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  1. Try Brothers of Metal Emblas saga and Prophecy of Ragnarok both albums, this is amazing ;).
  2. Happy Birthday alvarero!

  3. Happy Birthday alvarero!

  4. wow, the best solution. Thanks ^^
  5. Adiós, Mona Lisa por el plan de escape de Dillinger: Pestaña (La pestaña es oficial) (Only Guitars): https://mega.nz/#!TQU22YrB!sB6SX2E08zqVqaBF-JmedcBPQ_B0qbgLt35ybBNRxUo
  6. Yo también, y siento que es la mejor compra de mi vida. @spacey7 Firekorn te lo dijo todo bien, pero si usas auriculares no tendrás ningún problema. No tendras ningun problema
  7. Happy Birthday alvarero!

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGjkcMa9fhk I have not been able to find tabs but if you can find any, thank you
  9. This anime list is Awesome!!!! Thank you very much for all this =D
  10. Any plan for more The final frontier album? I would like see more of this.
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