs are fun to play and not too hard for beginners.
  2. Long story short, i've fixed all my library of CDLC with the toolkit and CFSM. Volumes, tones, mastery bug, ecc. a hella work,but now i'm stuck with official DLC. to tell the truth, some of them are repairable with the toolkit, but most of them no. there's a way to tweak them? the disc songs of RS 2014? the imported tunes from RS1? even with the "protect official DLC" disabled in CFSM, the options to change settings are greyed... to make a sample: ANGELA from Jarvis Cocker, it cames with the first Rocksmith, i want to raise the song volume and change the tone, too weak for my taste. but even if i want to import it in the toolkit, i have to open the RS1 compatibility.psarc, which contains something like 50 tunes, and i'm worried about making a mess...
  3. same here. just deleted download cache like adviced from steam, and now it's downloading something that will take half an hour. it says it's an update, but it's fishy, too much time. but i can't be sure, thanks to my crappy connession. maybe re-installing the entire game? hope this issue will not freak up all the CDLC again, i was just fixing them all with the latest CFSM version...
  4. Try to change the APP ID with CFSM. same happened to me last week. seems the charter used some Elvis song instead of Smashing Pumpkins "cherub Rock" as default.
  5. Many thanks Cozy, i've just buyed a new pc, and want to fix my library, and i was sure CFSM has more to offer. TBH i would never have dreamed so many handy features,sweet! anyway, is it possible to switch custom song tones one with another? choosing from a list as you do for amps, or pedals? for now i'm changing all the parameters one by one, to get a specific tone that i like, who belongs to an existing CDLC. this way it's a damn long work...
  6. Thanks for the update guys. could someone point me to a tutorial? or something similar? i'm using it only for fixing the 100% mastery bug, but feels like a waste. wondering: where is the cdlc back up folder? when something go wrong, it eats up my song...i'm still searching some of them... can i change the volume of the songs? the tones? why Win10 doesn't see me as the administrator for this app? yeah something like that, that would really be helpful.
  7. http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/punk-in-drublic-full-album-r14166 NOFX - punk in drublic [full album]. this is one great cdlc, good chart and tones.
  8. Thanks Tom for all the great songs. we will miss you.
  9. same here, and it's not the first time. dunno if is browser related, last time it took some days to be fixed.
  10. yeah, refresh work for me too, until yesterday. now...nothing at all. using firefox, but seems not browser related...
  11. sure there's room for more improvements... wonder if it's possible to rank some suggestions here on CF and then post them on ubi/RS official page. something like the 3 suggestions most voted by CF users... or maybe it's already too late? 4 october is round the corner if Ubi plan a retail version to print... well,for me, would be some kind of improvement on guitar and bass tones. not hoping in miracles, just what they've already done between RS1 and RS2014.
  12. - The library sorting features are being updated with a new Search feature that will allow you to type in what you’re looking for in Learn a Song, Score Attack, and the Shop. - You can now view all song arrangements in the new Song Hub meaning you don’t need to change paths anymore. just this made my day!
  13. same here. sometimes it goes, sometimes not. with firefox.
  14. geez, Weiland, Lemmy and now Bowie; 3 in a row in barely a month i guess...sooooo fkn sad. will miss them all.
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