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  1. REQUESTED THIS A FEW YEARS AGO.....sorry caps.....but how bout some......thunder..dirty love.......was 1990 think i was 16 y/o when this came out....big hair was over..but this song still made it to the air.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3299MG5n5E
  2. quick question b4 i backup and reinstall rs......question....anyone else go to load up rs and it says my rs realtone cable is unplugged? when its clearly not unplugged and it is clearly working....i can hear my guitar threw my pc speakers..so i know the cable is working..its practally brand new....it just fails to reconize the rs-rt cable...my sound card is bout toast ive knew this for a year or so....but im thinking its prob the game files..maybe a fresh install is what i need...but its just wierd....when i go to tune for a song.....cable unplugged.?? just wondering if anyone else had this experance.......and thank you for ur time..
  3. sorry still waking up...is like earily morning in ohio.usa...I didn't explain my thinking correct in the 1st post....I mean like one day we open rstoolkit...link a youtube video to it and maybe the tab from ultimate tab/tabpro whatever.push a button and walla….rs cdlc it born..just a thought..im not pc savy so rstoolkit and making cdlc's is just greek to me..thanks again
  4. I have a gtx1050 and never knew about the shadow record feature....kudo's for learning me something today.and thank you...but I have a question for you all.anyone ever check out chordify.com I ran across it by accident the other day.but it plays youtube videos on the right and transcribes them on the left...only chords tho witch is the bad part [would rather see notes like rocksmith on the fretboard] but its still a pretty neat lil web site..best thing about it is it had every song ever made.i even thought up some old songs I thought it wouldn't have..and it had every one...I think it works off youtube...so if its on youtube this website will transcribe it in chords.i have noticed the transcribed measure is a few beats off but its still kinda cool.but my question is you think customforge would incorporate something like this in the rstoolkit to help/make easier the making of custom cdlc..my reasoning for this is..i play bass,rythem,and a lil lead..i use RS for the lead practice.cause I need it lol.but just knowing the root chords of songs greatly helps with bass and rythem. and sorry bout my spelling..i just woke up :p
  5. gravity kills-guilty gravity kills is an 90 rock band. this song is just badass.....youtube it...you'll love it theres a ton of old songs that are just awesome not in CF most of them none has ever heard of i'd imagine. another really good song is audiovent-the energy ...if u never heard of these songs..look them up..any feedback is welcome...it may just be me :)
  6. that's too bad...90% of the time I like the cover song better...I soo need to learn how to make cdlc...it just seems like so much work.ive never tried to produce a cdlc so I have no idea it could be easy to do..but if that was the case every song would be produced cdlc by now..im not afraid of the work to make them..its the learning curve on how to use the tools that would take me months to figure out....but cudo's to custom forge for the supreme website
  7. just wait til you play with DD and hit master mode on the game....the notes on the highway disappear..that kinda makes u feel like ur finally getting somewhere..but by then u don't really need the notes to look at...but still gives me a tingling inside
  8. i had to put mine on listen and use my sound card as default to make it work..in my audio settings...im runnin win 10 so was easy to figure out
  9. spiderbait doin blackbetty from ramjam is also good...there use to be a cdlc of it on here ..I DL'd it but now its gone?.....same as the alantis morrisett king of pain..was on here..cause I DL'd it.....I was wondering..where the hell is all those files.....I have a ton of cdlc I got all of em from here...but now some of them are gone...vanished....there a backup spot for cdlc on here..just wondering where they went to :)
  10. another good one u prob never heard of is ice nine kills doin animals from maroon5...prob no cdlc but check it on youtube..song rocks
  11. @sandyd I have the alantis morrisett king of pain cdlc if I can figure out how to get it on here i.ll post it
  12. i know of a few really...alanis morriset doing king of pain by police..no cdlc tho rob Thomas from matchbox 20 doing time after time from cindy lauper john mayer does messages in the bottle from the police metallica doing bob segar turn the page 5 finger death punch doin blue on black is real good Kenny wayne sheppard cover I don't think any are cdlc tho…..maybe put em on request list! someone may produce a cdlc of them
  13. LovelyTheBand /// Broken
  14. ya kinda sucks the game only lets u have 2 players..be sweet if u could add more to one pc..hell I have 7 unused usb ports..so potentally I could have a mic,bass,and 2 guitars and still have 3 extra ports...but RS should make it so u could have at least 4 players...and my xbox1 has 4 usb ports...so what the hell
  15. im a natural lefty..but I play guitar right handed.....was tought by a right hander..used his guitar..so...I play righty....but anyways...to answer any questions.....fret'ing with my left "domainant hand make it so much easier..i did however have to practice my off"right hand" in picking...I had no prob strumming...but picking a single string was tough at first..but with practice it came along.nicely...so it has both its pro's and con's like everything
  16. how bout some...….Thunder "Dirty Love" love big hair .Wo0t
  17. sign in background says north atlantic blues festival.....look that up...sure u'll find em
  18. its workin now and Trojan free......great job guys! I just dl/ed 1.40....think I had 1.38 or 1.39 not sure...thanks again...people like you make America great
  19. same here win defender scanned it had a Trojan virus......I tried both cfsm and beta....now there is no link or the link is messed up.....hope you guys fix it cfsm is da shit! ...and thank you for a wonderful web site
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