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  1. It's only a collaboration platform to make song cover, to record some tracks and to fun.Isn't to make new friends or to create new bands, for it, has another platform that do this better: bandmix.com About your question, I did the same question to bandhub staff few weeks ago: Question: How exactly does the YouTube algorithm work? Who will I "invite automatically"? Bandhub staff answer: If you opted-in for this, Bandhub searches for people covering bands/artists you like and invite them to collaborate with you. If you don't want this to occur, you can disable it from the account settings pag
  2. Hi guys, Do you know BandHub.com ? I recorded a song with this platform, see result: This is the project in bandhub: https://bandhub.com/s/5872ce97da5f8ce73f718ca5 I liked it.
  3. Yep, agree too. Choose what is the best for you rayne. I beloeve that a date time os enough. Thanks. Enviado de meu D6633 usando Tapatalk
  4. Pay attention to java version. The toolkit doesn't accept x64 Java version, only x86.
  5. Hi @@raynebc, I believe this is not an issue. You can write the date time or virtual version on file and we can read and parse this value. About a virtual versioning definition, you can use something like "yyDDDhh", where "yy" is the year, "DDD" is the day of the year (0 until 365) and "hh" is the hour of the compilation. This resulting in a version like: 1524021
  6. Kaijin, how are you. Fine? You need. Net x32. Toolkit is not compatible with. Net x64 anymore, sorry.
  7. You can do this in simple way using "RocksmithToolkitLib", all info and methods are in this DLL and can use. If you can do it on RSToolkit will be good. You can open a "issue" on github to do this feature too, maybe some devs with more free time than me can do it. For now, I'm very out of time. It's a good idea.
  8. Need to scroll down, because we want that users read the info and not only download the file.
  9. I did analysis on toolkit code for SNG generation and vibrato's value it reads from XML and writen on SNG file for single notes, but not for chord notes (notes inside a chord). I played the iron maiden song that have different values of vibrato and not seen vibrato with zig-zag like the user reported.Maybe the vibrato value is not to make it more or less zig-zag, but to change the vibrato speed, faster or slow. I really have not sure about this, but is an idea, I'll keep researching.
  10. Ill take a look, anyone can provide more than one xml?
  11. 1st. Json file is not used in the playing mode only on menus and song info, so, any changes on json file will be affect only this sections, not during playing. 2nd. Chords and Techniques fields in json are not discovered by the toolkit team until this time and how we can generate this values for rs2024 cdlcs, but don't worry, it will be affect only chord and technique list on song information screen and any custom song have this sections. 3rd. Playing a song is affected only by .sng binary file that's generated by .xml file from EoF. Is simple, if xml have fret 0 on first string in a ch
  12. Toolkit just get the capo field in xml and flag in .sng binary, nothing more is necessary in toolkit. I believe that your problem is with understanding how it works. How is charted in eof. Are you posted this doubt in eof forum to @@raynebc ?
  13. You need to fill vesion field I believe. But Ill check.
  14. Package can be with no issues, maybe is the user that doesn't have the DLL patch installed or something like this. Anyway, request the user to repack. Fell free, we share because we like, if is not good for you, please stop. You know that if you don't share, other will share.
  15. Are you on a Mac? If yes, you need WINE to run ToolkitGUI, and MONO installed.
  16. Download the lastest build on my signature and test again. If is PS3 format from source or target install the Java x86 (32 bits)
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