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  1. I've been looking for full albums as a a single CDLC download. I have found a few good ones like Dark Side of the Moon, Master of Puppets and Guns n Roses greatest hits. I haven't found a very reliable way to search for long duration CDLC. Anyone know of good full albums available for download?
  2. Happy Birthday Dubbs!

  3. I recently reformatted my computer and lost my Rocksmith 2014 save file. I assumed that steam cloud was backing it up. I want to get the unlock "Impossible Dreams" but it is pretty tedious playing score attack to get the unlockable content again. I usually play learn a song or non-stop play and those modes don't seem to give you unlocks. Is there any quick ways that you know of to unlock songs or a save file i can use?f Update: I've tried to find a few short CDLC to download and play on score attack. I'm currently playing bass and sorting score attack by length of song.
  4. Happy Birthday Dubbs!

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