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  1. In before the bell Very well charted, nice work @ Mikson !
  2. Oooh...both good choices. Lets try Layla, I've been wanting to work on that one for a while. But keep Money for Nothing in you back pocket, I love that one!
  3. I didn't....maybe someone else did previously. No worries then. I still get a "Something is missing" message when I click on the links, but the ones you just posted minutes ago are viewable. Strange.
  4. I couldn't open these links to add them to the scoreboard...
  5. @Mikson Some fine selections there, thanks!
  6. I was about to give up, but that's not so bad
  7. I'm hoping the beta is more for their backend infrastructure testing, but I don't know. I hate to get set in my ways but RS 2014 is just so easy to navigate for me.
  8. I was thinking along similar lines. I realize that after a year our challenge has morphed a bit and I've leaned into full blown productions. I still want to do some of those (I have an electric drum kit on order) but I think a few to get back to our roots would be a refreshing choice for a bit. I believe the choice is yours next. What campfire classic do you have in mind?
  9. @Rodman Again, I apologize for taking so long on this song. It has been a stressful couple of months and my time has not been my own. For my version of 99 Red Balloons I stuck to the Goldfinger version in Rocksmith. The tempo changes were troublesome, so I eventually just played it to the song. I did the lead and rhythm guitar parts, panning two different rhythm takes to left and right. My daughter sang most of it in English of course. For the one German verse in the Goldfinger version I had a special guest star. My wife's niece has been living with us because her college was all virtual last year. She was supposed to study abroad in Germany, but obviously Covid cancelled that, so she chose to study in a different state instead and came to stay with us. She kindly lent her voice and German to our efforts. For the bass part, I finally talked my son into playing on one of my recordings! He wasn't comfortable playing it full speed, so I had him play it in riff repeater at 80%, then sped it up in Reaper. The parts aren't all as tight as I would like, but having my son join in was worth it! The picture is from my son's 2nd birthday party. We blow up a whole lot of balloons, and got them charged with static electricity and stuck them to the ceiling. We probably had 99 balloons!
  10. I am a rock star! Same score, slightly longer streak I don't feel like I'm getting better, but it says I am
  11. What a week! Ah...this one brings back memories of when I was in the beginner class. Some great battles there. Best Arctic Monkeys song I have heard My best on this was 88%. I must have tried this last time it was picked. Much better now. I played the lead path lots on this, but the rhythm part is tricky. It's always the laid back sounding songs that are hard! How have I never played this? What a bass solo!
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