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  1. It's back to normal for me today, everything is working fine.
  2. In the last couple of days I can't open http://customsforge.com/ and http://search.customsforge.com I can access https://customsforge.com/ But then all links on the site are still pointing to http:// https://search.customsforge.com is not working, it redirects to https://customsforge.com/ I.e. I can't access search at all. If I view html source at https://customsforge.com/ all the links are href='http://... I can't navigate the site because http:// links are not working for me. Not sure if it's something about my network, but if the site is using https all links are supposed to be https. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Thanks for the tip! I've removed sustain from the harmonic notes and they are registering now.
  4. Сделал Спокойную Ночь Кино )
  5. Please test it here. The Lead part Intro. Thanks :)
  6. I have a few harmonic notes on the 5th and 7th frets in the intro of the song, they are defined as 'Harmonic' in the Edit note dialog. They show as harmonic notes in RS but not recognised when I play them by lightly touching the strings on the 5th and 7th frets. They are recognised if I play them as normal notes, i.e. if I fully press the string to the fret. There are a few harmonics in the outro on the 12th fret, those are registering ok. But the 5th and 7th harmonics are not recognised most of the time. Guitar is in tune. Am I doing something wrong? That particular track is also using Toolkit's DDC if it makes any difference.
  7. creator

    Gizmo Workshop

    Gizmo, в белой теме строчка выше нечитаема, она черный текст на черном фоне )
  8. creator

    Gizmo Workshop

    Здорово, ты быстр :)
  9. creator

    Gizmo Workshop

    Не хочется брать повышенные обязательства делать что-то под заказ. Я пока делаю то, что нравится. С творчеством Сплина знаком поверхностно, какие там есть интересные с точки зрения гитары песни? Можно было бы сделать ветку для пожеланий. Иногда думаю какую бы песню сделать, а тут бы раз по списку прошелся, может быть что-то приглянулось. Желательно чтобы желающий нашел и оставил ссылку на хороший таб, то есть проделал домашнюю работу, это бы ускорило процесс. С хорошим табом черновой вариант песни можно быстро сделать, хотя опыт показывает, что любой таб надо отыгрывать и корректировать. Может ты Алекс или Gizmo сделаете ветку типа 'Русские песни пожелания и обсуждение' в Workshop? Пусть туда народ пожелания складывает. Было бы хорошо, если бы больше людей подключилось к изготовлению кастомов под девизом "Захотел песню? Взял и сделал!" ) Еще было бы хорошо, чтобы все делающие русские песни обозначали их общепринятыми тэгами, вроде бы мы договорились использовать тэг Ru. Я смотрю @STENJK сделал песню, промаркеруй, если читаешь )
  10. I think I'm having exactly the same issue as you mentioned in that other thread. I also suspected Steam. Maybe it's some Steam+RSInjector+Mac issue. I also had some success with quitting to the Begin screen and then back into the game, customs often re-appear after that. I also have an impression that some customs disappear more often than others or maybe it's just random.
  11. I keep it ordered by Artist most of the time and then just press the first letter of the name on a keyboard to jump straight to that letter. It looks like most people are using Windows and judging by the lack of replies it doesn't happen on Windows. It might be Mac related, just a little annoyance, have to restart RS occasionally when the song is not loaded. I was wondering if maybe I do something wrong in EOF or the Toolkit when creating cdlcs.
  12. I'm on a Mac. I made a couple of cdlcs, from time to time one or both of them are not showing in the list of songs in RS2014. It's pretty random, yesterday it was all fine, today I start RS and the song is not there. Often the songs re-appear if I restart RS. Or sometimes I have to regenerate even though the song was working yesterday. Is it something in cdlc that might be causing it? Or can it be Mac specific?
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