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    great outdoors on the back of a motorcycle
    video games and teaching myself how top play guitar
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  1. Thank you for the time and effort you spent on creating this CDL. Rock on 


    1. viper83


      Welcome buddy! Enjoy!

  2. Would love if someone could come up with Hang on by Seether. Would be very grateful
  3. would be forever greatful should someone create CDLC of Seether's hang on to learn on rocksmith.
  4. Happy Birthday Reavur1!

  5. May the heavens bless Tom Petty for the gift of music that he had shared with us all these many years, and may peace find itself in the hearts of his listeners as well as his faimily
  6. I too would also like to thank everyone for thier hard efforts so people like me can expand on my playing . You have created much added enjoyment to many people the world over. Keep up the good works :D
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