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  1. Thanks, i didn't check (install) the above link i provide (i found it here on the forum) because i didn't use it at all. Thanks for your suggestion and explanation.
  2. Bring some Smirocsmo Buckethead customs.
  3. Let me check again, sometimes filedropper is not working good. Mirror link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/qvy7jg
  4. A real "look like" EBow tone is not present but you can merge some tones to creat a similar one. http://www.filedropper.com/tones
  5. This is the final tone: https://www.sendspace.com/file/q7bnyz I've done also linkin park - numb intro tone. I'll tweak it a little bit more. https://vimeo.com/116109808 00:01 official dlc tone 00:12 my tone This is numb2 final tone. https://vimeo.com/116343632
  6. There are two distortion tone (one is very low like in the song, the other one is more sharp) so you can choose or you can use it for different arrangement, and a wah tone. Cheers. http://www.filedropper.com/tones_2
  7. Hi, for the tone from about 10 sec you can use tone1 (also for the final part of the song), for the powerchords parts you can use tone2. Cheers. http://www.filedropper.com/tones_1
  8. tron001


  9. Actually, in the thread of the song there is an alternative link where you can download the custom. Check all post.
  10. Seems an octave with trem effect. I made one if you want to try http://www.filedropper.com/mastodontone2014
  11. hi! I tested the custom with two tones (i think that 2 tones are enough) i've made, one for the dist and one for the intro part (00-10s in lead and rhythm). Cheers. http://www.filedropper.com/tones_1
  12. Here at 1:48 seems he is using also the volume knob like a scratch sound :D
  13. According to Notehead-tail guide of RS 2014, that is a tap (in the guide is showed on a fret). In this case is a tap on an open chord but I think that the correct way to play that note with the right tecnique is too see how they used to play this song.
  14. I'll do a video to show the settings but i want to tweak a little bit more the tone, so this is not the final tone.
  15. Recently i played it's my life (dlc pack) and i tried to make a different tone more near to that effect. My tone at 00:08. https://vimeo.com/113780523
  16. If i understand correctly (i didn't try yet with a 7 string guitar) on rocksmith you'll see 6th string displayed as always but probably you'll play with a low tuning that included your 7th string instead. Did you try to pass the tuning with a 7th string custom?
  17. Load the .ogg into a new EOF-project and then import the xml files from the same folder with "Rocksmith Import" Once i loaded the .ogg i cannot see the chart, this probably because i need to import the xml files of the arrangement, but from eof options how can i do it? Thanks EDIT With rocksmith import option i can import the xml file but the chart seems empty, no notes (tech or not).
  18. Is it possible, if i import a custom on rs toolkit, to extract the eof file in order to modify the tab. I didn't have the eof file. Thanks for reply.
  19. Thanks! Probably this is what i'm looking for. I'm trying right now so i'll report my feedback! Yes, just right click, thanks so much.
  20. Hi! I need to delete a fret from a tab on Eof but if i click cancel i'm still see the fret on the tab so i tried to click ignore and a sign appear under the fret. This is the correct way or not? thanks for reply. Cheers.
  21. Slower riff repeater helped me but for the most difficult parts i experimented this method. I'm using a playthrough video of the custom and simply i stopped it in the difficult parts so i can focalize on the structure of the riff without the pressure of the speed. At this point, it's just matter of practice, repeat the riff, play it more clean as possible and usually i use headphones tweaking some settings in audio option to hear more me than the song. Reach 100% could be not so important at the beginning, i mean, you can also play at 95% but the important thing is to be more clean as possible, try to do all the tecniques and improve them. And memory is also an important factor. So, try to train yourself to memorize a song as you have to play it on a concert without rocksmith monitor in front of you. Once you memorize all the parts i think that should be easy go straight to 100%.
  22. Thanks for clarify it, i just read a description of the product and it was described ad an exclusive feature of the next gen version but probably is quite the same thing.
  23. On next gen version there is a new feature, not so determinant but is present, called the Auto-Play (essentially is playing a song without any feedbacks or score) and also new features about streaming and sharing your gameplay.
  24. Well, i don't think that is a major issue in this case of course (is playable) but maybe you can add to the list custom with minor issues that could be improved to be complete at least like the others (i don't mean perfect at all but with the same parameters, so in this case with music till the end).
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