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  1. Maybe try in the toolkit packing with the volume of the song 0 or something. I haven't tried it. The silent MP3 idea is good too.
  2. Deja vu - rating systems, trying to get users to provide feedback. There used to be another site that was going down this road and ended up crashing off a washed out bridge in pretty spectacular fashion.Some charters want your feedback and will act on it to improve their customs. Some charters want to get out as much as they can and don't really care if there are things that they consider "fluff". Some charters only want to do the tracks that they want to play and don't care if it doesn't have a bass track, or a vocals track.Take what you get and tell the charter thanks. Some customs are as good as (if not better) than official dlc but the vast majority of the people who do charting are never going to be expert so don't expect it. You won't see any of my customs here because I got quickly burnt out trying to make them perfect and got tired of seeing the ratio of downloads to simple thanks being so lopsided.There is already a simple thanks button. Don't be afraid to use it.
  3. Awesome job. It is tutorials like this that remind me why I don't mind paying for official dlc though - or just accept my lame ass simple bends in my charts since I suck at hitting them correctly most of the time anyway ;)Great work on putting this together.
  4. You also want to make sure the official DLC you have purchased isn't something so recently released that the Toolkit hasn't been updated to allow you to change the AppID. Most of us that pre-purchased RS2014 got the CherubRock as a free dlc, so that is what most of us use. It might be worth buying CherubRock just so that you don't have to mess with learning how to change the AppID in the Toolkit (although that is definitely a core skill you want to develop).
  5. Just watched a Spanish version of the tapping lesson on YouTube and it definitely isn't the tapping technique icon. They're close though so don't harass me too much for my ignorance ;)
  6. Also I guess you could play those notes as taps - maybe even that is what it is supposed to be but I don't have a good picture of the Rocksmith 2014 techniques available.
  7. Until chlipouni gets back you might try just playing it and adding in an e15 before the hammer ons at e17 and e18 to see if it sounds right and pick ups the notes. The game won't normally care if you throw in an extra note or two once in awhile from what I've seen.
  8. Thanks for posting - this is good stuff for those who want to make a more completed custom. It isn't that hard once you get the hang of it.
  9. +1 what Snakez said - that Toolkit error message is usually because you have selected that you will be creating a RS2014 file but you didn't select the RS2.xml file.
  10. Oh - and I wanted to add that I have problems with note recognition with some of the official DLC also - especially with alternate tunings. Sometimes I think it could be a string issue or just a calibration or active pickup battery change to fix it. I definitely have a tendency to push to hard between frets and sharp the note - I usually can tell this early in the song though and move my fingering up to on top of the fret and a more gentle touch.
  11. I doubt it has to do with the custom synching - if you see the note on the highway, you play it when it crosses the string. If it is off on how it is displayed (not synched to the song) you just need to play it as it is shown. It could be that it is slightly off and you are playing how the song is supposed to be played (and how you hear it) instead of how it is displayed.If you like the song, don't worry about scoring or seeing the late, miss alerts on screen. Let the creator of the custom know though - there could be others having the same problem and it very well could be a charting issue or a note highway speed issue that could be fixed.
  12. Another nice benefit of Go Play Along is that you can use the saved synchronized tab and MP3 as input to EOF to start a new custom.
  13. If you look in the XML files that are generated during the DDC creation, it will tell you how many levels are in each chart. Phil
  14. Awesome - love the Doors and looking forward to getting this pack.Phil
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