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  1. Happy Birthday profjoey!

  2. Happy Birthday profjoey!

  3. Happy Birthday profjoey!

  4. OK so no extra color string will show up for the "B" but I should tune it to BEADGBE anyways? I tried several Korn songs but not only did I do horrible but the lowest string wasn't present and was out of tune. Thank you for your help!
  5. Not quite sure if I am an idiot or not but I just purchased a 7 string for korn and other deep tuned bands but I am not seeing a 7th string. I was not sure if I am doing something wrong or I am missing the point somewhere. Any help would be appreciated because I just drop like 200 bux on this thing.... Ty!
  6. I know this song isn't by Dethklok but I was wondering if Black rain by Soundgarden can be done. The video has Dethklok in it and is an incredible song. I tried to do it myself but it didn't turn out well... Great job and thanks for your time! PICKLES IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! Seth is a dick.
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